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Where to find better ideas? +10 categories to explore with examples


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Where to find better ideas? +10 categories to explore with examples

  1. 1. IDEA HUNTING Tips for your team to find more crea;ve ideas. boardofinnova;on.com Photo: flickr cc usfws_pacificsw
  2. 2. Tech IN THIS DECK TrendsYour assets History Other industries Reverse Innova;on VCs Science Fic;on Problems Extreme users Random Prepare your team for an idea;on session. An overview with prac8cal 8ps that literally everyone can use. Get inspira;on from
  3. 3. Problems How & where to find problems of users, clients,…
  4. 4. Observe how people create 
 workarounds to fix (small) frustra8ons, or temporary solu8ons,… 
 It could indicate there is a bigger 
 problem to solve! example: airport context, not losing things. “people take pics of their own car, 
 in large parkings to help them retrieve their car a7er 2 weeks.”
  5. 5. example: airport context, not losing things. “The shoes of this girl make a sound at every step to help her parents not lose her in the crowd.” example: airport context, not losing things. “Do you no?ce how people are struggling with the same black suitcases? How to fix this?” Look around you, every day you can easily spot 
 +10 problems that need a beTer solu;on.
  6. 6. People discuss ‘problems’ on specialized Q/A plaZorms. Browse to find similar pains that beg for a solu8on. example: “How to + Invoicing” 
 on quora.com example: 
 “/r/invoicing” on Reddit.com
  7. 7. Track what people search for via
 Keyword monitor services
 e.g. hTp://keywordtool.io Filter on ‘Youtube’. Many use
 this plaQorm to find video guides
 on how to solve specific problems.
  8. 8. Browse ‘guides’ websites on how to
 fix & repair products. e.g. instructables.com e.g. ifixit.com
  9. 9. Need more structure in your
 innova;on process? just reach out to us via
 hello@boardofinnova8on.com or boardofinnova8on.com
  10. 10. Your Assets Explore how you could re-use your exis8ng assets,
 but in a different context.
  11. 11. 3 op;ons 
 How your own assets of your company can lead to new ideas & revenue streams: Sharing Alt Use Create
  12. 12. The most obvious, but least exci;ng way: Make some of your own resources/assets
 available to others + ask for rent or other reward. example: construc@on industry Via plaForms like anyquip.com companies can
 rent out their assets that are idle or unused. Sharing Alt Use Create
  13. 13. Find an alterna;ve use: Let others access your assets for a different purpose. example: Logis@cs & Pharma Leverage the global distribu?on network of Coca-Cola to distribute live-saving medicine to
 the most rural areas. Coca-cola is everywhere! Sharing Alt Use Create
  14. 14. example: Logis@cs The US Postal office has equipped some of their trucks with cameras & sensors to monitor noise levels, pavement,… to offer to the local city. example: Smart city Some ci?es re-use their ‘trash cans’ to monitor crowd density by integra?on of wifi sensors to track smartphones nearby.
  15. 15. Most difficult op;on: Use your exis8ng assets (+ new assets) to create something
 new that could be valorized. Sharing Alt Use Create example: Byproducts from Cereal An easy starter is to focus on “waste” that your assets already create. An addi?onal process step could make your “waste” valuable to others.
  16. 16. Trends Spot changes in consumer behaviour & society in general
 that could impact your industry.
  17. 17. It’s not your goal to predict the future. Just use Trends & Forecasts to ask beTer “what if” ques;ons: Time example: “What if consumers only trust companies that 
 are fully transparent about their supply chain?”
  18. 18. Example tool (basic insights) trends.google.com/trends/explore Example: Rising interest for “parental leave” in Germany
  19. 19. Explore industry specific Trends (sites & reports) Finance: Travel: Pharma/medical: Telco: Automo8ve: Food: airlinetrends.com bankinnova8on.net trendhunter.com/food automo8vemegatrends.com … medicalfuturist.com telecomstechnews.com
  20. 20. History You don’t need to re-invent everything. Old ideas, in a new context can trigger new opportuni8es!
  21. 21. Old ideas? 
 Ask yourself, why didn’t it work at that 8me?
 What can we do be`er today? 1967 2017
  22. 22. Browse old (failed) patents on patents.google.com 
 Some8mes a patent is not the right solu8on yet, 
 but indicates there is at least a relevant problem to solve. 1994 Hands-free pet carrier NYC Subway Bans Dogs
 Unless They Fit into a Bag.2016 S?ll no decent solu?on yet…
  23. 23. 1948 Tucker Sedan Way ahead of compe??on, 1948 Tucker Sedan has incorporated seat belts, disc brakes & fuel injec?on. 50 cars were produced and it was considered a failed product. 10 years later it became common prac?ce. Bar codes
 Invented in 1948, but they only became popular in the late six?es. What inven?ons of 10y ago could be commercialized today?
  24. 24. Tech People can start dreaming when they see the poten8al of
 new tech, but try to look beyond buzzwords.
  25. 25. Spoang new tech is easy… But how to translate this info into new ideas? MIT Tech Review Wired Tech Vimeo Tech
  26. 26. Example: start from this technology “Face Recogni;on” The most obvious ideas would be: 
 Security; log into computer with my face; photo tagging; …
  27. 27. But, try to start by wri;ng down all new ‘features’
 this tech could offer today/tomorrow. Be very specific! - Detect disgust - Count # of people in a room - Check if someone lies? - Track ?redness? - Spot siblings - Transi?on of emo?ons - Aerac?veness - Medical condi?ons - … Once you have a list, it’s easier to generate new ideas.
 Where could this feature become valuable? Example: Track Tiredness (use case in the car, produc?on facility, sports, educa?on,…)
  28. 28. Other industries Explore other markets. Understand how other companies 
 innovate in their domain.
  29. 29. Start from a first idea. Put this idea in other contexts
 (other industries) to generate alterna;ve ideas. Fill empty fields
  30. 30. Check for your concept (or similar) in a database +
 browse related items to find more inspira;on. example: tracxn.com 
 How are ‘industrial robo?cs’
 used in a wide range of sectors?
  31. 31. Example search via crunchbase.com
 What are remarkable startups in different industries
 that are using ‘auc8ons’. All different industries
  32. 32. Reverse innova;on Rural areas & development na8ons have to be more
 crea8ve due to the lack of resources.
  33. 33. Designed for rural India:
 The Leveraged Freedom Chair. focus: low- cost, long distance rough terrain,… Later on, adapted for wealthy consumers who need an off-road
 mobility solu@on.
  34. 34. You start from a context with extreme limita;ons:
 (developing na8ons = an interes8ng context to explore) Try to copy some of these principles to your 
 normal business context. How to build a messaging
 solu?on, without central
 network or internet? hep://firech.at Cool food at a very low cost,
 no compressor,..? hep://www.chotukool.com
  35. 35. The 50-cent microscope to detect Malaria and Tuberculosis h`ps://www.foldscope.com/ Originally designed for developing countries Foldscope™ is being used by schools and researchers all around the world
  36. 36. VC & Investors It’s their job to look ahead of what’s coming. 
 Understand why they move in a certain direc8on.
  37. 37. How to keep an eye on investors: Quick & Dirty (Free) reports In-Depth Whatever format fits you. Just regular but small updates, 
 or detailed reports!
  38. 38. Quick & Dirty (Free) reports In-Depth whogoQunded.com/top-100
 A monthly overview of 
 deals & investors www.launch8cker.com A daily news-mailing, including
 funding rounds.
  39. 39. Quick & Dirty (Free) reports In-Depth KPMG creates reports on
 Venture Capital trends, 
 free to download. CBinsights, one of the leading
 analysts in this field, offers regular
 extensive reports. Some are 
 free to download.
  40. 40. Quick & Dirty (Free) reports In-Depth Specialized services 
 example below: CBinsights Mosaic & Smart Money check other tools: ma`ermark.com/discovery/ or pitchbook.com/products/plaQorm
  41. 41. Science Fic;on Get your inspira8on from sci-fi movies & novels
 where they explore new ideas on how people
 interact with products & services.
  42. 42. Step 1: Watch a movie for the story & entertainment value. Step 2: Rewatch your movie, but pay close a`en8on to new
 products & services. Omen there are remarkable but subtle
 new inven8ons in the background, inspired by real research. 
 Example: BLACK MIRROR (S3e1) all interac?ons with others lead to a ‘life’- score. Some products are only for people with minimum life-score. Based on: voice assistants, smart lenses, full connected API’s, credits score,…
  43. 43. Remember the Power Mags from Back to The Future in 1989? You can buy them for 720$ now.
  44. 44. In 2009 Young-suk Kim designed an all-in-one credit card In 2016 Stratos, Coin, Plas8c, Swyp are figh8ng to become credit card of the future by releasing all-in-one credit card Designers are great at imagining how future products could look like. There must be a reason why car manufacturers create future concepts of the cars, right?
  45. 45. Extreme users Don’t focus on average users & customers. 
 Look for outliers. They will challenge your assump8ons.
  46. 46. People you want to focus on while idea;ng What would you current offer look like if it was only used by extremes? Example: What if smartphones were used by people who want modern design, but only use phones for calling?
  47. 47. The person who made TwiTer use #hashtag
 You heard me right, it wasn’t Twi`er’s idea to use hashtags. Chris Messina and other extreme & early users of Twi`er needed a way to group tweets by topic. Follow your extreme user behavior to understand their needs.
  48. 48. Inspira;on behind Epson’s new revolu;onary printer Extreme users got fed up with buying expensive cartridges all the 8me. Therefore, made tweaks to their current printers Epson came up with “revolu8onary” printer
  49. 49. Random inspira;on Have 8me and want to browse the web for possible EUREKA moments? Here are some sources to start with.
  50. 50. If you’re stuck just try to free up your mind by browsing 
 some of the following sources for inspira;on: behance.net adsomheworld.com tumblr.com stumbleupon.com producthunt.com
  51. 51. So what are we missing here? Send your 8ps to zygi.krupskis@boardofinnova8on.com www.boardofinnova8on.com