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Categories of effects

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Categories of effects

  1. 1. CATEGORIES OF EFFECTS A short presentation by : Bivash Rath Attreya
  2. 2. HELLO EVERYONE• In this presentation we are going to look at the various kinds of audio effects and into their general classification.• So lets dive in 
  3. 3. Introduction…• Audio effects are tools which are extremely essential for music production.• Adding audio effects in a balanced manner can enhance the overall sound of the song/track.• Audio effects can change the type of sound, make it flatter, cut out the highs or lows , etc... They can change the dynamics of the sound.
  4. 4. Types of Audio Effectsi. DYNAMIC EFFECTSii. DELAY EFFECTSiii. FILTER EFFECTS
  5. 5. DYNAMIC EFFETCS• These kinds of effects are related to the amplitude of sound. The various kinds of effects under this category are :• Compressors (reduces or increases the amplitude, thereby loudness , of a particular sound sample)• Limiters (allows signal upto a specified limit to pass freely, if level exceeds, it brings it down to the specified ceiling)• Expanders (work to achieve the opposite of audio compressors)• Noise gates (if the signal falls below a certain specified threshold, it cuts out the sound)
  6. 6. DELAY EFFECTS• These effects are related to the propagation properties of sound.The effects under this categories are :• Reverbs (kind of continuation of sound after original, giving impression of sound coming from a room with a different kind of acoustic)• Delay ( the sound re-plays after a minute pause)• Chorus (overlap of same sound on the original piece of sound, leading to multiple voices)• Phaser (there is a change in the phase of frequency which leads to a very different sound)• Flanger( the sound is repeated with a slight delay, and the amount of delay changes periodically, giving it a “flanging” effect )
  7. 7. FILTER EFFECTS• Filter effects are related to the tweaking in the timbre of the sound.Some filter effects are :• High Pass Filter (cuts off the low frequency sounds)• Low Pass Filter (cuts off the high frequency sounds)• Band Pass Filter(cuts off frequencies of a certain specified range)• Parametric EQ• Graphic EQ
  8. 8. AND SO…• These are some of the very basic types of audio effects which we come across mostly.• WORD OF ADVICE – please go into your DAW or effect unit and have a listen to the various effects and how they respond to changes in their specified parameters. Listening to the effects will help a lot in understanding them better.• Hope, this gives you a basic concept of audio effects and their types.  GOOD BYE!! 