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Staturant a Restaurant Analytics tools.

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  1. 1. stat•urantnouna fact or piece of data from a study of a large quantity ofrestaurant-goers data : staturant show that traffic on MosaiqRestaurant has increased.ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from German statistisch(adjective) and from French, restaurer ‘provide foodfor’ (literally ‘restore to a former state’ ).
  2. 2. Es elde los Restaurantes
  3. 3. Today’sRestaurant Market
  4. 4. Restaurant-industry worldwide generated more than800$ Billion in revenues
  5. 5. Employed over60$ Million people worldwide
  6. 6. On a typical day, restaurant-industry makes2.2$ Billion
  7. 7. 935,000Restaurants and foodservice outlet in the US
  8. 8. "Word of mouth" has moved online, andmore consumers use the Web to browsemenus, make reservations, and getrecommendations from other diners. Socialmedia will play a bigger role in restaurantmarketing efforts. National Restaurant Association, April 2010
  9. 9. With the economic downturn easing, therestaurant industry is expected to showgradual improvement in 2010, according tothe National Restaurant Association’s 2010Restaurant Industry Forecast.
  10. 10. Restaurant Performance Index The RPI is based on the responses to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry Tracking Survey, which is fielded monthly among restaurant operators nationwide on a variety of indicators including sales, traffic, labor, and capital expenditures. http://www.restaurant.org/pdfs/research/index/201004.pdf
  11. 11. Do you really know your customer?40% of adults agree that purchasing meals from 73% restaurants and take-out and delivery places makes them more productive in their day- to-day life. of adults say they try to eat healthier now at restaurants than they did two years ago.57% of adults say they are likely to make a restaurant choice based on how much a 78% restaurant supports charitable activities and the local community. of adults say they would like to receive restaurant gift cards or certificates on78% gift occasions. of adults agree that going out to a restaurant with family or friends gives them an opportunity to socialize and is a better way to 52% make use of their leisure time than cooking and cleaning up. of adults say they would be more likely to patronize a restaurant if it offered a customer loyalty and reward program.
  12. 12. WHY NOW?•According to NRA, Increase in budgets for Technology isone of the hot trend in the Food Service IndustryWorldwide.• The Groupon economy is teaching restaurants theeffectiveness of social media.•"Word of mouth" has moved online, and more consumersuse the Web to browse menus, make reservations, and getrecommendations from other diners. Social media will playa bigger role in restaurant marketing efforts.
  13. 13. FEATURES• Increase customer retention and repeat business thrueffective engagement.• Automate marketing, promotion and daily specials toincrease traffic.• Discover and engage with local diners• Manage online reviews form across the web• Identify and reward frequente customers.• Increase your traffic, visibility and word-of-mouth marketing
  14. 14. conversations fromcheckins on online reviews on comparing online and physical competition ...and everything that we need to measure from intention to “the check please”
  15. 15. BUSINESS MODEL•The initial primary sources of revenue for the company willbe on a freemium model. • Free = basic statistic. • Premium = will give restaurants more info about competition and will create actionable task from the automatic statistic analysis.
  16. 16. Alberto Benbunanalberto@benbunan.com