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Outlook email address extractor

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Outlook Email Extractor is one of the most efficient email extractor software which extracts email addresses from different MS Outlook Files.

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Outlook email address extractor

  1. 1. Outlook Email Address Extractor The Outlook Email Address Extractor is software designed to find Email Addresses from your Outlook files. This software is specially made for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. You can take out the Email Ids from any section of the mail i.e. inbox, outbox, sent and deleted as well. Let’s have a look about the characteristics of this software. This software as informed is mainly for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. It can find Email Addresses from PST Files and can also Find Email Addresses from DBX Files. So it is easy to use in both the versions. You can also select anyone them as default to extract particularly from one of them. You can Find Email Ids of some selected profiles and accounts. That means you will not have to search by looking in each and every mail. You can just search for the Email Extractor by typing the name of particular account and profile. This reduces your time and effort both. You can work on it by choosing any of the sections like inbox, outbox, sent, etc or you can find Email Ids from all of them together. The software further filters the info as per the requirement of the user. This means you will get information which you need and this will save your time a lot. This software also allows you to save the information in which ever format you wish to. It has the option of saving the data in either for Microsoft (.CSV) or in Notepad (.TXT). So you get the right to choose and save the data in any format you want. These are some qualities which makes it one of the best Email Address Extractor. You can use it in any version of Outlook i.e. 2003, 2007, 2012 and 2013 as well. More than that it can also work in Windows 8 & 7, XP, Vista both in 32 and 64 bits. So it doesn’t matter which version you have. This software works in all of them. It is very useful for big organizations and corporate to keep an update of their clients Ids. You can easily get it through this software in matter of seconds. It is an extremely fast, reliable and user friendly. The graphic interface and end effective wizard of this software provides the user Email Ids in a fast and adequate manner. It is easily available in the market at an economic price. You can also download it from the internet easily. For more detail: http://www.windowindia.net/outlook-email-address-finder.html