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  1. 1. 7 start-ups nominated http://winitgirl.com/ http://ipopadmarket.tumblr.com/ http://www.oronjo.com/ http://hollrr.com/ http://www.posse.com/ http://www.me2everyone.com/ http://www.everydaymodels.co.uk/
  2. 2. 1 Winner
  3. 3. + •  as an offline component is as important as the online one, they're clearly one step ahead in engaging customers. They're making each customer a representative or even a living brand. •  360 Advertising model which make sense for big company •  Win Win for models and brand •  There is a market for branding the new heroes of the internet; the amateurs – in this case amateur models. Real models probably don’t want to work with EDM, since they can make their own contracts.
  4. 4. - •  Tricky about the concept is the fact that it could be fairly hard to find ‘pretty’ people wearing a middle of the road brand on their virtual profile or on their physical belongings - quality brands probably won’t be using this service, since they prefer to sample their products more directly or want to be more in control of their branding. •  Rethink the design (not enough sexy) •  Registration form is to long (maybe login with google, twitter, facebook...)
  5. 5. Board of Innovation + external jury members •  Didier Vermeiren [BE] –  Founder of CashCollie (BE) a start-up active in social finance, the founder organizer of Pitch Arena focusing on the blue oceans of the new media industry and blogging on http:// entinside.wordpress.com. Previously worked as a corporate advisor in Brabo Ventures where he was focusing on early stage ICT equity investments in the EU and involved in managing various European Commission supported projects on innovation financing. Initially started in sales and marketing for Canon, PackardBell and Sony-Ericsson. He received venture capital training at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business in Silicon Valley, the Belgian Venturing Association and Capital Plus in Singapore. He currently holds a advanced Master in Global Management from UAMS and the University of Florida, as well as a Master from KULeuven where he conducted research in Singapore. He heads the international alumni association of MGM from UAMS. •  Wouter Boon [NL] –  IS an Amsterdam based brand architect at Boon Strategy (www.boonstrategy.com). Boon Strategy supports agencies and advertisers with the development of (online) advertising and branded content. Wouter specializes in conducting market analysis, brand positioning and creative briefings. He is also founder of Amsterdam Ad Blog (www.amsterdamadblog.com) - an international blog that writes about the Amsterdam advertising scene – and X-Pollination (www.x-pollination.com) a bi-annual offline networking event that brings together professionals working in the Amsterdam creative industry. •  Raphael Hunold [FR] –  Project manager mobile sites M6 (French TV broadcast channel)