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Fish and shellfish (1)



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Culinary lecture (fish)
Culinary lecture (fish)
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Fish and shellfish (1)

  1. 1. FISH and SHELLFISH
  2. 2. Fish and Shellfish • Two types of water animals eaten as food – FISH • Live in fresh or salt water • Have FINS and BACKBONES – SHELLFISH • Have SHELLS instead of backbones
  4. 4. SHELLFISH • Shellfish can be divided into two groups: – MOLLUSKS: • Soft bodies that are partially covered by hard shells • EX: Oysters, clams, scallops – CRUSTACEANS: • Covered by firm shells and have segmented bodies • EX: Shrimp, lobster, crabs
  6. 6. What nutrients are in fish and shellfish? • Vitamin A • Vitamin D • Great source of protein • Omega-3 fatty acids – Fat that is good for you, reduces heart disease Eating fish is a great way to lower the amount of saturated fat in your diet!
  7. 7. PURCHASING FISH • Look for: – Stiff body – Tight scales – Firm flesh – Bright and bulging eyes – No indentation when a finger is pressed into the flesh – Fresh smell!!! Odor indicates spoilage. – Gills are red in color
  8. 8. PURCHASING FISH • Can purchase: – WHOLE – DRAWN: insides removed – DRESSED: insides, head, fins, and scales removed – STEAKS: cross-sectional slices from a dressed fish – FILLETS: sides of the fish cut lengthwise
  9. 9. Purchasing SHELLFISH • Shrimp- – Come in different colors and sizes when raw – Most are sold without head and thorax – May want to remove intestinal tract • DEVEINED shrimp is sold without intestinal tract – Sold by the pound – Comes in sizes- jumbo, large, med., small – Can buy cooked or uncooked
  10. 10. SIGNS of FRESHNESS • Shell covering shrimp should be firmly attached, and ODORLESS • Tails of lobster should snap back quickly after you flatten it • Live oyster and clam shell should be tightly closed or close when touched • BUY ONLY FROM A REPUTABLE DEALER! Stored on beds of ice.
  11. 11. STORING Fish/Shellfish • Fish is very perishable! – Store with care! – Keep in coolest part of the refrigerator Use within 1-2 days
  12. 12. Cooking FISH and SHELLFISH • Finfish contain tender muscle fibers and little connective tissue, so… – Tenderizing is not a goal in cooking fish! – Cook for a SHORT amount of time • Shellfish is also naturally tender. Cook for a short amount of time at moderate temperatures.