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The Sky is Falling? Impact of Tax Reform

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Larry C Johnson will interpret the early data and share the significant growth opportunities created by the new legislation.

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The Sky is Falling? Impact of Tax Reform

  1. 1. LARRY C. JOHNSON APRIL 11, 2019 THE SKY IS FALLING? Impact of Tax Reform This entire presentation visual and all content is ©2019 by The Eight Principles. Reproduction is expressly prohibited.
  2. 2. Gifts > $1,000 2.6% Gifts < $250 4.4% Number of Donors 4.5% *WSJ, 2019
  3. 3. Reasons For Giving Haven’t Changed Tax Benefit Still Hovers at 20-21st Place Absolute Total Continues To Rise
  4. 4. Looking Through A Different Lens
  5. 5. Principle 1: Donors Are The Drivers
  6. 6. Impulse giving is declining Donors are still eager to be generous Donors are generous on their own terms, not yours.
  7. 7. Involving Donors On Their Own Terms
  8. 8. Create a Path (for donors—not yourself) • Invite • Draw Them Closer • Develop Emotional Ties • Income then Assets
  9. 9. The Growth Lever
  10. 10. Five-Year Revenue Comparison Annual Cash vs. The Eight Principles 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 $100K-$500K $500K-$1M $1M-$2M $2M-$3M $3M-$5M $5M-$10M Average Across 200,000 Organizations % Growth C % Growth 8P
  11. 11. Principle First Then Technique
  12. 12. Never a One Time Effort It’s a Way of Life Success is
  13. 13. What is it you want to accomplish?
  14. 14. Oracle League $1 for the first month TheOracleLeague.com Four Corners Profile The Eight Principles Way info@TheEightPrinciples.com Free Initial Consultation