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Turning Passion to Profit - Online Marketing - Session 2

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Slidedeck of 2rd Session of Online Marketing & Social media Track
by Birgit Pauli-Haack, Relevanza, Inc.

4th Annual Turning Passion to Profit hosted by Southwest Florida Business Today and Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Turning Passion to Profit - Online Marketing - Session 2

  1. 1. “How to use Facebook for Business?” " Birgit Pauli-Haack, July 2012
  2. 2. Business Reasons to Be on Facebook1. Inbound Marketing activity to increase Traffic on your website2. Connect with customer and future customers on their terms (where your target audience hangs out)3. Create share-able content for your cheerleaders/strategic partners/members of your business network on social networks4. Use FB advertising for target audience5. Get found in FB searches
  3. 3. Demographic Total: 457,480 Facebook users in Ft. MyersGraphic: Birgit Pauli-Haack, Relevanza, Inc.
  4. 4. Facebook Profile and Pages Profile sychnronous follow back, Subscription = public posts for subscribers, no follow back Page = Like, no follow back.Recommendation: Set-up a profile for you personally Enable public Subscription Set-up Business Brand Page = Best of both worlds
  5. 5. Top Strategies Highlighting basic info about your business, Sharing photos and videos, Having conversations with customers, Providing customer support, and Holding contests and giveaways.
  6. 6. Notes Post w/ call to action “Like this” if agree, comment use questions. Fans see your post in their newsfeeds, among the ones from their friends & other pages. 70% of fans never return to a company’s page. They get all their information from your post that appear in their feed. Increase Exposure by Commenting on other company’s pages.
  7. 7. Sharing Links on FacebookTest your own website for Rich Snippet compatibilityUse Google Rich Snippet Tool:http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
  8. 8. Rich Snippets Twitter auto-posts to Facebook, w/ Rich Snippet When you comment, leave a link and it shows “Rich Snippet Preview”
  9. 9. Stats – Reach Organic vs. Viral
  10. 10. A Facebook Post FL Tweetup: 330 Likes SeaTweetup 509 Likes
  11. 11. A Facebook Post
  12. 12. A Facebook Post
  13. 13. Facebook Page
  14. 14. A different Site: Facebook Stats
  15. 15. Facebook “EdgeRank” Facebooks SecretSauce (tm) Relevance Meter Algorithm to gauge relevance posts of friends & brands, and prioritize placement in people’s newsfeeds Average EdgeRank is determined by  Engagement of your content through Like & Comments  Especially Shared content.  Build Affinity with your audience, therefore increasing your Reach onto their news feeds. The more people engage, the more of your posts they’ll see. Dont for get 90/9/1 rule, though.
  16. 16. Promote your Facebook Page Put FB like buttons on all other online communication.  Blog posts  Other web pages  Email newsletter Add Facebook Widget to website Buy Facebook Ads.
  17. 17. Traffic to Web site
  18. 18. Connect OnlineMy Personal Profile Company Profile Email w/ ideas and questions Blog on Tumblr bph@relevanza.com Blog on Relevanza Follow me on Twitter www.relevanza.com @bph Follow Us on Twitter On Facebook: @Relevanza www.facebook.com/birgitpauli-haack Facebook.com/Relevanza On Google+ www.google.com/+BirgitPauli-Haack Subscribe to “This Week in Social Media” Subscribe to “This Week in Social Media” email list or Connect with us. eNews and Connect with us.