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Creating a Socially-Intelligent Pharma Enterprise

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In this session, Steve Reeves of DRG will outline the process by which pharma organizations are beginning to use social and other digital data sources collectively to drive insights across the enterprise. The session will provide context for the breadth by which pharma is beginning to create utility from social insights, touching multiple organizations across the enterprise, and finish with an example highlighting the depth of insights achieved by integrating emotional journey insights from social into a patient journey framework.

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Creating a Socially-Intelligent Pharma Enterprise

  1. 1. GAJAH ANNUAL REPORT 2015 | 1 Becoming a socially- intelligent pharma enterprise Steve Reeves Director, Social Intelligence DRG Digital
  2. 2. In case you hadn't heard...we’re teaming up!
  3. 3. 3 WHAT IS SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE? SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE The management, analysis and enterprise- wide sharing of insights from social sources, used to answer complex business questions, as well as to activate and recalibrate marketing or business programs.
  4. 4. 4 BY INDUSTRY… Payers Providers Pharma/Life Sciences Insurance Manufacturing Financial Services Banking Retail CPG Automotive Travel & Hospitality
  5. 5. 5 HELPING LIFE SCIENCES COMPANIES REALIZE THE FULL VALUE INSIGHTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA • Tactical • Metrics-driven • Simple use cases • Strategic • Actionable • ROI-centric • Informs planning • Complex use cases • Multiple stakeholders • Multiple business questions • Highly skilled analysts Social Listening Social IntelligenceInsights • Actionable • Proactive • Informs planning • Aligned to business questions • Requires an analyst Most life sciences companies are somewhere between social listening and insights. DRG helps life sciences move beyond social listening, to achieve social intelligence. HELPING LIFE SCIENCES COMPANIES REALIZE THE FULL VALUE INSIGHTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA
  6. 6. Social insights-driven clinical trial support Recruitment acceleration, customer-first trial design, trial adherence Social customer insights for product planning & positioning Understand your customer’s digital ecosystem to feed into a holistic communications plan Amplify unbranded education & trial results, build relationships by providing value (digital KOL/influencers, sharable digital content, partnerships) Measure & optimize, nurture customer relationships, increase personalization & relevancy Phase I - III Post-Launch Maturation These are the ways we’ve worked with various pharma companies to help drive social intelligence across the enterprise Build on early customer engagement with omnichannel brand activation (increased content/services, social, websites, and more) Enhance market access with digital insights & communication tools Beyond the pill tech interventions to drive outcomes Increase SFE via tablet reps and on- demand digital HCP services Support patient-HCP relationship with digital patient education and resources New markets, indications and segments – understand and enter new digital ecosystems Stay on top of evolving customer conversation and behavior trends to shape refresh messaging, content and engagement approach Leverage digital channels to extend the reach of financial and adherence support
  7. 7. 7 We believe that to truly know the patient, you must move from a transactional understanding, to a relational understanding. This is how you take your understanding of the patient from transactional to relational Where they talk When they talk How they talk about it WHY they talk about it Transactional Transactional Relational Relational Social listening Social Intelligence
  8. 8. 8 What Social Intelligence within a Pharma Enterprise Looks like Patient journey analysis Unmet needs identification Brand perceptions & attitudes Treatment experiences & switching drivers Digital influencers Social engagement & campaign analysis Event social strategies & analysis Competitor monitoring & best practices Marketing & Brand Patient Support PR & Comms Competitive Intelligence Research DRG analysts map social insights to opportunities to improve your customer experience approach and drive strategic decisions across business functions
  9. 9. Syndicated Syndicated Syndicated Syndicated Therapy area 1 Therapy area 1 Therapy area 2 Therapy area 1 Therapy area 2 Therapy area 3 Building a platform to scale social insights 2014 2015 2016 2015
  10. 10. But to develop the 360 view…We integrated social with other datasets DIGITAL LANDSCAPE & KOL ANALYSIS CUSTOMER & THERAPY AREA INSIGHTS FROM MANHATTAN RESEARCH Start with DRG’s proprietary foundation of customer behavior and attitudinal data, therapy area insights and current landscape trends to inform ecosystem mapping SOCIAL ANALYSISSEARCH ANALYSIS INSIGHTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Understand your target patients Effectively reach potential recruits Uncover Gaps & Whitespace opportunity for engagement
  11. 11. And as the audiences we were studying began to grow… The utility of the insights began to have enterprise-wide application Patient Segments Caregivers Advocacy Groups Industry Analysts Physicians Marketing R&D Clinical Commercial Competitive Intelligence
  12. 12. And the use cases began to mature… Segment-based Insights . Brand and therapeutic area insights Patient Journey Analysis Emotional Journey Analysis
  13. 13. 13 So did the level of segmentation… DRG Digital’s proprietary library of taxonomies Based on Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Scientific approach)
  14. 14. Case study: Patient Journey & Emotional Journey Analysis -
  15. 15. The challenge A Pharma company wanted to get insights from search analysis & social intelligence to inform their marketing teams before an impending product launch A Pharma company was launching products that would help cancer patients cope with their treatment and lifestyle. The product was to be marketed to patients suffering from multiple cancer types. The marketing team wanted to study search behavior and social media conversations by patients to understand the array of issues they face while living with cancer so as to better understand how their product will fit into their lives and how it will be perceived. The team was very interested in identifying ‘tension’ or ‘pain points’ faced by patients throughout their disease journey so as to identify potential avenues for intervention. The biggest challenge faced by the customer was that though they understood that insights from search and social media analysis in particular is key to their marketing strategy, they did not know exactly what insights they could expect or what questions to ask. 15
  16. 16. How we helped Syndicated survey results to provide context on how patients use digital resources, followed by an analysis of search terms and a detailed patient journey analysis based on social conversations to identify pain points and opportunities We designed a framework to map out a patient’s ‘emotional journey’ through the disease. We then identified the whole gamut of pain points faced by patients and highlighted areas where the brand could help, either directly with the proposed product or with associated initiatives to build constructive relationships with patients. Following this we provided specific recommendations on which pain points and opportunities were ideal for intervention, which organizations to partner with, how to develop messaging that resonates with the customers and their stated and implied needs, how to fine tune strategy while marketing the product to different cancer types, etc. Create a differentiated marketing plan for each cancer type: partnerships, content plan, avoid negative association, etc. Actionable recommendations for deciding on marketing strategy 16 SYNDICATED SURVEY to provide context on how patients use digital resources SEARCH ANALYSIS to understand common queries & informational needs PATIENT JOURNEY ANALYSIS based on SOCIAL LISTENING ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS Understand the need for the proposed product in each cancer type to decide which ones are ideal to focus on
  17. 17. How we helped 17 1 Used survey results to help the client understand how patients currently use digital resources and how they would like to in the future
  18. 18. How we helped 18 2 Analyzed search terms, search behavior (devices, websites visited after searching, etc.) to understand common queries across the patient journey Search volumes by stage superimposed with social conversation volume helps understand how patients navigate the web to solve problems
  19. 19. How we helped 19 3 Mapped out the emotional journey of a typical patient throughout their disease experience using social conversation analysis • Summary infographic helped the client understand patient concerns across the journey at one glance and also see how their proposed product/service would fit into patients’ lives • Follow up sections detailing typical patient questions and comments, community responses & recommendations and sample verbatim were provided for a deeper look at any area of interest
  20. 20. How we helped 20 4 Identified pain points/unmet needs at each stage of the patient journey, along with opportunities for brand intervention • Summary infographic to understand the whole array of pain points and opportunities • Focused recommendations about which pain points to target and how • Recommendations were not just about what to do, but often what not to do or who not to get associated with. For example, activists who give out unsolicited reviews and endorsements of products for use in ways condemned by the medical community were identified for a close watch
  21. 21. How we helped 21 5 Provided strategic recommendations at each stage of the client’s tactical planning: Market analysis, Launch, Media/Influencer outreach, etc.
  22. 22. The results As a result of the study, the marketing team was empowered to make decisions on how to market their product to different cancer types • Identified which cancer types were easy to market the product to and which ones needed a market to be created in • Created differentiated marketing plans for each cancer type in accordance with patient needs and awareness levels in each • Identified major patient pain points that could be solved either directly with the proposed product or through other initiatives that would help patients as well as position the brand correctly in patient’s minds • Identified several organizations and initiatives in each cancer type which were small but had high potential. These organizations were ideal for brand partnerships that could scale them to national or international levels and generate goodwill for the brand • Created a ‘watch list’ of activists and bloggers with whom to avoid even accidental association of the brand with. This helped the company preempt negativity around the brand soon after launch 22
  23. 23. 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Prevention Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Living with Remission Shock Anxiety Anger Fearfulness Depression Sadness Hopeful Relief Happy Decline in intensity of ‘anger’ in the later stages, reflect an increase in acceptance Tracking the Patient’s Emotional Journey
  24. 24. The rise of predictive analytics in Social DRG Patient Emotiona l Journey Framewo rk 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% 400% 450% 500% Shock Anxiety Anger Fearfulness Depression Frustration Sadness Hopeful Relief Happy Prevention Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Living with Remission Proprietary Patient Emotional index – Describes Likelihood of Occurrence Each of the polygons represents an emotional attribute that can be analyzed, scored and indexed social data Numerical values represented equals the propensity for specific emotions to occur, ex.) early stage patients are approximately 400% more likely to exhibit depression-like symptoms versus though slate stage.
  25. 25. So, how do you create a social enterprise in pharma? 1. 2. 3. In order to understand social, go beyond social Put the patient at the center of everything you do Find the single source of truth…the person who both understands social and can connect you across the organization
  26. 26. Questions? Contact DRG’s Social Intelligence group digital@teamdrg.com sreeves@teamdrg.com
  27. 27. For Your Precious Time and Attention. THANK YOU