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Hyloch v.1.4

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Hyper Local Chat iphone App

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Hyloch v.1.4

  1. 1. hylochMeet people near you on your iPhone
  2. 2. Start Screen hyloch hylochMeet people near you on your iPhone Start hyloch Now Aplication must locate the 1. Upload a pic & build your profile. user thru 3G, wifi or GPS. 2. Check out people near you. (Nearest people appear first) 3. Tap a pic for stats & chat. (Double-tap jumps directly to chat) 4. Tap above hyloch logo for top of list.
  3. 3. People around mehyloch This button goes to Home Screen This button goes to profile page
  4. 4. Profile ScreenThis will be chatter’s photo.App will prompt to get thephoto from the memory or to take a new photo. Sex Required Looking for Women
  5. 5. Profile Screen Open iPhone’s email Goes to Start Screen Unblock everyone
  6. 6. Home Screen This screen must show nearest people according their location. Also musthyloch Integrate AdMob’s / Google’s banners script.
  7. 7. Chatter info Real-time distance between chatters} Info from the profile Goes to Chat Screen Goes to Chat Screen Block this user
  8. 8. Chat Screen Send photo thru chat Send location thru chat Clear chat Back to chat and do nothing
  9. 9. [ ] hyloch is just thecodename for this project. Name issubject to change.
  10. 10. [ ]This presentation was made byAlberto Benbunan