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Brandware Agency Overview, Services & Capabilities

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Brandware Agency Overview, Services & Capabilities

  1. 1. Brandware Public RelationsAgency Overview, Services & Capabilities
  2. 2. “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Philosopher Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 2
  3. 3. Agency Snapshot A Top 100 U.S. Independent Public Relations Agency (O’Dwyer’s) Founded in 2000 by Elke Martin and David Krysiek Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in New York, and Los Angeles Award-winning consumer and B2B public relations and communications programs Areas of expertise include automotive, powersports, consumer electronics, health technology, destinations, enthusiast brand and luxury lifestyle categories Trusted agency partner for:  Iconic enthusiast brands such as Porsche and Vespa  Technology leaders such as HUGHES Telematics , Carestream Health and Adap.tv  Cult-followed consumer brands such as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen  Category leaders such as Penguin Brand® Dry Ice  Online retail leaders such as The Tire Rack  Globally recognized thought leaders such as J.D. Power and Associates  Small and innovative start-ups such as Wheego electric vehicles Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 3
  4. 4. Our ServicesResearch, Analysis & Public and Media Social/Digital Media Thought Leadership Measurement RelationsEvents & Experiences Marketing Internal Content and Editorial Communications Communications Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 4
  5. 5. Our Clients Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 5
  6. 6. Our Five-Step ApproachASSESSING TURNINGPULSE POINTS MEASUREMENT INTO IGNITING MOMENTUMBefore we talk, we ask COMPELLING ENTHUSIASM BUILDINGquestions and listen. ACTION Media impressions,Our work begins with Knowledge sets the PASSION shares, comments, stage for seamless Our content andresearch, analysis and E.M.Forster wrote: campaigns create clicks: every keyconsumer insights. strategy and effective “One person with performance indicator tactics. Media, events, quality leads andUnderstanding passion is better than sales, not just “Likes” offers a new opportunitycustomers and experiences, social or 40 people merely to learn and adjust to digital – we’ll spark and followers. Ourprospects (and your interested.” Our goal: convert lookers swiftly changingcompetition) is the audience interest with programs focus to act into lifetime markets. Ongoingfoundation of our work. the right message in passion. on moving measurement and the right channel. customers audiences to act.. analysis means you never fall behind the Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. curve brandwaregroup.com 6
  7. 7. Recent Work Marketing Public Relations Research Communication New model launch event for  On-site product test of a new  Design, development and luxury auto manufacturer HVAC filter for a leading content production for chemical company consumer product microsite Trade-show media tour and targeting new demographic events for technology brand  Message bundling optimization for a new  Award-winning consumer “Test kitchen” food blogger product being introduced by education product brochure for event for popular QSR an international coffee chain grocery store point-of- restaurant purchase  Customer database CEO broadcast and trade segmentation for a major  Comprehensive rebranding media tour during network retailer of consumer campaign for B2C client, event week n New York City electronics including truck wraps, in-store National dealer meeting for  Social media platform  Web site redesign for powersports manufacturer integration for global B2B membership association of corporation management professionals Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, et al  Online sentiment analysis for  Peer-to-peer lead generation coverage for national airline a new home furnishings campaign for health tech OEM study brand Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 7
  8. 8. Client Coverage Examples:National MediaHUGHES Telematics: You Can Reboot Vespa: Like Father, Like Daughter: Adap.tv: The Future of Your Computer; Why Not Your Car? How To Co-Opt Dad’s Style Online Video Ads J.D. Power: Small Biz Least Popeyes: What Tastes Like Porsche: Who Really Drives Satisfied with Biggest Banks Chicken But Dips Like Chips? the Porsche 911? Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 8
  9. 9. Thanks!We’d love to earn your business.Elke MartinPresidentBrandware Public Relations8399 Dunwoody PlaceAtlanta, GA 30350emartin@brandwarepr.com770.649.0880 Ext 305770.596.8444 (mobile) Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 9
  10. 10. Brandware Public RelationsMORE ABOUT BUILDING PASSION
  11. 11. Assessing Pulse Points  Too many PR programs are based on guesswork. We understand the Attribute Attitude Analysis audience before we start the dialogue. Our research and analysis uncovers:  How you should segment your audience  The behaviors and attitudes that motivate them  Where they get their information  Who and what influences their actions and decisions  The messages and creative that are most effective  The social media platforms that target customers are most active on Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 11
  12. 12. Igniting Enthusiasm  Sound strategy and big ideas fuel turnkey programs designed to get you noticed by:  Turning data and trends into thought- provoking media, analyst and influencer coverage  Educating publics and stakeholders about compelling and unique brand benefits  Developing newsworthy events and experiences that get people talking - enthusiastically  Writing and developing shareable content that measurably differentiates your brand Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 12
  13. 13. Building Passion  Campaigns and content must inspire desire. We create and build passion at every level of media and consumer interaction with:  Brand ambassadors that open the door to new fans and followers through organic endorsement  Two-way consumer and B2B conversation that sparks word-of- mouth referrals  Online destinations, hubs and offers that attract customer and prospect participation  Programs with affinity partners that extend brand and product reach beyond tried-and-true channels  Initiatives that target brand enthusiasts in clubs, forums and other specialty groups Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 13
  14. 14. Compelling Action  Let’s not build it and hope they’ll come. Brandware programs are always actionable. We help you:  Increase leads and inquiries through multi-platform media and programs  Build customer databases through branded destinations, such as micro sites, blogs or video  Establish sought-after expertise through thought leadership opportunities at trade shows, conferences and forums Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 14
  15. 15. Turning Measurement into Momentum  We see opportunities whenever there are gaps in media coverage, digital conversation or consumer response. We set and analyze key performance indicators to:  Identify which sources deliver the most coverage, comments or leads  Pinpoint which media or influencers aren’t talking about you…yet  Analyze how you’re stacking up against your key competitors  Adjust strategy and tactics based on real-time data Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 15
  16. 16. Brandware Public RelationsPASSION POINTS
  17. 17. Brandware Passion Points:The Automotive Lifestyle and IndustryWe have a special passion for the art, business, lifestyle and science of automobiles.Collectively, we have represented some of the most coveted marques in the world, and wehave a media and industry network – and successes – second to none.Our work touches: The auction, track and concours events and ride-n-drives where auto enthusiasts get and spread “the religion” The must-have accessories, parts, gear and gadgets that turn vehicles into personal style statements The technology that is turning a simple drive into a connected car experience Wholesale to retail, the business of designing, engineering, building, distributing, retailing and owning what we love: cars! Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 17
  18. 18. Brandware Passion Points:The Powersports Lifestyle and IndustryIn addition to cars and trucks, it’s motorcycles, scooters. RVs, boats, yachts and other powertoys and gear that inspire tremendous consumer passion and loyalty. Decades of experienceworking with brands and products in this category means we can apply proven best practicesfor measurable, fast results, such as: Digital campaigns that get rave reviews from core loyalists but also attract “newbie” audiences Brand ambassador programs that create vocal enthusiasts and advocates among media and consumers B2B campaigns that give distributors and dealers access to powerful PR, sales and marketing tools Events and experiences that let everyone share the passion Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 18
  19. 19. Brandware Passion Points:The Luxury Brand LifestyleAt Brandware, we have extensive experience in connecting clients with qualified luxury brandconsumers and the media and influencers that cover the category. From invitation-only influencerevents to targeted media programs, we create opportunities to tell your unique story to high net-worth individuals and trendsetters.Our work has included: Robb Report “Best of the Best” consumer and media functions that celebrate the finest brands in in top luxury markets like Greenwich, West Hampton and Beverly Hills Vespa brand integration at a private media and fashion industry influencer preview event in New York City for the 2012 kate spade new york spring collection Multiple exclusive lifestyle media events for Porsche Cars North America Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 19
  20. 20. Brandware Passion Points:Good Medicine and Healthy LivingBrandware’s innovative campaigns for B2B and B2C health tech clients get measurable results.We create opportunities to tell your unique story to influencers and decision makers, fromphysicians and practice managers to trade and consumer media audiences.Work includes: For Carestream Dental, the global leader in medical imaging and practice management solutions, the Brandware team delivers PR, social media, marketing collateral and event strategies that build awareness and sales For Lifecomm, a joint venture between Qualcomm and Verizon, Brandware is developing product launch programs for a mobile personal emergency response system, including pre-launch tradeshow, media and social media campaigns. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 20
  21. 21. Brandware Public RelationsCASE STUDIES
  22. 22. Brandware Case Study:Mitigating a High-Risk Business ThreatCarestream Dental, a global leader in dental practice management software and cone beamimaging technology turned to Brandware for help in responding to high-profile, negativemedia coverage that threatened its business. Strategy: Reframe the conversation by developing a series of articles by clinicians that focused on the diagnostic benefits of CBCT Results: Cover stories in both print and online versions of Dental Economics (DE), the United States’ leading business journal for the dental profession. DE also featured the content in its B2B eNewsletter, “DE Expert Tips & Tricks.” A second article was featured in Oral Health Journal, Canada’s leading dental journal. Brandware also received a 2011 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation for these bylined pieces. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 22
  23. 23. Brandware Case Study:Taking a Technology Start-Up from Launch toCategory LeadershipAs the “upstart” entrant in the On-Star dominated automotive telematics category, HUGHESTelematics (HTI) turned to Brandware to develop their public voice.Since their 2006 launch – and through the company’s acquisition by Verizon in July 2012 – wehave helped them establish category leadership through a full range of public relationsprograms, from product launch events to thought leadership initiatives. Strategy: Use thought leadership to earn customer awareness and trade media-driven credibility Tactics and Results: What says thought leadership better than being the sole telematics company to weigh in on the category’s future trends? Our bylined piece for HTI’s chief technology officer did just that in the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) Automotive Engineering International magazine We also ensured that HTI’s point of view on the new insurance telematics category was first to be featured in leading insurance trade journal Insurance & Technology. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 23
  24. 24. Brandware Case Study:Building an Award-Winning Online DestinationItalian motorcycle brand Moto Guzzi’s North American parent company Piaggio GroupAmericas challenged Brandware to create a cost-effective but impactful social media solutionto celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary. Strategy: Brandware developed www.motoguzzioriginals.com, a new lifestyle destination celebrating Originals across multiple lifestyle categories and designed to attract 18- 34 year old style-conscious consumers who had not previously considered the brand Tactics and Results: Over x media impressions were generated during the first week of the launch alone. Over 1000 leads (customers who opted to receive additional information from Moto Guzzi) were generated during the first month, exceeding targets Over 30+ contributors who fit the “Originals” profile, from ground-breaking designers to artists were secured – without pay - to contribute blog content Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 24
  25. 25. Brandware Case Study:Building National Awareness foran Atlanta Family BusinessMoulthrop Studios, a three generation-strong wood turning studio tapped Brandware to helpbuild media awareness in anticipation of their admission to the Smithsonian Institution’sMuseum of American History collection. The family had not previously worked with an agency, Strategy: A limited budget meant fast, surgical strikes aimed at key media. With an average entry price point of $1000+ for pieces, media also had to fit a narrow demographic profile Tactics and Results: As part of the overall brand-building campaign that also focused on local media coverage (profiles appeared in the Atlanta Journal- Constitution and The Atlantan), we placed a multi-page feature in luxury lifestyle magazine The Robb Report that resulted in commissions from buyers as far away as Tokoy, Japan. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 25
  26. 26. Brandware Case Study:Connecting Porsche with theNext Generation of EnthusiastsAs public relations agency of record, Brandware supports Porsche Cars North America with thefull range of brand, product and lifestyle programs. But, while work with automotiveenthusiasts and luxury lifestyle audiences is a daily occurrence, reaching a future generationof owners with brand and product messages required a fresh approach. Strategy: To reach an 18-34 male audience with an affinity for performance, technology and competition, Brandware identified 5+ million circulation Game Informer as an ideal medium. Tactics and Results: To cut through the clutter of pitches that editors get, we created a custom story scenario that would pit a seasoned virtual racing pro on the GI staff against real-world Porsche racing professional Patrick Long – both behind the controls of Forza 3 and in the driver’s seat of a real Porsche 911. The custom media experience resulted in a 6- page feature story and 8-minute video on their website – shared across digital platforms. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 26
  27. 27. Brandware Case Study:Using Social Media to GiveConsumers a New Reason to BuyPenguin Brand® Dry Ice tapped Brandware for its first B2C marketing program. As the wholly-owned subsidiary of a global industrial B2B, the company had limited experience withconsumer-direct communications – and zero experience with social media. Strategy: Brandware developed a multi-channel marketing, social media and point-of-sale strategy to get more consumers thinking about, talking about, locating and buying Penguin Brand Dry Ice around the country, Tactics and Results: We shifted and grew consumer conversation about dry ice with the creation of a new online destination and blog, www.dryiceideas.com. Collateral rebranding, from delivery trucks to POP included an award-winning consumer education brochure. Consumer engagement soared – the brand is now at the top of Google-ranked search results for multiple categories of dry ice use, including entertainment, storage and transport. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 27
  28. 28. Brandware Case Study:Getting Maximum Mileage out of PartnershipsWhen Vespa USA partnered with personal finance website leader Mint.com Brandware wasasked to create media opportunities that would benefit both brands, and measurably cross-pollinate consumer subscriptions to both web sites’ content, such as a Vespa newsletter. Strategy: Using a Mint.com infographic as a foundation, Brandware developed a narrative that showcased the financial and environmental benefits of two-wheel transportation. Tactics and Results: Targeted pitching secured coverage in top media channels such as Mashable.com, Fox Business and CNNMoney. Brandware tracked volume, tone and sentiment of subsequent conversation, including blog use. Resulting stories appeared on more than 90 blogs, with nearly 2,200 tweets and 1,600 Facebook “likes.” More than 6 million unique users were exposed to the campaign – and the company saw a 50% unit sales increase over the same period vs. the previous year. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 28
  29. 29. Brandware Case Study:A Fresh Twist on an Automotive Lifestyle EventPorsche Cars North America tasked Brandware with getting influencers outside of theautomotive category to pay attention to the benefits and styling of their hybrid Cayenne. Strategy: Brandware developed a multi-media lifestyle campaign that focused on promoting the fitness and nutrition requirements of race car drivers. Our target audience was health, fitness, organic/natural food and shelter media Tactics and Results: Brandware recruited two special partners – luxury kitchen brand Poggenpohl, which features a Porsche Design line and Bravo Top Chef Angelo Sosa. A video featuring Sosa and Long shopping for healthy ingredients at New York’s Union Square farmer’s market reinforced the ergonomic and cargo capacity benefits of the Cayenne. A launch event turned ingredients into a healthy menu for nearly 30 media, including bloggers invited to tune in via a streaming hub. Event and post-event media coverage has resulted in over 1.5 million impressions to-date. Copyright © 2012 The Brandware Group, Inc. brandwaregroup.com 29