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Serverless Minimalism: How to architect your apps to save 98% on your Azure bill | Integration Monday

  1. How to save 98% on your Azure Bill Serverless Minimalism
  2. Daniel Bass Senior Developer in Private Assets & Alternatives, M&G plc
  3. Analysis Recently we implemented some tags on our Azure Resources that enabled the company to create a dashboard detailing the Total Cost of Hosting for each of our applications.
  4. Resource Cost The typical cost for a web app involving an App Service & an Azure SQL Server over 4 environments was: The cost of TradeBot was: £3000 per year £65 per year Or not enough to take my team out for lunch!
  5. How to architect a typical 3-tier web app to cost 98% less
  6. Serverless Serverless is a sub-category of PaaS services For a service to be described as ‘Serverless’ it must: 1. Cost nothing when you’re not using it (except storage) 2. Scale quickly and reactively to usage 3. Have zero maintenance and minimal configuration This leads to the key benefits: ‘Pay for what you use’, and ‘NoOps’.
  7. Why Serverless lets you save cash • Most applications run at a fraction of their provisioned capacity, because we have to pre- provision enough capacity to deal with spikes without going offline • This leads to massive amount of waste, with many apps running at abysmal lifetime compute utilization in the single digit percentages. Serverless services instead scale their resources reactively, resulting in close to 100% utilization and only paying for what you use • Many apps also require more and more operational staff and tasks as you make them more complex. Serverless services will still require some, but the ratio of complexity to increase in staffing costs is much lower. All of this results in a significant TCO saving
  8. Conventional PaaS Architecture Azure Active Directory Azure SQL Azure App Service
  9. Serverless Architecture Storage Account CRUD Azure Functions Azure Active Directory Table Storage React App
  10. Sounds too good to be true? • Your Serverless bill will increase with usage, which impacts predictability. Equally if your traffic is already very high, with high utilization, it’s entirely possible you won’t save in your raw hosting cost (but probably will in maintenance) • Tooling is not as good as ‘normal’ architectures currently • Cold starts can still be an issue for latency-sensitive apps, but possible to battle with ‘KeepAlive’ functions
  11. Serverless Minimalism
  12. What is Serverless Minimalism? A Serverless Minimalist creates applications using exactly what they need to complete the task at hand, and nothing more.
  13. Serverless Minimalist They do not: • Waste money by running resources permanently unused • Damage the planet by emitting greenhouse gases for these unused resources • Write more code than they need to do a job • Utilize ‘fat’ services like VM’s that have millions of lines of other peoples code sitting there doing nothing more than increasing our security surface area and emitting CO2 They do: • Use only the resources they need • Utilize managed services, which perform one job on a global scale • Write as little code as possible – When you first write code it is the least tested code in the world with the fewest customers & your company has to maintain it for the rest of its lifetime • Minimize all maintenance tasks
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