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from stuff to stories

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how product focused companies can use service design to create competitive advantage and differentiation. 4 strategies to build product service eco-systems.

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from stuff to stories

  2. 2. PART 1 WHAT whatdoesitmean tomovefrom stufftostories?
  3. 3. •from stuff •to stories • transactional • relationship ends at the door • relational • relationship starts at the door • value handed over in the value chain, • to end at the customer • value co-created by the value network, involving the customer • value = objective • and mostly functional • value = subjective • and more experiential • rigid • discarded with changing needs • adaptive • grows along with changing needs
  4. 4. Isn’t design’s job essentially: to help organizations create more lasting and more valuable relationships with customers?
  5. 5. PART 2 HOW howcanorganizationsmovefrom stufftostories?
  6. 6. imagine you’re a bicycle manufacturer and you want to explore the service space……what could you do?
  7. 7. rickshaw service / bike über servicing the bike bike sharing bike charging bike leasing bike insurance b2b: mobility consulting city explorations on bike healthy biking coaching program mountain bike city bike bike helmet
  8. 8. intangible tangible
  9. 9. intangible tangible transactional relational
  10. 10. intangible tangible transactional relational products servitized products productized services service eco-systems
  11. 11. intangible tangible transactional relational products servitized products productized services service eco-systems simple hospitality rental services labour delegation maintenance financial add-ons utilities logistic services experiential hospitality consulting & coaching experience delivery
  12. 12. products servitized products productized services service eco-systems Find p2p opportunities Relieve pain points in the customer journey Sell the outcome instead of the service Find a right partner with skin in the game Watch out for brand/capability stretch Have a sensible,long term business model Make the product smart & connected Create a community around the product
  13. 13. products servitized products productized services service eco-systems 1.start here 2.then move here 3.then maybe move here 4.and finally move here
  14. 14. •Judith Gloppen •Christian Saclier • Norwegian center for Design and Architecture • Nestlé S.A. • Senior advisor Design & Strategic Management • Global head of industrial design • How governments are moving from a transactional focus towards co-creation and service design,to build durable relationships with citizens • How Nestlé is using digital enhancement of products and service design to create more engagement with their customers. the panelists:
  15. 15. 1.what tools can I use? 2.what capabilities must I develop? 3.how do I assess the value? 4.how do I convince my boss? 5.where do I start? 6.how do I find the right partners? 7.how do I choose the right strategy? 8.…..? questions you may have:
  16. 16. 1.gather qual & quant user insights 2.look for opportunities in the customer journey 3.assess these opportunities against: •do we have the capabilities for it? •what does the competitive landscape look like for it? •does it fit our brand? •does it allow us to be truly differentiating? the panel answer to: where do I start?
  17. 17. Erik Roscam Abbing www.zilverinnovation.com www.facebook.com/ZilverBDI www.designthenewbusiness.com @roscamabbing @zilverBDI erik@zilverinnovation.com THANK YOU :)