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Expedition Catalog 2013

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This is the latest catalog of our goods. Here you can find everything from: fun gifts, trophies, accessories, decor, gifts for men etc. We specialize in various sorts of products and gather ideas from around the world. Also, we have a R&D and department, which is responsible for all the new items we get. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at: bd@expedition.com

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Expedition Catalog 2013

  2. 2. 2 3 NOVELTIES RING OF POWER ONERING_01_19_GOLD The Rings of Power are magical rings created by Sauron or by the Elves of Eregion under Sauron’s instruction. Three were intended for the Elves, seven for Dwarves, nine for Men, and one, the Ring to Rule Them All, was forged by Sauron himself in the fires of Mount Doom. SOLOMON’S RING IM_SOLOMON_01_17 A magic ring called the “Seal of Solomon” was supposedly given to Solomon, grant- ing him power over demons. In some legends it was mentioned as the Ring of Aandaleeb and was a highly sought after symbol of power. HARMONICA WITH CD ESHR-02 LIGHTHOUSE RADIO SYNR-02 FM/AM/SW1/SW2 HEADPHONE CAMOUFLAGE LORD OF GAMBLES 6 in 1 set includes: Chess Checkers Domino Backgammon Dices Cribbage NOVELTIESWWW.EXPEDITION.COM DYNAMO-FLAME LANTERN EDMC-12 Fully autonomous dynamo flashlight includes: • Battery charger for mobile (5 models) • Whistle • Compass • Lighter • Flashlight Best device for hiking in the woods!
  3. 3. 4 5 NOVELTIES HEADPHONE SET FOR COUPLES OACHP-01 Sound for two! Up and coming bestseller! FIRST AID FLASK ESSG-016 • Music Class (music) • A guaranteed good mood UN HELMET Peacekeeping refers to activities that tend to create conditions that favor lasting peace VOLCANO Everybody heard that accord- ing to the ancient Greeks, volcanoes’ capricious power could only be explained as acts of the gods, while not so much people knows 16th/17th-century German astronomer Johannes Kepler believed they were ducts for the Earth’s tears. As opposed to this our Volcano will bring warm comfort feeling to your house and friendly smile at your face. FLAG-BEARER RECONCILIATION SET This set for making up will help you put things back on the right track in any situation. Throw up the white flag, bury the hatchet, acknowledge your mistakes, and make up! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? PASSPORT COVER THERMO MUG VACUUM FLASK POLAR BEAR No matter what position you put this bear in, he’ll still get back on his feet! NOVELTIESWWW.EXPEDITION.COM DOUBLE UMBRELLA OACUM-01 Weight: 250 g / 8.8 oz. NEOTRANSIC MAGNETIC PUZZLE MMN-125 – NICKEL 125 PCS
  5. 5. EXPEDITION SEX SET ESEN-02 Classic Sex Set includes: • Blindfold • Knee pads • 2 playing dice • Hand wipes 2 pcs • Intimate hygiene wipes 2 pcs • Condoms 3 pcs BEACH SEX SET ESEN-03 Beach Sex Set includes: • Brush • 2 Playing dice • Hand wipes 2 pcs • Intimate hygiene wipes 2 pcs • Condoms 3 pcs • Arm band “LIFEGUARD Certified in Mouth to Mouth” MOUNTAIN SEX SET ESEN-05 Mountain Sex Set includes: • Manhood mitten (do not use as a condom) • 2 playing dice • Hand wipes 2 pcs • Intimate hygiene wipes 2 pcs • Condoms 3 pcs OFFICE SEX SET ESEN-08 Includes: • Tag: Do not disturb! Meeting is going • 2 speaking dice • Hand wipes 2 pcs • Intimate hygiene wipes 2 pcs • Condoms 3 pcs AUTO SEX SET ESEN-04 Auto Sex Set includes: • 2 playing dice • Warning sign for curious passerby “Do not disturb” • Hand wipes 2 pcs • Intimate hygiene wipes 2 pcs • Condoms 3 pcs COMMANDER CAMOUFLAGE MEGAPHONE EMEGA-02 Set includes: • Megaphone • Flashlight Weight: 400 g SCREAMER MEGAPHONE EMEGA-01 Length: 230 mm/9 in. Weight: 0,7 kg, without batteries/1.5 lbs. Batteries voltage: 6 V XXL FLASK 1.85L EFLS-25 This flask is a worth sign of your friendship. Material: stainless steel. WASHABLE MAP OF RUSSIA ESM-02 Size: 175cm x 135cm. PAW MITTENS EOG-01 • One size fits all • Fabric: Fleece • Mittens snap together and onto things 8 9EXCLUSIVE FUN GIFTSWWW.EXPEDITION.COM FUNEXCLUSIVE GIFTS SEX SETS FOR EXTREME CONDITIONS
  6. 6. 10 11EXCLUSIVE FUN GIFTSWWW.EXPEDITION.COM FUNEXCLUSIVE GIFTS STARBUSTER HELMET ESHLEM-02 The helmet is made of plastic. The size of the helmet 59-62. VINTAGE HELMET BLACK ESH-3187/1 Material: uv leather Size: 58-60 cm (British sizes 7 1/8 – 7 3/8) Weight: 600 g VINTAGE HELMET BROWN ESH-3186/1 Material: uv leather Size: 58-60 cm (British sizes 7 1/8 – 7 3/8) Weight: 600 g FRENCH HELMET EFP-001; ECFP-80 (kids) • Material: cork/cotton • Size: 58-60 cm/22.5-23.5 in. with adjustable Velcro strap BRITISH HELMET EBP-002 •  Material: Cork/Cotton •  Colour: Beige •  Size: 58-60 cm/22.5-23.5 in. with adjustable Velcro strap •  Weight: 280 g/9.9 oz. VIETNAMESE HELMET EVP-003 •  Material: Cork/Cotton •  Colour: Dark Green •  Size: 58-60 cm (hat sizes: 7 1/8 – 7 3/8), with adjustable Velcro strap •  Weight: 250 g/9 oz. FRENCH HELMET CAMOUFLAGE EFP-002 • Material: cork/cotton • Size: 58-60 cm/ 22.5-23.5 in. with adjustable Velcro strap LEGAT GLADIATOR HELMET-MASK IHELM-12 Nicholas Roerich VINTAGE HELMET WITH HORNS ESH-3187/2 This is a copy of a motorbike helmet from the 30s. Feel the road, feel the romance!Material: uv leather Size: 58-60 cm (British sizes 7 1/8 – 7 3/8) Weight: 600 g Check video
  7. 7. 12 13EXCLUSIVE FUN GIFTSWWW.EXPEDITION.COM FUNEXCLUSIVE GIFTS CAMERA LENS TRAVEL MUG, BLACK PROVEN QUALITY EFOTO-01, EFOTO-02, EFOTO-03 You probably know someone who enjoys photography. This solves the problem of buying that friend a gift. Stainless steel. JOLLY ROGER METAL FLASK EFLS-07 Color: Black Volume: 200ml SIBERIAN FAST FOOD METAL FLASK EFLS-18 Color: Red Volume: 200ml HAPPY BOSSDAY CALCULATOR EKALK-01 Calculator of 25 * 35 cm with inscription “HappyBossDay”. KEEP WARM TO STAY ALIVE METAL FLASK EFLS-19 Color: Yellow Volume: 200ml SHOT GLASSES WITH CASE ESIG-08 – “THE LIQUOR KINGDOM” ESIG-08 – “NO WATER ALLOWED!” ESIG-08 – “DRINK MUCH, HIT HARD, LOVE LONG!” ESIG-08 – “BEST DAY YOU’LL NEVER REMEMBER!“ AQUARIUM WITH JELLYFISH AKVARIUM Not everyone can notice at once that the jellyfishes are not real! 3D-SCULPTOR E3D-01 Material: stainless steel, plastic. ELECTRONIC BUTTERFLIES IN JAR BABOCHKA This electronic butterfly flies like a real one! PLAYING CARDS EPC-14 Playing cards have several different sizes: S, L, XL, XXL NEOTRANSIC MAGNETIC PUZZLE MMN-02 – GOLD MMN-03 – MEGA GOLD MMN-04 – MEGA SILVER MMN-125 – NICKEL 125 PCS SAVE WATER, DRINK VODKA VOLCANO Everybody heard that according to the ancient Greeks, volcanoes’ capricious power could only be explained as acts of the gods, while not so much people knows 16th/17th-century German astrono- mer Johannes Kepler believed they were ducts for the Earth’s tears. As opposed to this our Volcano will bring warm comfort feeling to your house and friendly smile at you face
  8. 8. 14 15EXCLUSIVE FUN GIFTSWWW.EXPEDITION.COM FUNEXCLUSIVE GIFTS EXPEDITION T-SHIRT ETMI-243, ETMI-263, ETWI-015 Writings: • Be nice or leave. Thank you! • My Kingdom for the hooch! • Right or wrong...I’m still the captain • Sex, Drive & Rock’n’Roll • Welcome to my show! • Whatever it is... I didn’t do it TUMBLE: WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO CRUMBLE? DRINKING GAME (VERSION 2.0) EPKS-009 Tumble is your new addition to parties and get-togethers with friends and family! COUPLES MITTENS HOLD MY HAND ETP1-67006 Very warm and soft mitten set consist of three mittens: one for a “free” hand of each person and one shared mitten. Weight: 250 g / 8.8 oz. BRAVE MAN CAMOUFLAUGE GIFT SET EPBS-002 Set includes: • Camouflage Toilet Paper • Waterproof Case • Loud whistle in case of emergency • Emergency plug TRUTH OR DART GAME ESSG-024 Darts - it is also a fun game for adults! Because this darts is alcohol game! MANHOOD MITTEN ETP1-01 This knitted mitten won’t let your boyfriend be frozen. DO NOT USE AS A CONDOM!! Weight: 100 g HARD FROST This Santa Claus is clearly no children’s toy. Better to put him under the tree if you are celebrating Christmas in the company of adults!
  10. 10. 18 19EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE MULTI-TOOL TRAVEL EDITION EMTT-06 In addition, the tool can be attached to a backpack with a safety ring. Length when closed: 8.7 cm. PROTECTOR MULTITOOL KNIFE EMTSK-05 Multitool has two lights: one for the knife blade, the second one for pliers. Also in the kit: scissors, two screwdrivers, carabiner for easy carrying on belt, pliers, bottle opener. Steel - 420S. ORCA COLLAPSIBLE SHOVEL ELOP-05 In folded position its handle covers the blade, in unfolded position it is fixed by a stopper. Weigh: 1 500g. VIKING VERSATILE WINTER SHOVEL ELOP-04 The shovel is sharp, compact and convenient. With this shovel you can always slice food and arrange a throwing competition for fun. (CAUTION: be careful!!!). MULTI-TOOL DRIVER EDITION EMTD-06 This is a compact tool which doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be easily stored in a glove compartment or in a back pack or bag. TAI-SHOGUN JAPANESE KNIFE EKN-01M This blade with its unique profile and quality makes a full-fledged member of the “Shogun” family. SHOGUN JAPANESE KNIFE EKN-01 Hardness of blade: 56-58 HRC Material of handle: black tea-tree Material of cover: black tea-tree, leather. FIRE STEEL KNIFE EFGK-06 The Fire Steel Knife is an irreplaceable companion. FLINT KNIFE WITH A LANTERN EFGS-11 This knife is equipped with flint, this set will be indispensable in the travel, trips and expeditions. FIRE STEEL HUNTER’S KNIFE EHK-06 The sheath has a groove to prevent water from getting on the blade and causing rust. KNIVES AND MULTITOOLS
  11. 11. EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE CAR MUG WITH A 12 VOLT CAR ADAPTOR EBTR-01 Transformer Pack. Easy transforms into feeding manger for birds 450 ml, 12 v. No-spill lid! HITCHHIKING IN MEXICO CAR BLANKET EDH-01 This electric fleece car blanket is soft and warm. LIFE IN A TRAFFIC JAM AUTO-MUG EMCM-02 Weight: 200 g / 7 oz Volume: 450 ml CAR SHOWER EASH-06 When traveling on long road trips or while camping, it’s easy to feel the lack of home comfort. SAVE YOUR FRIEND’S BUTT CAR KIT EAR-002 Set includes: • Tow rope • Gloves • Reflective vest • Small first aid kit • Booster cables to feel the lack of home comfort. DYNAMO-FLAME LANTERN EDMC-12 Fully autonomous dynamo flashlight includes: • Battery charger for mobile (5 models) • Whistle • Compass • Lighter • Flashlight Best device for hiking in the woods! Check video AUTODROM Car Kit ERCT-051 This set includes: • Sticky Grip • Car Mug with car plug • Flashlight with car plug ANTISLIPPER ANTISLIP RESCUE MAT EAMS-03 • Easy to carry • Up to 3.5T weight capacity • Suitable for use in all various road conditions including rain, snow, mud, and sand • Adjustable angle allows for use in inclined/rough surfaces • Hexagonal honeycomb design offers maximum friction TOW ROPE EBTR-01 Length: 4 m / 13 feet and 1 inches Capacity: 3,5 t / 7700 lbs. Convenience. The cable does not require manual winding and unwinding. AQUAMOBILE COLLAPSIBLE BUCKET EFOLD-01 “Aquamobile” Collapsible Bucket is an irreplaceable accessory for you on your trip! CAR MUG WITH DISPLAY EMAD-500 • Dishwasher safe • Removable inner mug • Size: 21 cm x 10 cm / approx. 8 in x 4 in • Holds up to: 500ml/16,9fl.oz. CAR MUG EMCA-450 Characteristics: • Fuse: 5A; • Voltage: 12V; •  Power: 45W • Surrounding Temperature: 25C-30C / 77F86F • Heat: from 20C-72C / 68F- 161F • Time to heat: Approx 40 min. • Connector wires which connect to 12V car plug “Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.” — Pico Iyer THERE’S ROAD FOR EVERYONE! 20 21
  12. 12. 22 23EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE TRAVELER’S CUTLERY KIT ECS-03 Spoon + can/bottle opener, Fork + can/bottle opener, Table knife. FIELD FIELD KITCHEN SET EKSS-07 The set comes in a convenient carry case with cooking tools that attach to one of the two specially crafted handles. STAINLESS STEEL THERMO BOWL EBST16, EBST18 • Double walled stainless steel • Hot temperatures don’t affect you from holding the bowl • Food remains hot for a longer period of time Diameter: 16 cm and 18 cm KIT 6 IN 1 PORTABLE FLATWARE KIT EFCS-06 The set includes: fork, spoon, knife, bottle/can opener, cork screw and awl. WHEREVER YOU WISH MUG EMDS-11 Thermo mug with a carabiner and a compass, 220 ml BIG POT CAMPING LUNCH SET ECPS-48 The set includes: • Large iron cooking pot (4.8 liter/ 1.3 gallon capacity) • Foldable serving spoon • Deep covered soup bowls (16cm/6.3in diameter) – 4 pieces • Snap-open spoon/fork combo – 4 pieces • Large drinking mugs with clip handles – 4 pieces EXPEDITION PICNIC SET IN CASE ECSB-08 The set includes: • A durable 6-in-1 multi-functional cutlery set consisting of a fork, spoon, knife, bottle/can opener, cork screw and awl in a sturdy rubber-coated handle. • A 1 liter/33.8 fl. oz. flask. • Two double-walled thermal mugs with plastic lids. • Each mug holds 220 ml 77.4 fl. oz. of liquid. • Four stainless steel shot glasses • Comes together in a durable, protective, and easy to pack case. BIG ROAD SET ECBS-04/2 Package includes • (1) Stainless steel thermos (one liter) • (2) Travel mugs (450ml) • (1) Stainless steel “Map” flask (250ml) • (3) Stainless steel shotglasses • (2) Stainless steel bowls • (2) Forks • (2) Spoons • Corkscrew/bottle opener • Deluxe carrying case Camper’s Kitchen Set EKSS-06 The set includes: • Filet knife blade • Kitchen knife blade • Bread knife blade • Spoon attachment • Spatula attachment • Fork attachment • Two removable handles for simultaneous use of two utensils KITCHEN
  13. 13. 24 25EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE FANFAN LA TULIPE SKEWER-RAPIER EAFE-01 Benefits of the skewer: • length 75 cm / 29.5 inches • hilt protects hands from cuts, fire and hot coal BARON MUNCHAUSEN SKEWER-RAPIER EAFE-02 Benefits of the skewer: • length 75 cm / 29.5 inches • hilt protects hands from cuts, fire and hot coal EXPEDITION TRADITIONAL SKEWER SET EAFE-09 Skewer Length: 770 cm/2.5ft Allows for use on any size grill or fireplace. Weight: 1000 g PORTABLE SMOKER GRILL ECM-01 Contents in set: • Smoker Grill – 1 pc. • Lid – 1 pc. • Rack – 1 pc. • Tray – 1pc. • Legs – 2 pcs. • Case – 1pc. Dimensions: 450x170x170mm/18x7x7in. Weight: 1.25kg/2.75lbs. AMMUNITION SET EASM-01 In the set: • 50 cm skewers with wooden handles - 6 pieces • Support for skewers • 170 ml flask with a funnel • Knife “Crescent” • Metal piles 85 ml - 3 pc. • Castor • Pepper • Playing cards CAMPFIRE TRIPOD ETPS-102 • Made of galvanized steel • The height of suspension can easily be controlled by the attached chain • Easily assembled and disassembled • Retracts into storing case • Case is stain-proof SURVIVAL KIT ECS-05 Nature can be cruel. When you need to endure Mother Nature’s tough attitude the Outdoor Survival Knife Kit is your best companion. This multi-tool includes 5 removable blades embedded in a single handle – a bottle opener, knife, saw, fish cutting blade, and fork – all made from durable stainless steel. CAMPING BOWL WITH HANDLE EBSG13 Stainless steel bowl with a handle. CAR THERMOS AND MUG SET ECBS-03 In the set: • 1 liter flask. • 2 car mugs in 450 ml. With its peculiar form of a chest, the playing field can be hidden behind secure doors. THERMAL TRAVEL CONTAINER FOR FOOD AND SOUP ETSB-700 • Stainless steel • Volume: 23.6 fl. oz./ 0.7 liters • Wide mouth • Double walled • Casing and inner bottle are made of stainless steel GRILL Knife Fish Scaler Serrated Saw Bottle / Can Opener Fork SIBERIAN FAST FOOD
  14. 14. 26 27EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE FISH MANIACS Captain Anatolyi Kulik, Indian Ocean, 2009 Volga, April 2005 FISHERMAN’S KNIFE EFKSE-06 Comfortable plastic handle will not let this tool slip in a crucial moment. Weight: 180 g / 6.3 oz SET FOR PERFECT FISHING EFMS-01 Set includes: • Ruler to measure fish (1 m) • Steelyard for weighing fish (up to 6kg) • Knife for cleaning fish • Ekstrakter Weight: 140 g PREPARATION KIT EFGS-06 The kit includes: • Fish Cutting Board with Tail Grip • Scaling and Cutting Knife Extractor and Opener • Grindstone • Glove to protect hands LIFE IS FISHING APRON EASHS-10 Includes: • Skewer support • Knife • Fork • Mitten • Salt-seller and pepper-box • Skewers 45 cm/18 in x 6 MULTI-TOOL FISHERMAN KIT WITH FLASHLIGHT EFMS-02 The kit includes: • Ruler to measure the fish (90 cm) • Steelyard for weighing the fish (up to 8 kg) • Knife with serrated sharpening • Extractor for hooks • Knife for fish cleaning • Bottle opener • 10 lumens LED lamp • Three AAA batteries FISHERMANIAC FISHING ACCESSORY SET EFK-07 This set includes: • Flashlight • Cutting Blade • Gutting Blade • Fishweigher (scale for weighing fish) • Multifunctional tool • Handle for changeable blades READY STEADY FISH FISH COOKING KITT EFS-01P The kit includes all the tools necessary to clean, flense, pickle and filet fish. FISH SCALING BOARD EBFR-06
  15. 15. 28 29EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE WILD Machetes are famous for being used by pirates, although there is no rea- son to believe that Caribbean buccaneers invented them, as has sometimes been claimed. Pirates used these weapons for intimidation as much as for combat, often need- ing no more than to grip their hilts to induce a crew to surrender. This ma- chete is the perfect way to connect life and fantasy, past and present. MACHETE TORTUGA MACHETE WITH BLACK BLADE EMACHE-02 WARNING! Be careful using the machete, do not get carried away, there’s a potentially dangerous tool in your hands! SAIGON UMBRELLA-HAT EZONT-01 Its portability will help you to be one with nature - to hunt, fish, and travel incon- spicuously, with comfort and efficiency even in the pouring rain. MARCHING THRONE FOLDING CHAIR EWCL-04 Retrieved on an expedition - can withstand a person weighing about 110 kg. The assembled sostonii 35h20 cm, weight - 400 g VAYGACH MISSILE AXE ETOP-04 Fields of application: • Wood cutting • Screwdriver • Throwing Weight: 1500 g FOLDING SHOVEL C984 • Handle length: 38 cm/15 in. • Carbon handle • Boron steel for extra strength • Case for safe transportation and storing TITANIUM SHOVEL ETIT-01 Parameters Bucket: The length of the wooden handle - 24 cm Shovel width - 15 cm Total length of spades - 51 sm Titanovaya shovel SEVERE ROGER MACHETE EMACHE-01 Caribbean brotherhood had long ago fallen into oblivion. EMCHES MACHETE EMACHE-04 The length of the machete - 40 cm Steel grade - 420S. FATALITY MACHETE EMACHE-05 NOT a bladed weapon! Complementary COVER!
  16. 16. 30 31EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE DELAWARE FLASK EFN-03 Material: Durable plastic, artificial chamois Volume: 0,7 liters/23.6 fl. oz. Adjustable shoulder strap WINESKIN FLASK EHF100-2PE Volume: 1 liter/33.3 fl. oz. Weight: 250 g THE VOYAGER’S FLASK EHF100-1PE Volume: 1 liter/33.3 fl. oz. Weight: 250 g THE EXPLORER’S FLASK EHFS-170 Volume: 170 ml /5,7fl. oz. Weight: 180 g GRAND CANYON FLASK EFN-02 Material: Plastic, artificial chamois Volume: 2 liters / 67.63 fl.oz. Adjustable shoulder strap MY CAPTAIN BINOCULARS EOB-1050 These high-quality, powerful binoculars with their 50-millimeter lens are a serious tool for any voyage. Made with an aluminum coating and a stylish black chassis. FLINT FIRE STARTER EFS-05 You could easily set fire to paper, dry grass and crust. The flint is expected to be used 12 000 times. MUSHROOM BUCKET SET EMUSH-2k Contains a bucket for mushrooms in the set Convenient and practical – Can hold up to 10 kg./22 lbs. COUNTRY HAMMOCK GREEN, ORANGE EHP01-220, EHP02-220 Specifications: • Dimensions: 140 x 220 cm/ 4 ft. x 7ft. • Weight Capacity – 120 kg/265 lbs. • Made from 100% polyester PV cover and firm polypropylene rope MUSHROOM KNIFE EMK-01 FLASKS AND CUPS
  17. 17. 32 33EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE FLASKS AND CUPS CAMPING SHOT GLASSES (6 PIECES) ESCP-85 Have a crazy trip to the wild! FIRST AID TRAVEL MUG EXD-006 The mug is perfect for traveling by car and will always come to the rescue in difficult situations. SPILL-FREE THERMO MUG 400 ML /13,5 FL.OZ. EMDS-40-400 Handle and lid are made of heat- resistant plastic. Double stainless steel walls perfectly maintain the temperature. PORTABLE CUP 60 ML, 130 ML EFCS-01, EFCS-02 The cup is made out of sterile stainless steel. THE EXECUTIVE FLASK EHFS-190 Volume: 190 ml/6,4 fl. oz. Weight: 270 g BREW THERMO MUG EKTER-500 Double walls Stainless steel No-Spid Lid Tear Strainer. FIVE O’CLOCK THERMO MUG EKTER-450 Drink your favorite hot tea anywhere you go! CAMPING SHOT GLASSES (6 PIECES) ESCS-85 • Shot glasses made out of sterile stainless steel • 6 pieces in a set TRAVEL SHOT GLASSES (WITH CASE) ESCS-300 Number of glasses: 4 pcs Volume: 200 ml / 6.8 oz Weight: 400 g / 14.1 oz THERMO MUG WITH CARABINER HANDLE 230 ML EMDS10-230 • Made of stainless steel • Affix the Thermo Mug to a backpack or bag thanks to the aluminum carabiner handle CAPTAIN MUG ECPT-02
  18. 18. 34 35EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE TRAVEL FOREVER Moscow Expedition Trophy, 2010 NECK MASSAGING PILLOW (6 MODES) ESPM-02 6 modes of massage Dimensions: 300*240*130 mm Filler: Unique fine-grained filler HEADREST PILLOW FOR KIDS BLUE EPK-01 Dimensions: 300*240*130 mm Filler: Unique fine-grained filler EXPEDITION PILLOW EAIP-07 A special bag for storing the pillow is also included. Material: PVC HEADREST PILLOW PRO BLUE EPBU-07/1 Headrest pillow holds its shape well, is easy to inflate, and can be compactly placed in any handbag. QUIET TIME TRAVEL KIT ETSS-08 Set includes: • Pillow headrest • Sleeping mask • Earplugs WOOD PILLOW B010 Antistress filling! LOG PILLOW F005 Antistress filling! INFLATABLE HEADREST FOR CHILDREN EPK-02 Dimensions: 300*240*130 mm Filler: Unique fine-grained filler ORTHOPAEDIC PILLOW FOR KIDS ESPM-10 A sleeping child is not only cute, but a break for the parents as well! TRAVEL STAND PLACE AT YOUR STORE Place display in your shop “Twenty years from now you will be more disap- pointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain
  19. 19. 36 37EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE TRAVEL FOREVER STAMPS NECK MASSAGING PILLOW (1 MODE) ESPM-03 One-mode of massage Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 130 mm SPECTACLES FOR SLEEP EES-01 Having a good night sleep is essential to rejuvenate and have an effective and productive day STAMP ANTISTRESS PILLOW ESP-03 Dimensions: 300*240*130 mm Filler: Unique fine-grained filler MAP MUG EMAP-01 Material: stainless steel, uv leather. Volume: 450 ml / 15.2 oz Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz BAGEL BOSS HEADREST PILLOW EPIL-02 Bagel Boss «Headrest Pillow» will be indispensable at home, in the car or at the office. Vacuum Flask Material: stainless steel, uv leather. Volume: 450 ml / 15.2 oz Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz PASSPORT COVER ESAC-034 - STAMP ESAC-032 - MAP Bright and original cover will accentuate your individuality FLIGHT SET BIRD OF PASSAGE OTFL-1 Dimensions: 300*240*130 mm Filler: Unique fine-grained filler MAP METAL FLASK EFLS-08 Volume: 140ml Weight: 150 g
  20. 20. 38 39EXPEDITION LIFEWWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION LIFE GREEN ENERGY EXPERT SINCE 2003 AQUA LAMP WATERPROOF DYNAMO FLASHLIGHT + CHARGER FOR MOBILE PHONES EDMC-NE13 This bright torch can be used under 30 metres of water to show you the way to all the treasures under the sea! DYNAMOBILE DYNAMO FLASHLIGHT + MOBILE PHONE CHARGER EDMC-01 Specifications: • Maximum current 400 mill ampere • Maximum voltage 2 W • 3 light-emitting diodes • Radiance of 50 lumen DYNAMOPHONE FLASHLIGHT WITH RADIO AND MOBILE PHONE CHARGER EDMC-03 Functions: • Charger for mobile phone • Radio • Flashlight CAR FLASHLIGHT WITH DYNAMO CHARGER EDMC-02 This is a new generation of Expedition lights. No batteries or special maintenance necessary. Ready for work any time on the road. THIRD EYE FOR SLEEP EHLP-17 • Weatherproof with anti-dust properties • Adjustable angle of inclination • 50 hours of battery life CLEARANCE CAMPING LANTERN ECLP-10 • 6 LEDs • 3 batteries included • Elastic strap with Velcro • Perfect for camping THE LIEUTENANT TACTICA LANTERN EWTE-03 SGT TACTICA LANTERN EWTE-02 CAPTAIN TACTICA LANTERN EWTE-04 CORPORAL TACTICA LANTERN EWTE-01 • Aluminum body • Lamp type: LED 3W CREE • Lumen output: 200 lumens • Life of LED up to 100 000 hours • Range of light beam: 150 feet • Batteries: rechargeable lithium battery • Battery life up to 3 hours • Water resistant up to 30 metres under- water • Works at depths of up to 30 metres underwater ILYICH’S SQUIGGLE LANTERN ELGTK-01 The unique design of this flashlight allows you to set it up even in the barest of environments and shed light on the darkest of places in this world. OIL LAMP EKL-01 • Protective gratin • Stable support • Adjustable flame HANDS-FREE LIGHTHOUSE RADIO SYNR-02 FM/AM/ SW1/SW2 Popov Island, Vladivostok, Pacific, 2008
  22. 22. Pencil Sharpener SRP-01 – SRP-18 Ship, Helicopter, Submarine, Cruiser, Military Helicopter, Underwater Mask, Helmet, Spitfire, Oil Pump,Tank, Penguin, Sports Car, Passenger Car,Truck, Lamp, Gun, Cowboy Boot, Cornet. Captain’s Hat PSHV-358 - size 58 PSHV-359 - size 59 PSHV-360 - size 60 A unique gift for those who love the marine elements. This cap is a symbol of power, as the captain stands among his sub- ordinates, fully in control of the ship.This stylish cap can withstand any weather and should become part of any ship master’s daily wardrobe. Scarabaeus Antique Magnifying Glass IMAG-05 The Scarab, a sacred beetle from the days of ancient Egypt, has remained a sacred symbol up to modern times.The lens on this beautiful magnifier is similar to the scarab. Carrying out its fate, it crawls onto the map to reveal with its convex shaped back even the smallest inscriptions. Captain’s Hat NW-259 (white); NW-159 (black) This Captain’s Hat from “Expedition” is a unique present for sea-lovers, sea dogs, and those who simply love sudden adventures and original style.The original Captain’s Hat is first of all an attribute of people who are masters of any seatuation.This stylish cap will weather any storm and become part and parcel of the captain’s outfit. Material – 100% cotton. Anatoly Kulik, shkiper. Boomerang BM-1 - Blue, 50cm BM-2 - Lizard, 20cm BM-3 - Platypus, 30 cm BM-4 - Cachalot, 40cm BM-5 - Lizard, 40cm Mammoth Bone K738 Mammoth Fight Bone A-290 42 43TROPHIES TROPHIES WWW.EXPEDITION.COM All of these items are unique pieces of art made from mammoth tusks by a Russian master. Materials used: mammoth tusks, whale bones rock wood, wood, etc.
  23. 23. Filibuster Magnifying Glass in leather case IMAG-04 Is a man judged by his looks – or by his accessories? This magnifier is made in the form of a dagger, and comes equipped with a beautiful leather sheath likeness. Patagonia Magnifying Glass IMAG-03 People have always valued not just their instruments, but their stories and history as well.Therefore, many voyagers and travelers brought the horns of local animals to use as a handles for magnifying glasses. In addition to the beauty and originality, this handle is also very comfortable to hold. Governor-General Table Set - Magnifying Glass and Letter Opener IMAG-012 A Military Officer not only had marks of distinction with their personal weapons, but even office supplies.The richer and thinner the woodwork, the higher the status of the seaman.This device certainly corre- sponds to the position of Governor-General. Aronax Magnifying Glass on a Stand IMAG-02 This gorgeous copper tabletop magnifier is both stylish and very comfortable.There is no need to use your hands, and there’s enough room to adjust up to the card or sheet of paper to make out the fine details. Big Bell IRY-15, IRY-10 (small) Bellingshausen Compass in aWooden Case ICT-02 The special feature of this compass is the stability and durability of the mechanism affixed inside a wooden box.This compass is well protected so that, no matter whether you are on the deck of a ship or crossing the desert on a camel, it is always ready to work. 2.4x2.4 inches. D’Urville Compass and Sundial with Wooden Case ISUN-012 This beautiful and elegant set includes both a sundial and compass in a gorgeous wooden box. Its just as elegant as the French name of the famous explorer. Dias Copper Compass and Mirror with Leather Case ISUN-02 Judging from the appearance of this compass, it has been in the pockets of famous explorers, one of those surely to have been the Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias. Navigator Small Hourglass IWAT-012 The main task of the navigator on the ship is to keep the course. It’s often difficult to pass through channels in just a few minutes, that’s why it never hurts to carry a small hourglass in your pocket.That’s why it never hurts to carry a small hourglass in your pocket. Nansen Pocket Watch with a Wooden-Glass Case IWAT-03-05 Fridtjof Nansen, the famous orwe- gian explorer, must have owned such a chronometer. Made of cop- per and with a convenient chain attached, this will be an eternal companion of the great wanderer. Behring Compass on a Chain ICT-03 This is one of the most stylish personal accessories for any sailor. On the surface it looks like a pocket watch, but hidden beneath the copper lid lies a compass attached to an elegant chain. Miklouho-Maclay Compass with poem IPOEM-01 Compass with a Poem This ancient compass is named after the Russian explorer who explored the jungles of New Guinea alone.The Romantic, with brass compass in hand, introduced European civilization and culture to the Papuans of Maclay. For this reason, on the back of this compass is an engraving of Russian poetry. Comes with a leather case. Laplace Sexstant IST-01 The sextant is the instrument which was widely used by the European mariners who discovered the East and West Indian colonies. With the help of this life saving device one can accurately calculate the coordinates of a ship. • Box: 6 x 6 x 3 inches • Weight: 27 oz 44 45INDIA AUTHENTIC MARINE COLLECTION RIGHT OR WRONG I’M STILLTHE CAPTAIN Place display in your shop
  24. 24. Galileo Telescope with Stand ISKY-25 Once equipped with his own telescope, Galileo opened the era of first-hand observation of distant heavenly bodies, a prac- tice now enjoyed by billions of people. Morgan Telescope in a Wooden Case ISKY-2 On the high sees it is crucial to see reef, shoal or an enemy ship just in time to make a right decision.That is why this elegant telescope is a crucial tool of every captain. Its size allows you to take it anywhere with you and the elegant finishing makes it a perfect gift. Drake Telescope in Leather Case ISKY-3 While on the high seas, it is crucial to be able to see reef, shoal, or an enemy ship just in time to make the right decision. That is why this powerful and comfortable telescope is a crucial tool of every captain. Copper body, leather case and strap - this telescope is not only a great present, but also a working tool for a real sea dog.Telescope in leather case: 15.75 inches. Ushakov Vintage Binoculars with Leather Case IBSK-2 Fyodor Ushakov is one of the most famous Russian admirals. Only a set of solid brass binoculars with a fine leather case could be worthy of belonging to such a famed sailor. Wrangell Vintage Folding Binoculars with Leather Case IBSK-1 The legendary polar explorer, Wrangell, was a researcher at land and sea.These sea folding binoculars are suited to the scientist and traveler. Nautical Cups In a Wooden Case ICUP-6 6 miniature brass glasses are perfect for Rum on the ship or with friends. They are rust-proof and come in a special wooden case for elegance and shine. 6 glasses in a wooden case, 6x4.3x2.3 inches. Bootsman’s Whistle IWHS-01 Toot, toot! All hands on deck! Studebaker BigVintage Horn IHORN-011 A long time ago this tool was extremely important. The lives of pedestrians, passengers of chariots, and drivers of the first few automobiles depended on them. Izotta-Fraschini Klaxon IHORN-01, IHORN-02 (small) Long time ago this tool was extremely important. Lives of pedestrians, passengers of chariots and drivers of the few first automobiles depended on them. Even today klaxon has its use: it can draw attention.The larger the Klaxon the louder the sound it produces. Overshtag Classic Challenge Puzzle IPG-01, IPG-02 (small) This finely made puzzle is carved from the highest quality of wood, embracing the history and culture of its roots. Round Puzzle with Ball. Diameter: 5.9 inches. Raja Round Chess Set ICHESS-12 This classic antique style chess set is made with traditional wood from the trees of India, the country where chess originates. This Chess Set has a nice round form and is easy to carry and travel with. Return to the roots of this classic game and enjoy this traditional pastime by embracing the richness of its history and culture. Diameter: 4.7 inches. Nasreddin 3-Piece Puzzle Set IPGS-25 Wisdom is famous for coming from the Eastern world for centuries. One man from that wisdom aga was the Arabian sage Nasrudin. Only a man like him could cope with all three puzzles collected in this set. Punjab Indian Chess Box ICHESS-15-10 This Chess Set comes in an elegant wooden box and is easy to carry and pack away. The unique wood finish case protects the board and the pieces from damage and is stored nicely so you won’t lose pieces of the game. 5.9 x 3.9 inches. Providence Anchored Scale IWS-01 From the Bay of Providence, Provi- dence Sea.This word had a sacred meaning for those who entrusted to it their destinies.The symbol of the rock as fate is not a new one, but in this case the scales serve also as a stylish desktop accessory. 46 47INDIAWWW.EXPEDITION.COM AUTHENTIC MARINE COLLECTION
  25. 25. Royal Ship’s Bell IRY-20 Royal Ships’ Bell is one of the most important items of Nautical brass décor. Maitre D Table Bell IBL-01 Can’t wait? Call the maître d’hôtel! Admiral Big Telescope ISKAY-4 The Nobel Foundation knows how significant telescope’s place in culture is. Brahman Domino in wood box IPCR-01 Just a classic game! Palanquin Lamp ILAM-02 First mentioned year 250 BC palanquins began to fall out of use after rickshaws were intro- duced in the 1930s. But still it is a nice piece of art. Sikh Bugle IHORN-03 Bugle was developed from early musical or communication instruments made of animal horns. Historically it was used in the cavalry to relay instructions from officers to soldiers during battle. FUTURE 48 49FUTURE ALLOPHONE CALL TO THE FUTURE! CAR MUG WITH CHANGEABLE NAME PLATES EXPEDITION IS THE SINGLE COMPANY IN THE WORLD WHO PRODUCE TRANSFOMER- PACKS. DYNAMO CASE CHARGE YOUR PHONE! WATCH RING KEEP GOOD TIME! DYNAMO GPS FIND THE WAY TO YOUR HOME! WWW.EXPEDITION.COM AUTHENTIC MARINE COLLECTION Sing of Four Set of 4 Cups ICUP-4 Rust-proof cups come in a special wooden elegant case. 4 glasses in a wooden case
  26. 26. 50 51EXPEDITIONWWW.EXPEDITION.COM THE TRUE STORY OF THE EXPEDITION BRAND One day, during a routine trip beyond the polar circle, the helicopter crew mistakenly dropped the team which would become Expedition in the wrong spot, earlier than they should have. They were about three hundred kilometres away from the nearest inhabited spot. As a result, they had to travel for four days with no food or water. This became an enormous test. Rav- enously hungry, they began to think of what the locals normally ate and realized that, funnily enough, Moscow was a city with no restaurant showcasing Northern cuisine. They decided that if all ended well they would have to bring this cuisine to Moscow. That was why on June 14th, 2002 the first restaurant of Northern cuisine appeared in Moscow, and the first product under the umbrella of Expedition appeared. WELCOME TO THE CLUB We’ve come a long way to create a community which can be called Expedition Club. It’s a community of lively, strong and distinctive people who can work wonders and awaken faith in the present. EXPEDITION CLUB WELCOME ON BOARD! We have passed through special moments with every member of the Club, no matter what it was: suc- cessful teamwork on a project, the Expedition Trophy Race, building the temple in the Antarctic or laying the foundation stone of Ruyan city. We appreciate the uniqueness of each other, and we have a lot to dis- cuss and think about together. Our society is for people with non-material values - for those who want to enjoy every moment of life. If a person does not share in our lifestyle and views, there is no amount of money which can buy membership in the Club. Participation in Expedition Club opens the doors to all the company’s events throughout the world, and provides the opportunity to take active part in our projects, most of which are absolutely unique. Mem- bers of the Club have access to VIP serves, developed especially for the needs of each participant. And certainly, the most important and valuable point is the opportunity to communicate with the other great people of the Club. EXPEDITION TROPHY Today many people know the legendary Expedi- tion Trophy Race as the longest winter car race in the world. The race is traditionally held from February 23rd to March 8th across Russia from Murmansk to Vladivostok. In 2010 it was held from the White Sea to the Black Sea. More than 30 SUVs comprised of teams from all over the world take part in this spectacular race! There is a minimum of one woman per team. World records, lasting relationships, and unforgetta- ble moments are a huge part of every person’s experience at this legendary event. DEAR FRIENDS! Already 10 years have passed since my friends and I stopped wearing a tie to work and an orange helicopter has been parked at the Moscow restaurant “Expedition: Northern Cuisine”! That was the time when we set high standards of honesty, vitality, and openness to everything new. The catalogue which you have opened is a story about us as of today. If I was asked what I wanted to change in Ex- pedition and what to keep, I would say the fol- lowing: We need to fuss less, to make less common things. We should believe in our uniqueness, not to fear big deals, and go to Moscow less often. And give birth to more children! Good luck to all of us on the way!Alexander Kravtsov Baikal lake, 5.03.12 EXPEDITION
  27. 27. UNIQUE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES NOW MORE THEN 360 STORES SUCCESSFULLY WORK ALL OVER THE WORLD! 0 47% * $ license fee for shop opening* *in 2012 only *in 2011 Profitability for business in retail per year 52 WWW.EXPEDITION.COM BUSINESS AS AN EXPEDITION EXPEDITION WORLDWILD This format is the first and the most commonly used among Expedition shops. Goods, presented in it are unique. These are not just camp cup or thermal under- wear, carving board for fish or expedition tent. These are lively stories, which we have passed through and examined already. We extend assortment at the ex- pense of new ideas, also carry out an exact kind of life- style and notice what things can vary expedition life and test new products. Conditions: Area: 20-60 square meters, in a busy trade center or street retail Equipment: from 9 500 $ Goods: more than 30 000 $ ORANGE JEEP It is the most mobile and low-maintenance for- mat of Expedition projects. It takes up a little space, needs minimal investments and at the same time it is very demonstrative for buyers. In such kind of shops the product range is a bench mark for trips and adventures. Figura- tively speaking all products presented in this shop can fit into an off-road jeep. Conditions: Area: 4-12 square meters, in a trade center Equipment: from 3 500$ Goods: more than 9 500 $ 53CONTACT DISPLAY This format needs the smallest in- vestment which allows increasing of revenue in your existing shop. The best sellers will be gathered on the stand and it will allow increas- ing of revenue per one square me- ter of a trade area. Conditions: Area: 1-2 square meters in your shop Equipment: more than 1 500 $ Goods: more than 2 000 $ We have several types of stands: Travel Display, General Display, Monobrand Display, etc. DISTRIBUTION If you’re looking to diversify your product line and increase profits, distribution of Expedition products is the best way to do so! Why should you choose our products? Expedition creates products at the intersection of outdoor, trophies and fun; creating a unique addition to any store. Due to our distinct and appealing design our products attract consumer’s attention, and no one stays indifferent. In addition, Expedition products are of a high quality and attention to detail is at the highest level. Each article passes through several levels of inspection and quality control is mandatory before being shipped to your warehouse. VISIT US: 19-22 October – Asia World Expo HK, Booth# 8H24 24-25 October – “First Snow” , Ruyan-City, Russia 28 October – Expedition Camp at Lamma Island Beach, Pacific Ocean 27-30 October – Mega Show, part 2 HK, Booth# 3F-C32-34 17-19 October – Russian River Rafting, California, USA Middle of December – “New Year twice a Year”, Ruyan-City, Russia 23 February -08 March – Expedition Trophy 2013, Murmansk – Vladivostok, Russia March – Opening of Unique temporary Expedition Restaurant at North Pole, Middle April – “Spring Flood” - business forum in Ruyan-City, the capital of Russian entrepreneur. April – Asia World Expo 2013 April – HKTDC 2013 April – Expedition Camp in Hong Kong, Part 2 VISIT AND JOIN US! WWW.EXPEDITION.COM This November we are launching a totally new website with smart sys- tem “Easy-to-Order”. From now on you can place orders online and track your shipments. Become our partner in one click! Lera Ayushieva Sales Manager Russia, Moscow, Head Office cell: +7 926 264 65 19 skype: lera_malera e-mail: ajushieva_v@expedition.com Sofia Barabanova International Business Development Russia, Moscow, Head office cell: +7 915 262 15 10 skype: sofia_inyourminde e-mail: barabanova_s@expedition.comhttp://www.facebook.com/go.expedition
  28. 28. 54 55WWW.EXPEDITION.COM WORLD WILD STORES WORLD WILD STORES St-Petersburg, RussiaVoronezh, Russia Voronezh, RussiaSt-Petersburg, Russia
  29. 29. 56 57WWW.EXPEDITION.COM FACTORIA FACTORIA Moscow, RussiaMoscow, Russia Minsk, BelarusMoscow, Russia
  30. 30. 58 59WWW.EXPEDITION.COM SAUNA SAUNA IS ADDITION TO THE RESTAURANT WITH SPECIAL HEALTHY PROGRAM SAUNA Moscow, Russia 2012Moscow, Russia 2012 Moscow, Russia 2012Moscow, Russia 2012
  31. 31. 60 61WWW.EXPEDITION.COM EXPEDITION TROPHY RACE 2012 Ice of Baikal Lake, Russia, Expedition Trophy, 2012Ice of Baikal Lake, Russia, Expedition Trophy, 2012 Ice of Baikal Lake, Russia, Expedition Trophy, 2012Ice of Baikal Lake, Russia, Expedition Trophy, 2012 EXPEDITION TROPHY RACE 2012
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