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MMA Mobile Coupons Guidelines presentation

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MMA Mobile Coupons Guidelines presentation.

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MMA Mobile Coupons Guidelines presentation

  1. 1. ✁ MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINES Alberto Benbunan
  2. 2. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESA Mobile coupon is an electronic ticket solicited and/or delivered by mobile phone that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product or service. MMA’s Introduction to Mobile Coupons - 2007 https://mmaglobal.com/mobilecoupons.pdf
  3. 3. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESCoupons and Rebates are issued by brands or retailersto be used as a part of sales promotions for theirproducts. Other uses include attracting customers toentertainment attractions (amusement parks, zoos,museums, etc.) and services (salons, spas, etc.). The difference between a coupon and a rebate has to do with the timing of the reward. A coupon provides an immediate discount, reducing the amount owed for the purchase. A rebate provides a delayed discount, returning the amount to the consumer after the purchase – through a check, electronic funds transfer, statement credit, loyalty points or voucher/card good for future purchases. MMA’s Mobile Couponing Guidelines - 2010 https://mmaglobal.com/mobilecouponguidelines.pdf
  4. 4. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESWhat would customers be interested in receivingon their smartphone?
  5. 5. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESUS Consumer Coupon Spending
  6. 6. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINES“Mobile coupons have a much higher redemption rates than those from newspapers or mail – as ” much as 10x times. Borrel Associates - April 2010
  7. 7. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESPredictions of Global Mobile Coupon Growth 2014
  8. 8. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINES“ 61% of mobile operators surveyed thought that coupons or vouchers would become the ” dominant form of mobile marketing by 2015. mobileSQUARED - November 2010
  9. 9. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINES5 STAGES OF MOBILE PRICE PROMOTIONS 1.Setup and Communication: This stage is necessary to ensure that all of the parties involved in the process are prepared to act when a consumer meets the requirements for redemption. 2.Discovery and Acquisition: This stage is when the consumer finds and selects (or opts into) a mobile price promotion. PULL – PUSH 3.Presentment: consumer presents the coupon for validation and redemption at the point-of-sale. 4.Validation and Redemption: This stage ensures that only valid mobile price promotions are honored and attempts at fraud 5.Reconciliation: This stage is necessary for mobile coupons and specifically for those in a “CPG style” environment.
  10. 10. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINES2. Discovery Physical / Traditional Media: Mobile Coupon offers can be presented in traditional media such as print, outdoor, TV, radio, direct mail, in-store signage/collateral, and product packaging. Coupons presented through these methods include both a call-to-action and appropriate disclosures regarding any costs to the user when interacting with the call-to-action. Digital / Interactive Media: Mobile Coupon offers can be presented on websites, web ads, email, mobile websites, mobile applications and mobile banner ads. In these scenarios, there is a call-to-action resulting from ‘clicking’ on the offer that provides directions to the user on how to receive the coupon for use with the mobile device.
  11. 11. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESHow are Mobile Coupons Delivered?
  12. 12. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINES4. RedemptionThe redemption process may occur one of the following ways: •Consumer Packaged Goods “CPG-Style” environment •Closed Loop System “In-Store” environment Mobile Rebates can be redeemed by the consumer by texting the appropriate code, scanning a 2D barcode or visiting a mobile site or application.
  13. 13. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESMobile Coupon/Rebate Campaign Best Practices Principles 1.Honest, True and Fair: should be conveyed in a truthful and not deceptive or misleading manner. 2.Content and Placement: prepared with proper consideration of the type of product being advertised and the audience. 3.Transparency: The corporate name, product name, or trade name should be identified. All rules, expiration dates, limits, etc., should also be made clear to the consumer. 4.Price and Value: presented in a prominent, fair and accurate manner. 5.Privacy and Security: Privacy, opt in, opt out and other
  14. 14. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESMobile Coupon/Rebate Campaign Best Practices Campaign Specific • Avoid promotion of any illegal service or product that facilitates illegal behavior; • Avoid any content that misleads consumers; • Avoid content contains extreme profanity; • Avoid content that contains misleading or fraudulent claims; • Avoid content that promotes or glamorizes alcohol abuse or illegal drug use; • Avoid content that is defamatory, libellous or threatening; •Coupon publishers who intend to reach children should follow all The Childrens Advertising Review Unit (CARU) Guidelines3. •All transmitted material must comply and conform to all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations; •All coupons should comply with applicable standards, including applicable marketing and advertising standards
  15. 15. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESMobile Coupon and Rebates Guidelines Consumer Notice • Terms and Conditions / Disclaimers • Cost, subscriptions, terms, service availability, contradictions... • Format and delivery • Format and delivery method = mechanism. • Fraud Notification • Everything related about protection against fraud and misredemption. • Mobile Coupon Design • The Offer • Face Value • Guarantees and Warranties: • Source • Use the word “free” • Expiration date • Product
  16. 16. MOBILE COUPONING GUIDELINESMobile Couponing Committee: The m-Couponing Committee is chartered withdeveloping best practices and guidelines in regards to mobile couponingcampaigns.The committee, chaired by Mobile Dreams Factory developed these guidelines incollaboration with representatives from MMA member companies including: •Cellfire •Inmar •Mobile Dreams Factory •Infinian •Verizon Wireless
  17. 17. THANKS Alberto Benbunan Co-Founder and Managing Director Mobile Dreams Factory Chairman at Global Mobile Couponing Committee at MMA Chairman at Global Proximity Marketing Committee at MMA Emerging Media and Mobile Marketing Professor at IE Business School