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An Introduction To Business Coaching 2012

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Welcome to 1 to 1 Personal Coaching with Cory Andrichuk

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An Introduction To Business Coaching 2012

  1. 1. brandUcoaching Inc. Welcome to brandUcoaching Inc. Business Coaching for the Travel Entrepreneurcory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  2. 2. brandUcoaching Inc. An introduction to Business Coaching... Cory Andrichuk, MCC Coach . Educator . Speakercory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  3. 3. brandUcoaching Inc. We live in exponential times...cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  4. 4. brandUcoaching Inc.Who is driving your travel business?cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  5. 5. brandUcoaching Inc. Does uncertainty surround you? Do you feel overwhelmed by the Are you stressed out changes occurring around you? about the decisions you have to make? Do you feel you have lostAre you uncertain about your future ? control and are powerless? Are you worried about money? Are you taking a back seat in driving your business? cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  6. 6. brandUcoaching Inc. You are not broken... the only thing you can control is yourself and how you react ...but how?cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  7. 7. brandUcoaching Inc. If you are you doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result and not getting it? U have a choicecory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  8. 8. brandUcoaching Inc. A Business Coach is...A Thinking Partner...+ Business Buddy+ Motivator+ Confidant= Cory Andrichuk BA Soci, MCCTravel Entrepreneur Business Coachcory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  9. 9. brandUcoaching Inc. Much like driving your car into unfamiliar territory – business coaching helps you design a road map before you get into your car, that then helps you drive your business with sign posts as goals along the way, to achieving your vision.cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  10. 10. brandUcoaching Inc. Welcome to brandUcoaching Inc. Highly Specialized Business Coaching Inspirational and motivational Walking the walk and talking the talk Real-life knowledge, skill experience and expertise… ON YOUR SIDE!cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  11. 11. brandUcoaching Inc. Benefits of working with Cory... 1. Convenient 2. Affordable 3. Result’s driven!cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  12. 12. brandUcoaching Inc. Business Development Needs 1. Brand Management 2. Entrepreneurial Thinking 3. Business Planning and Organization 4. Creative Marketing online and off 5. Salesmanship 6. Work Life Balancecory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  13. 13. brandUcoaching Inc. How do you get started? Sign-up for a Free 30-minute Personal Coaching Session. www.brandUcoaching.com (Click on the FREE button)cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  14. 14. brandUcoaching Inc. 1 to 1 Personal Coaching A customized program that fit’s your budget & timeline over 6-12 months.cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  15. 15. brandUcoaching Inc. I have been a travel agent since 1977. Simply: I hired to Cory at brandUcoaching to help me grow sales & stay fresh within the travel agency. I needed motivation, direction, implementation. In 2011 I realized in order for me to continue within the travel business I needed help. Cory continues to help motivate me, and work through the personal and professional hurdles. Ruth Rudnick, ACC Since working with Cory my sales have grown. You Travel Showcase teach me how social media marketing really works! My business outlook is fresh. I have specific direction how to get to where I want to be within the travel business. Thank you Cory!cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  16. 16. brandUcoaching Inc. After searching for quite awhile for someone to help me with an overall marketing plan and consultation time, I hired Cory from brandUcoaching Inc. My business is somewhat unique in that I am based in Canada but serve US clients and my business is mostly internet generated. That required a consultant who was very knowledgeable in travel both in Canada and the USA as well as someone who has extensive knowledge of the internet and I found that in Cory. Cory is helping me develop a marketing plan, giving me invaluable advice with my website as well as social media - Sharon which I really need! His feedback and expertise is invaluable, Moormann his enthusiasm is hard to beat and I expect him to be a part Sunseekers of my business in one way or the other for a very long time! Vacations Inc.cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  17. 17. brandUcoaching Inc. "Cory is a high energy, personable presenter on the subject matter of how to be successful in the travel industry. Cory has years of practical experience coupled with real life proven strategies that can be applied in any business but especially effective in travel. Corys workshops are dynamic and insightful and every one of our 400 attendees across Canada could see practical applications to their business and were excited to put them into action. If you are looking to re energize your business and employees I would highly recommend Cory" Phil Sproul, President of Travel Professionals International (TPI)cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  18. 18. brandUcoaching Inc. Cory, Thank you for everything you did at our 2012 annual conference this year. Your passion and energy during your presentation was the perfect way to kick off our event. You were spot on during your Social Media session and the panel you moderated was a total success. I believe our agents will be talking about this event for a long time. We definitely felt the love Cory! Thank you again...YOU ROCKED IT! Betsy Geiser Vice President, Uniglobe Travel Centercory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  19. 19. brandUcoaching Inc. Read what others have had to say... http://bit.ly/Corystestimonialshttp://www.linkedin.com/in/coryandrichuk http://www.youtube.com/user/coryandrichukcory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  20. 20. brandUcoaching Inc. U have a choice Choose brandUcoaching ... it just makes sense!cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me
  21. 21. brandUcoaching Inc. Coach with Cory • 1 session - $200/ hr LESS 25% TRO RATE = $150 • 6 sessions - $180/ hr=$1080 LESS 25% TRO RATE = $810 • 12 sessions - $160/ hr=$1920 LESS 25% TRO RATE =$1440 • 24 sessions - $140/ hr=$3360 LESS 25% TRO RATE = $2520 Each session includes: •A personally written action plan for you to review that includes coaching recommendations, tips, tools and suggestions to help you move forward with passion and balance! • Unlimited 24/7 access to Cory via email !Choose brandUcoaching ... How to qualify for the TRO SPECIAL RATE: it just makes sense! Book a FREE 30 minute coaching consultation by Friday April 27 by going to www.brandUcoaching.com and click on Free. cory@brandUcoaching.com #604 846 2686 follow me