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Feb 2019 : Presentation at XLRI

Protecting the Core Environment. Entrepreneurship in Sustainability

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Feb 2019 : Presentation at XLRI

  1. 1. Water Protecting Our Core Environment Biome Environmental Trust Shubha Ramachandran
  2. 2. …a source and a sink GROUNDWATER Sink Source
  3. 3. Digging an open well step by step First the soil is excavated to the desired depth. You may encounter rock or water inflow/seepage. The hole is normally 6”-8” wider than the external dia of the concrete rings. These wells can cost anywhere between 20k and 100k INR.
  4. 4. The soil is excavated to the required depth Concrete rings are lowered in one by one into the well Aggregate or jelly stones line the gaps between the rings This reinforces the well structure
  5. 5. MILLION WELLS !!
  6. 6. PRINCIPLES ?
  7. 7. Waste Water ● What DOES an individual do ? ● What DOES a City do ? ● What CAN an individual do ? ● What CAN a City do ?
  8. 8. Floating wetland pic 37
  9. 9. PRINCIPLES ??
  10. 10. THANK YOU !!