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Tinusaur Intro (EN) 2020-02

TINUSAUR: Educational platform that combines programming mathematics and physics into one multidisciplinary curriculum with a strong emphasis on practice

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Tinusaur Intro (EN) 2020-02

  1. 1. Programming + Mathematics + Physics = Tinusaur Educational platform that combines programming mathematics and physics into one multidisciplinary curriculum with strong emphasis on practice
  2. 2. What parents really want? ● Good educational system ● Well educated children with skills for their lives ● Good future for their children
  3. 3. What problem children have? ● Science is not interesting at all ● Programming, mathematics and physics are not important ● They don’t want to study them
  4. 4. What problem teachers have? ● Not able to use modern technologies ● Not prepared for STEM fields. ● Not attractive profession, not well paid. ● No personal and professional development.
  5. 5. What are the consequences? ● Lower quality of the education. ● Hard to find teachers. ● Children are not prepared for the jobs of the future. Parents are unhappy, children are unhappy, teachers are unhappy.
  6. 6. Our solution is The Tinusaur Platform Combines programming, mathematics and physics in one curriculum Very strong emphasis on ● Practice ● Having fun👉 Created by educators, and for educators
  7. 7. Includes: 1. The Tinusaur Boards. 2. The coding environment. 3. Teaching resources. 4. Courses for students. 5. Training for teachers. 6. Partnership program. Our solution: Tinusaur
  8. 8. What is the result? The teachers receive: ● Professional training. ● New educational products. ● Personal fulfillment. 👉 In 2019 newly trained teachers. 👉 From the 6 largest cities in Bulgaria.
  9. 9. What is the result? For the children the science is becoming: ● Very interesting. ● Very entertaining. ● Really practical. 👉 Hundreds students each year do Tinusaur. 👉 From 20 cities in Bulgaria and abroad.
  10. 10. What is the result? For the parents: It is more meaningful time spent with their children.
  11. 11. What is the result? Children are: ● Motivated to do science ● Participation and achievements in science competitions. ● Persona and professional development decisions. ● Returning students. 👉Improvements in the educational process
  12. 12. How are we different? ● We work in all regions, and with people of all backgrounds. (from the very beginning) ● We work outside of the school system. (could work in the system also) ● We build a network of partners and we grow together. We are different in the way we work with our clients and partners
  13. 13. How are we different? ● True educational product. ● We are teacher ourselves. (we know needs as well as the requirements) ● Balance between (exactly as needed) – Gamification. – Demonstration. – Complicated assignments and tasks. We are different in the way we’ve structured our products and services
  14. 14. How are we different? ● Affordable price. (adapted as needed) ● The software and the hardware are Open Source. ● Tested sustainable business models. ● Potentials for growth worldwide. 👉 Everyone likes us! :) We run a sustainable business with a potential worldwide
  15. 15. Our ambitions for Bulgaria There are 257 cities in Bulgaria ✔ 2020 - 40 ✔ 2021 - 80 ✔ 2022 - 120 ✔ 2023 - 160 ✔ 2024 - 200 ✔ 2025 - 240 We’d like to coverWe’d like to cover most of the cities in Bulgaria by 2025most of the cities in Bulgaria by 2025
  16. 16. Going to the next level! We are already expanding and selling to most of the Europe
  17. 17. Going to the next level! We are already selling worldwide
  18. 18. Our biggest dream! One Tinusaur for every child in the world!
  19. 19. This is Tinusaur
  20. 20. Contacts Neven Boyanov Email: neven@tinusaur.com Mobile: +359-88-5546134 Web: tinusaur.com Social: @tinusaur