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Tourist Attractions in Orlando, USA

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Orlando, the most visited destination in Florida, features exciting attractions like Disney Park, Universal Studios, and many more. The city is visited by thousands of people in search of great vacations or getaways. The city-proper population is 235,860 making Orlando the fifth largest city by population in Florida.

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Tourist Attractions in Orlando, USA

  1. 1. Orlando, FL - USASlideshow Prepared by SA Flights | http://bestflights.co.za
  2. 2. Florida Citrus Bowl Lake EolaKennedy Space Centre Kennedy Space Centre
  3. 3. NBA City RestaurantRipleyʼs Believe It or Not Cinderellaʼs Castle
  4. 4. Walt Disney World Entrance Walt Disney BoardwalkUniversal Studios Shamu Stadium at Sea World
  5. 5. Launch Pad Rocket GardenOrange County Convention Orlando Public LibraryCentre
  6. 6. Flickr Credits: The photos in this presentation were published on Flickr under the Creative Commons license which allows commercial use.Images used were provided by the following Flickr.com users: daryl_mitchell | Chris Gent Bernt Rostad | Growl Roar Joe Shlabotnik | yeowatzup theSuperStar | Charles P. Fiona Bradley | cliff1066 Stig Nygaard | gnislew eschipul | PrincessAshley For more information Orlando, FL, USA visit http://bestflights.co.za/internationalflights/usa/orlando