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Blackbeard's Return

Our video game idea is pitting 16th century English pirate versus 21st century Somali pirates.

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Blackbeard's Return

  1. 1. Young Glory | December Brief - Create a game: Our idea of “Play” has evolved a great deal. From Pong, Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto, Katamari Damacy, Halo, Skyrim to Angry Birds, countless great titles have left a mark in the history of gaming. They are always sure to possess innovative game play, quality story lines and undeniable iconic visual styles. How are we doing today? How do we promote it? How do we brand it? Are we becoming too orthodox and formulated? Have we stuck too much on category and genre for a long time? Have we forgotten what it means to “play”? Challenge Create an original and fresh game title for any digital device.
  2. 2. Target 16–30 year olds. Middle to upper-middle class.
  3. 3. Name | Cover Art | Game Description
  4. 4. Name | Cover Art | Game Description
  6. 6. Package Design | Stunt (Magnify Game Awareness) A physical manifestation of Blackbeard’s treasure chest with wearable eye patch included. To generate buzz before the game’s release, we will bury treasure chests at beaches known to attract metal detector fanatics.
  7. 7. Campaign | Social We will listen on Twitter for pirate-related hashtags and keywords to establish social dialogue around Blackbeard’s Return and develop rapport with potential customers. Our social effort will lead potential customers to a simple website where they can purchase our game.
  8. 8. Campaign | OOH Ads at bus shelters and subway stations will feature treasure maps that direct potential customers to their local GameStop.
  9. 9. Campaign | Non-traditional American flags in prominent places will be replaced with Blackbeard’s Return flags.
  10. 10. Branding
  11. 11. Thank You Atain Ibia (CW) & Brian Vandeputte (AD)