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Become a Deconstruction Trainer

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There are lots of deconstruction training courses across the country. What's missing is a third-party review of these course to ensure they are taught at the highest of levels and meet industry standards. Build Reuse is now approving courses to clients, cities and students all know they are getting quality training.

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Become a Deconstruction Trainer

  1. 1. Become a Trainer Trainer Application Process Build Reuse is beginning the process of approving trainers who teach both workforce and contractor level courses across the country. Cities have or are already looking to our curriculum as an industry standard for trainings and we want to make it easier for trainers to plug into our national program. Our goal is to approve trainers around the country and provide cities, contractors, and other programs a list of qualified trainers that will teach deconstruction at the highest of levels. We are currently working on a trainer resource guide that will go into details on how this program will work, however, there is a current need and we wish to start connecting trainers and students with each other. Our focus initially will be on revising our two existing curriculums: Deconstruction for Contractors and Deconstruction for the Workforce, so they are in a more easily shared format. In addition, we will review and approve third-party curriculums that are already being used by trainers across the country. How it works Trainers will be listed on our website along with the courses they are approved to teach. Other courses may be offered, however, Build Reuse will only supply students a certificate of completion from courses we have pre-approved. At the start of a course trainers will need to send a class e-mail list and payment as outlined below. Upon successful completion of a course we will provide a link for your students to take the appropriate online exam. Students with passing scores will be provided a certificate of completion. This may be used to satisfy requirements set by Build Reuse’s Contractor accreditation, local jurisdictions, employers, clients or others. Costs Trainer Application Fee: $150 (must be a member or employed by a Build Reuse Member)
 Course Fee: $50/student (invoiced to trainer) 
 Bi-annual Renewal fee: $150
  2. 2. Cross Promotion After a city does initial training sometimes it becomes hard for one or two contractors to find a course they may need. If you inform Build Reuse of upcoming courses we will do our best to showcase your trainings in our newsletters, on our sites, through word of mouth, and we hope you will do your best to promote Build Reuse. Requirements for Workforce Trainings Trainers must demonstrate their understanding of deconstruction and ability to teach, in addition, they must have: • 3 years experience in either: ◦ teaching trades ◦ full deconstruction work at supervisory level • Passed Build Reuse written exam • OSHA 30 or higher (preferred) • Continuing Education (Expected launch 2020)
 Requirements for Contractor Course, Project Management and Advanced Deconstruction Trainings: Demonstrate their understanding of deconstruction and their ability to teach to Build Reuse, in addition to workforce requirements they must have: • 5 years full deconstruction (entry level and up) • 3 years at deconstruction management level (bidding jobs, running a program etc.) • OSHA 30 or Higher Level • Lead and Asbestos certifications • Continuing Education (Expected Launch 2020) Build Reuse reserves the right to remove approval from a trainer or a particular course at anytime after approval. Any changes to the requirements listed above will be announced along with a planned implementation date for those changes. Learn more about trainings and accreditation at buildreuse.org