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  1. 1.  This refers to all buying and selling over the internet.
  2. 2.  Advantages ◦ Services available 24 / 7 ◦ Large stock range ◦ Detailed product information ◦ Ability to compare prices ◦ Equal delivery to town and country Disadvantages ◦ Possible credit card fraud ◦ What about returning faulty goods? ◦ How are you covered when you purchase goods from another country?
  3. 3.  This allows you to manage your money on- line.
  4. 4.  Advantages ◦ Service available 24/7 ◦ Secure ◦ From comfort of home ◦ Can make various payments/transfers ◦ View transactions Disadvantages ◦ No face to face communication
  5. 5.  E-Government refers to the use of ICT to provide Government services, transactions and interactions with citizens, businesses and other government departments. Examples include: e-gov portal, online tax service, schoolnet.
  6. 6.  Advantages ◦ No need to queue ◦ Can view all services available from home ◦ Quick communication Disadvantages ◦ No face to face communication therefore cannot get suggestions of alternative actions
  7. 7.  E-learning refers to learning via the internet or working through a disc based tutorial
  8. 8.  One trainer can train many people at different locations Students can work at their own pace Teaching can be 24/7 E-learning solutions are cheaper than traditional teaching methods
  9. 9.  No opportunity to ask question and receive answer there and then Internet connection may fail Download speed may be slow Materials may be limited
  10. 10.  Refers to people working at home connected to the rest of the organisation via network, e- mail or telephone
  11. 11.  Reduced or Zero commuting ◦ No travelling ◦ Less stress due to traffic Greater ability to focus on one task Flexible schedule Reduced office space/desk requirements
  12. 12.  Lack of human contact Negative impact on team work Self-discipline (might be difficult to focus)