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Bloomerang - Six Questions for Equitable Board Recruitment - FINAL.pdf

  1. Six Questions for Equitable Board Recruitment
  2. Opening: a word or phrase that describes your board recruitment experience Type in the chat…
  3. Dr. Renee Rubin Ross • White Woman • She/Her • Strategic Thinker • Facilitator • Professor & teacher • Passionate about DEIB • Native of the SF Bay Area • On land of Ohlone tribe
  4. Christal M. Cherry • African American Woman • She, Her • Mompreneur • Disruptive Leader • Native New Yorker • Breakfast Lover • John Legend Fan • On land of Muscogee tribe
  5. Agreements • We acknowledge one another as equals • We try to stay curious about each other • We recognized that we need each other’s help to become better listeners and to act with more courage • We slow down so we have time to think and reflect • We have the courage to interrupt if something is going amiss or being left unsaid; we make the invisible visible • We remember that conversation is a natural way humans think together • We expect it to be messy at times From The National Equity Project 5
  6. 6 IN CHAT: What is one way you are bringing diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging to board recruitment? Start with celebration & affirmation
  7. Poll: Why do you care about this topic? (Launch poll – pick all that apply.) A. We need new board members B. Our board is not diverse C. We care about equity, but don’t know how to recruit diverse board members D. We’re feeling pressure from funders E. Current board composition doesn’t reflect our vision and values
  8. 8 Six questions to ask: Rank your answers 3 absolutely! 1 not at all. 2 maybe.
  9. 9 1. Have board members had a conversation about your Why for diverse, equitable board recruitment?
  10. 10 2. Are board leaders ready to shift the balance of power or allow others to lead?
  11. 11 3. Representation: Have you filled out a board matrix and had a conversation about who is at the table and who is missing – in terms of race, disability, gender, age…
  12. 12 4. Have you built trust among board members to have hard conversations about differences and inequity?
  13. 13 5. Does your board have a full understanding of the community served?
  14. 14 6. Are you casting a wide net and going outside of your usual networks to identify People of Color to serve on your board?
  15. 15 Your total - sharing If your total is: 1-6 beginning stages, a lot of work to be done 7-12 some good effort, there’s more you can do 13-15 a lot is working well, some areas need attention 16-18 you’re well on your way
  16. 16 How our DEIB training responds to these questions and issues
  17. 17 We assess board culture
  18. 18 We give board members the opportunity to reflect on the assessment
  19. 19 We deepen the ability of the group to talk about race and racial equity
  20. 20 Last step of the process is building a plan to continue the work
  21. 21 Scenario
  22. Questions 22 •Given what we know, how should the Board & Governance Chair begin the meeting? •What should be their focus? •What should they ask for before the meeting ends?
  23. 23 Thank you Christal for your authenticity in the DEI work you facilitated with our board. You reminded us of the importance of humanizing our collective experiences and that this work is a journey with no fixed end point. So grateful for this experience! --Nonprofit board member
  24. 24 IN THE CHAT: From what you’ve heard today, what is one takeaway that you’d like to work on more.
  25. 25 Learn more about Planting the Seeds for Change training: Reach out to The Board Pro or The Ross Collective to work with your board or team on building a more inclusive culture:
  26. 26 Stay in touch Renee - Christal – - Click Contact
  27. 27 Further Reading Lessons From a Cross-Racial Team About Building Belonging: team-about-building-belonging Why every meeting should mention race and equity: should-mention-race-and-equity/ The Winding Path to Racial Equity: equity Empathy & Compassion: The New Mandate for Board Leadership mandate-for-board-leadership
  28. 28 Podcasts Mission: Impact podcast episode on moving nonprofit boards towards equity: greater-equity-with-christal-cherry-and-renee-ross Racial Equity on Nonprofit Boards, conversation with Julia Campbell on Nonprofit Nation podcast. racial-equity-with-christal-m-cherry-renee-rubin-ross Building Racial Equity on Nonprofit Boards, We Are For Good podcast.