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Measuring More Than Money at Your Nonprofit

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Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip will lead an exploration of qualitative measures rather than numeric data into how we commonly measure fundraising success.

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Measuring More Than Money at Your Nonprofit

  1. 1. Measuring more than money Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip, FAFP Joyaux Associates 1
  2. 2. Enough!!!! Enough about money money money… Without other measures, money won’t even happen. 2
  3. 3. So what other measures? Step back … Start over You want to raise more money… what should you really measure? And why? Decide the “right” things to measure. And convince your boss why this is the right stuff. 3
  4. 4. Hard Work What needs to be in place? • Information management system • People committed to measuring • People committed to reviewing results, identifying trends, and implications… • And then responding, doing, changing, whatever… 4
  5. 5. What measures do you want? • How do you decide? • Where do you get your ideas? • What are you reading? • Define your measures for multiple years – and keep adding more as you add the capacity to evaluate. 5
  6. 6. Your org canNOT NOT live without these measures !!! Relevance…Quality… Donor loyalty Lifetime value (LTV) Organizational culture (“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.) 6
  7. 7. Some of my FAV measures • Donor retention, attrition, acquisition rates • # of donors who give multiple gifts per year • % of donors who increase / decrease their gifts • % of first-time donors who give a second gift • Year-on-year donor retention rates 7
  8. 8. More of my FAV measures • % of donors who are monthly donors • Donor satisfaction – Execution of your mission – Customer service – Thank-you process and recognition program – Alignment of donor values with org’s values – Donor’s trust in your organization 8
  9. 9. & more measures • Adherence to body of knowledge and best practice in donor communications. • Adherence to Sargeant’s 7 key drivers of donor loyalty. • Staff and board member behaviors that demonstrate culture of philanthropy. • Board member participation in fundraising. • How well you know me, your donor!!!**** 9
  10. 10. “In a metric-minded organization, it’s very tempting to focus on things that are easy to measure instead of those things that are important to measure.” The Big Moo, Seth Godin and the Group of 33 10
  11. 11. “Numbers-based innovations are easy to sell – but numbers-based innovations are rarely home runs. They rarely cause people to look back in awe at the amazing thing they’ve done. It’s the emotional stuff – the stuff that smart people don’t think will work – that you need to be part of.” The Big Moo 11
  12. 12. • See measures handout in the Free Download Library at www.simonejoyaux.com. • Subscribe to: – My weekly blog, Simone Uncensored –My monthly e-newsyletter. More stuff 12