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The Myth Of The Offline Shopper

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John Rowley of Thorntons explains how to connect and influence shoppers who claim "never to buy online".

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The Myth Of The Offline Shopper

  1. 1. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com THE MYTH OF THE OFFLINE SHOPPER @JohnARowley
  2. 2. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Hi, I’m John. Over 10 years in digital. Love chocolate. Got a pet peeve...
  3. 3. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com “We are an offline business” “Our customer don’t read blogs or emails” “90% of our revenue is offline” “I don’t really shop online”
  4. 4. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com PERSONA MARKETING Who is the offline shopper? MICRO-MARKETING What is their shopper journey? SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES How can we talk to them? ATTRIBUTION MODELLING Measuring performance 1 2 3 4
  5. 5. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com PERSONA MARKETING Who is the offline shopper? 1
  6. 6. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Identify ‘technophobe’ personas. TECHNOPHOBE TECHNOPHILE
  7. 7. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Age is not the only factor to consider. Baby boomers fastest growing group on Facebook in 2016...
  8. 8. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Understand their reasons for offline. Hannah 35, Female, 2x daughters Buys cocktail dresses Tina 65, Female, Retired sketch artist Buys confectionary Pete 44, Male, Taxi driver, Highly political Buys car parts “I need to try things on before I buy” “I’m confused by modern technology” “I’m not giving my personal data away!”
  9. 9. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com MICRO-MARKETING What is the shopper journey? 2
  10. 10. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Understand their view of the journey. TV Email SearchSocial Offline £0 £0 £0£0 £100 The uninitiated’s view TV Email SearchSocial Offline £x £x £x£x £x The initiated’s view
  11. 11. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Introducing micro- moments. “Mobile has fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro- moments. Each one is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences.” ▸ The big G
  12. 12. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Create a micro- moment strategy. MAKE A MAP. Identify moments you want to / need to win. E.g. Searching for ‘formal dresses’ DEFINE NEEDS. What would make the moment easier / faster? E.g. Simpler landing pages PERSONALISE. Create personalised customer experiences. E.g. ‘Secure checkout’ ad copy BE SEAMLESS. Ensure you’re there, quick & useful. E.g. Red carpet dresses guide
  13. 13. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES How can we talk with them? 3
  14. 14. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com People research online (Webrooming). 87%of customers research online before visiting a store -57%Decline in store footfall over last 5 years 3xIncrease in average in- store transactions
  15. 15. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Create a multi- channel strategy. Owned media (Content) Earned media (Digital PR) Paid media (PPC) Affiliate partnerships Email & CRM Social Media Direct Mail Digital innovation TEST & LEARN CUSTOMER INSIGHTS { } MULTI-CHANNEL MEDIA ASSETS BRAND STORIES SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE SALES AND LOYALTY SURPRISE & DELIGHT
  16. 16. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Understand shopper intent. AWARENESS Direct mail Digital PR Paid social CONSIDERATION Owned content Video ads Peer reviews PURCHASE Paid media Affiliate marketing Point-of-sale RETENTION Email marketing Owned content Paid social SEAMLESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CUSTOMER INSIGHTS
  17. 17. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com ATTRIBUTION MODELLING Measuring performance 4
  18. 18. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Why measuring matters. Channel investment != customer habits Time spent Investment
  19. 19. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Understand true value for each channel. TV Email SearchSocial Offline £0 £0 £0£0 £100 £100 £0 £0£0 £0 £5 £10 £20£15 £50 £35 £10 £10£10 £35 First-click Time decay Position based The initiated’s view (Last-click attribution)
  20. 20. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com Use a model that works for your business. £5 £10 £20£15 £50 £35 £10 £10£10 £35 Time decay Position based £35 £5 £15£10 £35 Time decay + Position based
  21. 21. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com QUESTION ‘The extreme technophobe’ ?
  22. 22. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com What about Marge? Marge 87, Female, 8x grand-daughters Loves Thorntons “I don’t even have an internet connection”
  23. 23. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com What about Marge? Marge has influencers... ...Who shop online!
  24. 24. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com WRAPPING UP TAKEAWAY POINTS
  25. 25. @JohnARowley JohnAlexanderRowley.com PERSONA MARKETING Understand customer needs. MICRO-MARKETING Use data to drive interactions. SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES Focus on customer intent. ATTRIBUTION MODELLING Invest for your customers. 1 2 3 4