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More to Love Campaign #TheRecruit2014

  1. An Anti Fat-Shaming Campaign Proposal for #TheRecruit2014 Billa Ashaninka
  2. "Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behaviour, abuse of power, or unfair punishment which upsets, threatens and/or humiliates the recipient(s), undermining their self- confidence, reputation and ability to perform." Bullying at work: how to tackle it. A guide for MSF representatives and members: MSF 1995
  3. A very specific type of bullying, based on someone's body weight, ranging from teasing to active alienation of the target. Targeted mainly at girls, and done by girl bullies. The effects are low self-esteem, eating disorders, even depression.
  4. Study in 800 kids of 3rd-6th grade reveals that 'fat kids' have twice the risk of being bullied at school. SOURCES : 1. Rader Programs (2014) disorders.html 2. 3. Rader Programs (2014) 4. "...The obese child was rated less attractive than a child with a facial deformity, a child in a wheelchair and a child who is missing a limb.“ "Adolescent girls in the US are more afraid of gaining weight than getting cancer, losing their parents or nuclear war.“ There's a kindergarten kid in Indonesia who refused to go to school and insisted that she needed to diet because her friends had been calling her 'fat'. in 2011, 2x
  5. BODY POSITIVITY Body Positivity brings the message of redefining beauty. In our case, it means that 'fat' is an adjective without negative connotations, weight is not the sole barometer for health, and that every shape and sizes of human bodies should be accepted, celebrated, and ultimately loved, because you cannot take care of something you don't love, and your body is the only body you're going to get in this life. No take-backs, no do-overs.
  6. To help in eradicating fat-shaming in the society by spreading the belief that beauty is not a size, and that every shape and size of human bodies is a gift and should be accepted &celebrated. Campaign Objective // Communication Message
  7. TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS School Family Kids & Teens 1 2 3 Kids and Teens Family School Bullying is known to escalate in the later years of elementary school, peaks in middle school, and then dissipates by high school Positive parent-children relations have been proven to help victims and change bullies. As kids and tweens’ ‘second home’, schools must be involved in anti- bullying movements. Researchers have demonstrated that bullying in schools is universal. (1) Hamilton, Jill. Ed. 2008. Bullying and Hazing. New York, NY: Greenhaven Press (2) The-Family-Connection. (3) Bingham, Jane. 2010. Taking Action against Bullying. New York, NY: Rosen Publishing. Community 4 Community In a wider scale, a supportive, inclusive community will make sure that the positive values will not regress in time.
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  11. •Point-of-view consolidation in team •Meetings and discussions with potential partners (KPAI & Ministry of Education and Culture), ambassadors and celebrity partners •Preparation for campaign materials, website- building. •Public Activities / Grand Launching: Fashion Show, Bazaar, Photo Exhibition, Talkshow, website launch. •School Visitations (target: 25 elementary schools and 25 junior high schools in Jakarta) •Cyber Campaign •Monitoring of Body- Positive schools •Anti-bullying / Advocacy line callers •Participants of School Visitations and Public Activities •Social Media Conversation •Media Coverage Time needed: 5 months Duration: 6 months
  12. BUDGET ESTIMATION i. Ambassador Rp 45.000.000,- ii. Grand Launching Rp 375.000.000,- i. Fashion Show Rp 150.000.000,- ii. Photo Exhibition Rp 50.000.000,- iii. Talkshow Rp 75.000.000,- iv. Venue Rp 100.000.000,- iii. School Visitations x 50 Rp 260.000.000,- i. Materials Rp 60.000.000,- ii. Speakers (x2 persons x 50 visits Rp 200.000.000,- iv. Promotions Rp 175.000.000,- v. Team Fee Rp 100.000.000,-
  13. “Love your body. It’s the only one you will ever have.” Miranda Lambert