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BioCision CoolCell

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BioCision CoolCell

  1. 1. CoolCell TMCell Freezing Container 1  
  2. 2. CoolCell  An alcohol-free cell freezing container CoolCell  Replaces “Mr. Frosty”   An alcohol-filled freezing container Mr. Frosty 2  
  3. 3. Background  Most cell culture researchers freeze cells in a o -80 C freezer prior to storing in liquid nitrogen o  They need a slow freeze rate of -1 C/minute  “Mr. Frosty” is commonly used now   It uses 100% iso-propylalcohol (IPA) to control the freezing o rate to approximately -1 C/minute  “CoolCell” controls the freezing rate MORE CONSISTENTLY   with no alcohol – no fluids – no maintenance – no cost 3  
  4. 4. “Mr. Frosty”  The alcohol in “Mr. Frosty” must be replaced every 5 uses in order to keep the freeze rate o near the desired -1 C/minute. This means…..   you have to keep track of how many times you use it (hassle!)   you have to purchase alcohol (expense!)   you have to dispose used alcohol (hassle, smell & expense!)  More importantly, it also means that the alcohol level changes every time it is used   “Mr. Frosty” results in different freezing profile if not maintained properly   It is a heat sucker “Caution” can ruin your samples/probes in freezer 4  
  5. 5. CoolCell o  CoolCell delivers a very consistent -1 C/minute freeze rate without alcohol   Freezing profiles are extremely consistent every time   Less variability and high repeatability in your research Fusion time and cooling profiles are highly reproducible from run to run 5  
  6. 6. CoolCell  CoolCell outperforms “Mr. Frosty” in cell viability   Researchers care most about cell viability (i.e. how many cells are still viable after they are thawed out at a later date) In primary human cells, CoolCell significantly outperforms 6
  7. 7. Additional CoolCell Advantages  No on-going cost – COST SAVINGS!   “Mr. Frosty” costs approx. $350/year for alcohol purchase & disposal  Lid is easy to open – even when frozen   “Mr. Frosty” screw cap is very difficult to open when frozen  Not cold to the touch and not “frosty” when frozen   “Mr. Frosty” requires special gloves to handle and is very slippery due to frost/ice on exterior  Ready to use again after only 5 minutes   “Mr. Frosty” requires about 1.5 hours for alcohol to thaw before it can be used again 7  
  8. 8. CoolCell vs “Mr. Frosty” CoolCell “Mr. Frosty” No alcohol Requires 250ml alcohol • No hazardous fluids • Replace alcohol every 5 uses (250ml) • Solid core and insulation design • Keep track of # of uses • No pre-cooling required • Alcohol degrades slightly each time it’s used • Pre-cool alcohol in refrigerator Very consistent -1oC/min rate Inconsistent freeze rate • All vials have uniform freeze rate every time • Each run is slightly different due to alcohol • Radially symmetric – design enables consistency degradation • Two circles of wells – different freeze rates for each circle Cost savings ~$338/year maintenance per unit • No maintenance cost • Change alcohol weekly (~$6/wk) • Pays for itself quickly • Dispose haz waste (~$0.75/wk) • 10 units = $3,380 to use EVERY YEAR Lid opens easily Screw cap very difficult to remove when frozen • Not cold to the touch when removing from the -80C • Protective gloves required when handling frozen unit freezer Better cell viability Good cell viability Ready to use again in 5 minutes Takes >1 hour for device to return to room temp for re-use Low impact on freezer Large thermal mass impacts local freezer area • 1/3 the heat impact on freezer compared to alcohol- • Large heat capacity removed from alcohol impacts filled units nearby samples 8  
  9. 9. CoolCell video Click here 9  
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  11. 11. Thank you Michelle NemitsVP, Sales and Business Development Cell: 415-336-4415