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Periscope Pro Tips: How To Be Compelling With Livestreaming

Learn from these actionable tips from last month's #InsiderChat on how to succeed with the use of Periscope for business.

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Periscope Pro Tips: How To Be Compelling With Livestreaming

  1. 1. Periscope Pro Tips: How to be Compelling with Livestreaming September 30th — Featuring Vincenzo Landino and Sunny Lenarduzzi M HONIGMAN MEDIA , , 01: Why invest in Periscope over other live Brian Honigman , , @brianhonigman streaming apps like Blab, Meerkat and others? A1: Periscope is being picked up by the masses. If you are looking to reach a broader audience, right now, @Periscope is how #insiderchat Vincenzo Landino @vincenzolandino A1: @periscopeco is really closely connected with @twitter. In my experience, it's easier to develop a more popular stream #| nsiderChat Jacobwarwsck @jacobwarwick A1: @periscopeco is more established, BUT focus on live streaming instead of specific platforms. The trend is here to T . , stay. #| nsiderChat Sunny @SunnyLenarduzzi 02: Should a business have a series on Periscope B . H . I C "an omgman or be more spontaneous with their broadcasts? @brianhonigman A2: Spontaneity is great for the now or never, can't-miss. I wouldn't say a "series" per se, but some expectation _ g is good. #insiderchat va. ... -.. ... ..L. ... r:. .. @vincenzolandino A2: Businesses should use whichever platform their customers watch and love and mold content to their wants/ ,de°, ;’ likes #insiderchat @C'ick'deon A2: Bit of both. Recommend consistency and a regular show, but don't be afraid to be spontaneous to truly engage your audience. #| nsiderChat @SunnyLenarduzzi . ..l -1 Q3: Can you discuss pro tips for better preparing pre-broadcast & post-broadcast? Brian Honigman @brianhonig man A3: post-broadcast, you'll want to be sure to engage with everyone that's shared or commented. #insiderchat Vincenzo Landino @vincenzolandino A3: I believe in strategy. Figure out the objective, the clear value items you're offering the audience and a call to , / action. #| nsiderChat 34.. .}, @SunnyLenarduzzi A3 Be smart, learn how to use Periscope, develop a plan, launch, refine, be transparent, authentic, wins fans! #insiderchat Ideon @Click| deon Q4: What are some major missteps to avoid Brian Honigman _ _ when using Periscope? @brianhonigman A4: Forgetting to add value to your audience. In order to grow your audience, they need to see the value in your streams. #| nsiderChat A4: not engaging is the biggest mistake but also poor lighting. @SunnyLenarduzzi and @Schmittastic can attest to lighting #insiderchat Vincenzo Landino @vincenzolandino A4: Aside from awesome content, ensure that your audio and lighting settings are on point. These elements , p can be overlooked #| nsiderChat , ,., ,., .,. ,a, .,, ,,. , @jacobwarwick Q5: How can we drive action from broadcasting on Brian Honigman , _ _ , Periscope? Like generating sales or subscribers etc. @brianhonigman A5, just ask! Having a clear cut CTA is critical. But as in any sales environment, you have a LIVE _ audience. Capitalize. #insiderchat rn. .c. ... T.. .'l. ... rr. ..'. @vincenzolandino A5: Cross promote platforms & use @Periscopeco as an extension of ur brand/ products/ services. Always include a call to action! #| nsiderChat @SunnyLenarduzzi A5: Own a clear Point of View + CTA + creative look/ feel for a fab brand A experience! Notjust a talking head! . . Ideon #insiderchat @¢. ..k. ... .., ,. Q6: What are your favorite Twitter accounts to follow focused on Twitter marketing & why? Brian Honigman @brianhonigman A6: @isocia| fanz @vincenzolandino @suebzimmerman @mashab| e - _ @spotify @tacobe| | are a few of my favs , .j 7"? #| nsiderChat Tsun-{y @SunnyLenarduzzi A6: @tacobe| |, @mashab| e, @visitdubai, @emirates, @doritos, @cocaco| a (@wnd) #insiderchat Vincenzo Landino @vincenzolandino A6: @kimgarst & @Michae| Hyatt are my go-to's. Research other content as well to see what resonates. #| nsiderChat Jacob Warwick @jacobwarwicl<