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Panorama - Online Multiple Intelligence Challenge

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PANORAMA - the Online Multiple Intelligence Challenge will be launched on the 14th of November, 2014. It is a great opportunity for the school students (grades 4 to 9) to participate and showcase their amazing skills to the whole world.

Visit www.MySuperBrain.com for more details.

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Panorama - Online Multiple Intelligence Challenge

  1. 1. swww MySuperBrain.com for the all-rounder in every student www.MySuperBrain.com for the all-round development of school students Discover, Improve and Showcase PANORAMA – Online International Multiple Intelligence Challenge
  2. 2. Introduction •Online Multiple Intelligence Challenge to help students showcase their amazing skills in eight areas •Writing, Painting, Poetry, Singing, Mathematics, Dance, Photography and Group Tasks •Showcasing skills on a global platform at the convenience of the participants •First of its kind online intelligence challenge that helps students understand their abilities and gain recognition on a global scale PANORAMA •Global platform to Discover, Improve and Showcase the skills of students •Focusing on the Holistic Development of school students MySuperBrain.com •More than 300,000 students from across India and other countries •More than 300,000 parents to be reached during the process Participation
  3. 3. Competition Areas PANORAMA Writing Painting Poetry Photo- graphy Music Dance Mathe- matics Group skills
  4. 4. Participation Process Students register on www.MySuperBrain.com Participate in PANORAMA by submitting their entries in the areas of their choice (students are free to participate in all the eight areas) Evaluation done through voting and expert rating: 80% voting and 20% expert rating Top students for each of the eight areas identified
  5. 5. Benefits of participation Discover Students’ skills identified by comparing their work against thousands of others Opportunity to compete with the best and know where the students stand Showcase Skills of the students cross boundaries and reach people across the world Lot of well deserved recognition Analyze Comparing the performances of students on a global scale Provides feedback and report that helps parents and teachers immensely
  6. 6. Time Lines Competition starts on the 14th of November 2014 •Free Registration Competition ends on the 13th January, 2015 Voting ends on the 28th January, 2015 Awards on 7th February, 2015
  7. 7. Benefits to Schools •Each participating school will get a school page •The page contains message from the director/ principal/ chairman/ principal etc., achievements of the students and the school, recent submissions of the students •Free PR channel for the school •Every student becomes a brand ambassador of the school School Page •The school gets to know the abilities of the students on a global scale •Far better results when kids compete with thousands of students their age from across the world Understanding of the skills of the students •Analysis helps the schools plan their activities and training classes better so as to support the talent in the students and also to overcome weaknesses Helps schools plan better
  8. 8. Contact US Bojja Raghavendar Reddy bojja@mysuperbrain.com +91 40 6618 0209; +91 97013 20902 Thanks for your interest in partnering with MySuperBrain.com. Please reach out to us for more details and clarifications.