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C&c construction group social media

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Company Overview

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C&c construction group social media

  1. 1. than conduit and wire. BUILDING INTEGRITY CONCEPT to COMPLETION
  2. 2. In all aspects of our business, C&C is committed to building maximum value for our clients. Our contracting methods are no exception. Strategic Alliance C&C’s newest method of adding value for our clients is to become their strategic construction partner. As such, we function as an integral part of the owner's team in the concept, planning, design and construction phases of projects. We continue to provide our standard Fixed Price Construction as well. Mutually beneficial, strategic alliances typically result in: Today, 25% of our business is on a strategic partnership basis, and this number is expected to grow significantly. Construction Management at Risk with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) With this contract method, C&C performs a variety of services during the preconstruction phase when we join the owner's team to provide budgeting, scheduling and value engineering services covering the various stages of design. At a mutually agreeable time (usually when the construction documents are 70-75% complete), C&C provides the owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project. Design / Build When requested by the owner, C&C can provide the convenience and single-point accountability of design/build construction. Because we offer flexibility to utilize in-house design staff, or external architects and engineers, we are able to select the design team precisely right for every project. When required, we can knowledgeably contract with exactly the right architects and engineers to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients. Contact your C&C Marketing Representative for more details, or access our website for more details at www.ccconst-eng.com - More favorable pricing - Improved information flow - Enhanced service delivery - The opportunity to focus on long-term needs rather than short-term projects
  3. 3. ENGINEERING C & C Construction provides a full line of engineering services for reviews of existing systems, modifications and upgrades to existing facilities and equipment, as well as new projects. Under the direction of our Manager of Engineering, we have the ability to review your requirements and determine the most cost-effective means to provide the required services. Our Design Build Services offer substantial savings from a coordination standpoint and the ‘fast track’ construction process. Some of the engineering services we provide:  Design studies  Design specification  Design review  Review of existing drawings and updates  Regulatory compliance assurance  Autocad drawings and files  Distribution system and equipment upgrades
  4. 4. CIVIL In 1990, with the acquisition of Rich Mac Construction, C & C Construction Group expanded the services discipline offer to encompass a Civil Construction entity. Today the C & C multi discipline offer creates significant cost savings advantages for our clients. The ability to offer a fleet of modern reliable equipment, coupled with optionality to reduce on- site overhead using one foreman and one vehicle to manage two (or more) disciplines, is only one example of the savings we offer.  Heavy construction  Design and field coordination  Site layout  Site clearing and grading  Excavating  Footings and foundations  Roads and sewers  Sidewalks, curbs and parking lots  Firewater and process line installation  Electrical ducts and manhole construction  Direct burial excavating  Boring (road and rail crossings)  Dykes and ponds  Augering  Snow plowing and snow removal  Underground Locating
  5. 5. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION & CARPENTRY The C & C Construction Group advantage of providing a completely in-house service package as a general contractor inherently creates a win win scenario for our active clients today. C & C projects are consistently completed on time and on budget as a result of our ability to control key parameters during construction.  Pumping station installations  Building construction  Renovations and modifications  Pre-fab building supply and installation (BEHLEN)  Subdivision development  Project management  Pumping station design and installation  Framing  Form work  Scaffolding  Shoring and support systems  Doors (hollow, metal & wood)  Sheet metal siding and roofing  Cooling tower maintenance and construction  Drywalling  Milling, Flooring, Trim and finishing  Under ground locating  Hydraulic hose repairs
  6. 6.  System design and installation  Panel fabrication  P.L.C. based system design  Digital control system installation  Instrument upgrades – TOTAL PLANT  Online swingovers  Analyzer installation  Security system installation  SCADA system design and installation  Fibre optic splicing and terminating  Computer and controller installation, programming and configuration  UPS installation  Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up service  Testing and calibration – portable power & air supply and mobile test trailer  Troubleshooting and repair  Turnkey Project Service (project management and coordination) INSTRUMENTATION In 1980, C &C Construction Group segregated Instrumentation and Electrical into two disciplines. Today, the C &C Manager of Instrumentation services and his team provide a wide range of on- site calibration services using state of the art calibration equipment. Field servicing of electrical and pneumatic process control systems is a key segment of our services package. Today, we are active within the Sarnia region with several clients, including Suncor, Lanxess and Praxair.
  7. 7. At C &C Construction Group we continue to service south western Ontario electrical servicing requirements. For over 45years we have consistently and reliably proven ourselves as a premier electrical services provider. Today we are servicing clients including Suncor Energy, Lanxess, Union Gas, Praxair and numerous others. Quality workmanship is our key advantage in the market place.  Switchgear and bus ducts  Switchgear upgrade and modification  Testing and calibration  Equipment installation  Troubleshooting and repair  Power distribution  Utility services  Subdivision power distribution  Electrical heat tracing supply and installation  Variable speed drive systems  Grounding design and installation  Cathodic protection  Specialty systems: fire alarm, halon & communications  Gas detection and monitoring  Power cable splicing and termination: underground and overhead  Turnkey project service (project management coordination)  Fibre optic installation, splicing and testing  Lead cable splicing  Infra-red scanning  Traffic signal and control installation and maintenance  Street lighting maintenance and installation  cable pulling & installation design  Installation of control systems including fabrication  Supply of control and monitoring panels  Panel fabrication  Power skid fabrication
  8. 8. HIGH VOLTAGE Since 1969, C &C Construction Group has consistently delivered safe and reliable electrical services. Installation , maintenance and repair to all types of High Voltage distribution systems continues to separate us from our competitors. For more details about our High Voltage background, visit our website at www.ccconst-eng.com or contact a C & C representative.  230 KV tower, structure and steel pole installation  230 KV outdoor substation assembly, grounding and fencing  230 KV lines stringing, tensioning and termination  230 KV substation bus installation and welding  230 KV substation maintenance  44 KV outdoor substation, underground cable and switch installation  44 KV substation, maintenance and commissioning  27.6 KV outdoor substation, design, supply, installation and commissioning  27.6 KV live line maintenance and tie ins  27.6 KV indoor substation, design, supply and installation  27.6 KV pole line and underground cable installation  15 KV supply, installation, testing and maintenance as above  5 KV supply, installation, testing, and maintenance as above  Switchgear and bus ducts  Switchgear upgrade and modification  High voltage cable design and installation  Substation construction, design and maintenance  Testing and calibration  Equipment installation  Troubleshooting and repair  Subdivision power distribution  Traffic signal and control installation and maintenance  Lead cable splicing  Infra-red scanning  Pole line construction , upgrades, modifications and demolition
  9. 9. SUNCOR ENERGY PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $1,000,000 Alkalation Unit Upgrade 2006 $900,000 Sub 12 equipment install 2005 $1,500,000 Genesis project 2004 $2,700,000 GDS Project 2003
  10. 10. LANXESS PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $400,000 Instrumentation Refridgeration Turnaround 2006 $230,000 Sub 62 Electrical/Instrumentation 2005 $1,600,000 Line 1/2 Technology Upgrade 2000
  11. 11. NOVACOR PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $600,000 Cooling Tower Commissioning 2005 $1,500,000 OSBL Utilities 2004 $850,000 Emergency Response system 2004 $1,600,000 4TH Injection Project 2000
  12. 12. DOW CHEMICAL PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $400,000 Elutriation 2004 $1,300,000 Dow Wax Plant 2004
  13. 13. TRANSALTA PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $700,000 Construction of new maintenance building 2003
  15. 15. PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $615,000 High Voltage Upgrade – RF1 & 2 2006 SHELL CANADA
  16. 16. IMPERIAL OIL PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $700,000 Co-gen Plant High Voltage OSBL 2003 $300,000 Hydrogen Supply Project 2000
  17. 17. UBE PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $500,000 Automotive parts plant construction 2002
  18. 18. BLUEWATER BRIDGE AUTHORITY PROJECT OUTLINE VALUE SCOPE of WORK COMPLETED $1,100,000 Currency Exchange facility construction 2003