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Flip Your Customer the BiRD

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People buy brands but all people don't buy the same brands for the same reasons. So successful marketers need to flip the customer the BiRD (Brand Relationship Driver) in all marketing materials if they hope to be successful.

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Flip Your Customer the BiRD

  1. Flip your customer the B RD The missing link between branding and profit.
  2. The branding process Historically a filter Leading to a singular brand promise Assuring consistent quality
  3. What was branding? 1 Dimensional, Simple, Rational A promise A promise kept Trust mark
  4. Branding today It’s multi-dimensional It’s your product’s soul, character – it’s essence It’s more than a promise
  5. Branding today Brands are about meaning and experiences. Clients want/need measurement and accountability. They need to link branding to future profitability.
  6. Branding today Source: Millard Brown When Ford bought Jaguar, the physical assets of the company represented only 16% of the value. On average, intangible assets of the world’s top companies represent 70% of their market value. Increased Margin. Increased Market Share.
  7. Branding today Macro brand -- its essence/soul Brand Relationship Drivers (B.R.Ds) Why I [the consumer] purchase your product Two layers to branding today
  8. Branding today Segment by BRD Support team/cause That’s a damn good shoe I want to be like famous athletes
  9. B.R.D. Mapping Define the core brand ideas, beliefs and personality. Link to the rational and irrational reasons consumers choose you Like a chameleon -- same animal but it changes to match its surroundings.
  10. B.R.D. Mapping - Quantitative Did we identify the essence properly? Are the B.R.D.(s) real? Are they segmentable? Are the segments worth targeting? Will talking to one alienate another?
  11. What did he say? Brands are more than just a promise, they are a complex, multifaceted beings. People form relationships to brands… but not always for the same reason. B.R.D. Mapping seeks to unearth relationship drivers, and link them to purchase.
  12. Flip your customer the B RD The missing link between branding and profit.