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Online Quiz 2

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Online Quiz 2

  1. 1. BLITZKRIEG QUIZZERS 2nd Online Quiz
  2. 2. RULES AND REGULATIONS+10 for every Right Answer-5 for every Wrong and Blank AnswerEvery Question is to be AttemptedPlease do not refer to GoogleSend your entries toblitzkriegquizzers@gmail.com with yourname
  3. 3. Q1Which sporting body laid down the rules ofmodern Lawn Tennis
  4. 4. Q2Which company name is derivedfrom Bringing Entertainment andQuality to Life
  5. 5. Q3What do the three stumps in cricketsignify
  6. 6. Q4Which Hollywood blockbuster wasreleased in Hindi as “Murde KiKahaani, Ek Bachche Ki Zabani”
  7. 7. Q5Connect:- Born In Suriname- Known as Pitbullby by his teammates- Suffers from Glaucoma and hencePermitted by FIFA to wear Sunglasses
  8. 8. Q6What is The “Durbar Ritual” in NorthIndia
  9. 9. Q7Connect:
  10. 10. Q8If Penguin is for Adults, then whatwould be for Children
  11. 11. Q9The earlier name of this Indian city wasBhagyanagar. It is said that the ruler of the statefell in love with a humble courtesan namedBhagmati. He named the city Bhagyanagar afterher. After they got married, she changed hername to a Muslim one, which gave the presentname of this city. Which city
  12. 12. Q10How do we better know Dr WaltonJones Jr. who teaches at theMarshall College
  13. 13. Q11It is the First Version of Which CompanysLogo
  14. 14. Q12X is an Hip-Hop and Rap Artist. X hasalso founded an Audio Company whichhas made news by supplying in-builtaudio system for many devices. WhichAudio Company am I talking about
  15. 15. Q13Issey Miyake is famous for the Creation Of whatClue : Steve Jobs (evident in this pic)
  16. 16. Q14This Company Stopped their service in India from31st December 2009 due to bankruptcy of theParent Company.Name the Company
  17. 17. Q15How is Richard Madley associated withIndian Sports
  18. 18. Q16How do we better know EdvigeAntonia Albina Maino as
  19. 19. Q17Connect:
  20. 20. Q18Dal Lake of Srinagar became famous as thebirthplace of Houseboats when the EnglishResorted to living on the Lake as the thenMaharaja Of Kashmir denied them the right topurchase Land in Kashmir. Dal Lake was onceagain in the news in November 2003 for yetanother Achievement. What was this?
  21. 21. Q19Logo Of which Japanese MotorcycleManufacturer Consists of 3 TuningForks in it
  22. 22. Q20The Last Time, the Music House “SaReGaMaIndia Ltd” did this was for the movie “Dil TohPagal Hai” in 1997..After 13 years, they have revived it for themusic of “Jhoota Hi Sahi”What?
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