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Interiors Portfolio

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Interiors Portfolio

  1. 1. Mary Porter, AAHID, RID, LEED A.P. experience in pictures
  2. 2. Client Testimonials (Mary) was very interested in learning and understanding our culture, our history, and our healthcare vision and incorporating these concepts into a beautiful physical design. Richard Molseed, Sr Vice President Avera McKennan (Mary) demonstrated knowledge in her field and poise with the coordination of staff, contractors and consultants. I would recommend Mary to any colleagues or clients for future design work. Krista Peak, Sr Project Manager Regions Hospital I found Mary to be open and straightforward in finding sophisticated and delightful solutions in her day-to-day project assignments, fair with other Principals, Project Managers and all who came in contact with her, and woman of integrity. Tom Dornack, Principal BWBR Architects
  3. 3. Rice Memorial Hospital, Wilmar MNAddition & Remodel: BWBR Architects Main Entrance/Healing Garden
  4. 4. Rice Memorial Hospital Design Sketch Garden Court with Water Feature Lobby/Garden Court In patient family wait
  5. 5. Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN,Ambulatory TowerHospital Addition/Remodel, Minneapolis, MN: BWBR Architects Same Day Surgery / Pre-Op Exterior Entry
  6. 6. Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN,Ambulatory Tower General Pediatric Clinic Waiting Specialty Pediatric Clinic Waiting
  7. 7. Glencoe Regional Health Services, Glencoe, MN Clinic Addition, Hospital main campus: BWBR ArchitectsMain Clinic Entrance
  8. 8. Glencoe Regional Health ServicesMain Lobby with stair Second floor Main Waiting
  9. 9. 3M Innovation Center, Maplewood, MN: BWBR ArchitectsExterior facing 3M Campus Executive Center
  10. 10. 3M Innovation Center Second Floor Plan Entry level with shared lobby of Leadership Development Institute And Corporate exhibition Hall
  11. 11. 3M Innovation Center First Floor Plan Executive Dining, Leadership training rooms, and support
  12. 12. 3M Innovation CenterEntry LobbyBalcony/Dining Forum
  13. 13. Avera McKennan Hospital Women’s Center RemodelSioux Falls, SD: BWBR Architects
  14. 14. Avera McKennan Hospital Women’s Center Remodel HUC/Department greeter desk (amateur photos) Patient Room (amateur photos)
  15. 15. Baptist Health, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Adult TowerJacksonville, FL: Stanley Beaman & Sears Pediatric Inpatient Unit
  16. 16. Baptist Health, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Adult TowerElevator LobbyDesign Studies Final presentation
  17. 17. Sonobello, Body Contouring Clinic, Atlanta, GA: VeenendaalCave Healthcare Entry Reception Waiting Visitor’s Lounge
  18. 18. Internal Medicine Specialists of Atlanta,Atlanta, GA: VeenendaalCave HealthcareEntry Nurse StationExam Break