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Case study analysis

Sample product as sold by Boniface Kyalo Mutinda

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Case study analysis

  2. 2. General Mills Operation 2GENERAL MILLS OPERATIONOverview of the case situation The case situation deals with disagreements that occurred between the management ofthe General Mills Corporation which is one of the branches of Olive Garden Restaurants. Itwas a dispute between a customer of the restaurant and the organization. The managers whoare faced with these issues are supposed to deal with the issues using good skills and alsowith a lot of patience to enhance harmony between the customer and the managers. A customer who wrote a letter to the president of Olive Restaurant Garden Divisioncomplained of an unpleasant experience in the restaurant and wanted the president to helpsolve the issue. The customer had gone to the restaurant with his family for a mid-eveningmeal and was with his two daughters and his father. He accepted that he had great food andgreat experiences before in the restaurant and he commented that the facilities of therestaurant were good. At the time of the arrival, the customer was surprised to see that therewere few customers for dinner at the restaurant and there was no one to welcome and to greetthem at the entrance. No hostess was at their service and the customer decided to go and lookfor one and found an annoyed hostess who did not want additional customers at that time.The customer and his family were offered a table that they were not comfortable withbecause his father was an amputee and could not walk to the table. After some arguments thehostess gave them a table that was not cleaned off. The other challenge the customer and his family faced was to find a waiter who couldtake their order. After twenty minutes the meals arrived and to their surprise the meals werecold, and his daughters did not want to complain and so they took the meals cold. The waiterleft after bringing the second plate of Cannelloni and the customer had to go to the bar to lookfor an employee for a check. The customer got a chance to talk with the manager and he was
  3. 3. General Mills Operation 3confrontational towards him. There was an exchange of words between the customer and themanager and they were both angry.Critical business and communication issues One of the critical business issues that are evident in the case study is that there wasno customer satisfaction in the services that were given by the manager and the otheremployees. The customer was not satisfied from the time he entered the restaurant until thetime he left. To get a hostess was a problem and later to get a waiter became a problem. Thecold meals also contributed to the disagreements and in general the services were not asexpected by the customer. Another problem was that the time that was used to serve the customer was unusualand was not among his expectations. When the complains were taken to the manager, he didnot deal with the problems or try to save the situation but instead he showed his frustration tothe customer who did not know that it was wrong for him to be at the restaurant at such anhour. He did not demonstrate his leadership to the customer and instead he asked thecustomer what he wanted him to do concerning the incompetence of the employees. There was no good communication between the manager and the customer and that iswhat led to a great misunderstanding between them. The managers are supposed to establishclarity in any discussion between them and the customers. According to Blanchard, (2007),an important issue in communication involves listening and not giving feedbacks that are notmeaningful. The employees of the restaurant were not ready to serve more customers at thathour and it was not communicated to the customer directly which could have solved theproblem before it was amplified. If only the manager knew how to communicate with hisemployees, then the disagreement would not have occurred because the manager could haveaccepted their mistake and the issue would have been solved in the right way.
  4. 4. General Mills Operation 4Key recommendations to resolve the communication problems The president of Olive Restaurant Garden Division should emphasize to the managersand to all the employees the need of customer satisfaction as illustrated by European publicadministration network, (2008). Satisfaction increases the royalty of the customers which is akey to retention of the customers. Lack of customer satisfaction for the restaurant will makethe restaurant to loose its customers to competitors. The Restaurant should use customer relationship management database to deal withthe situation and also to avoid future disagreements between the organization and thecustomers which may reduce the sales of the restaurant. The president of Olive RestaurantGarden Division after receiving the letter from the customer is supposed to immediately seekto communicate with the customer before the issue amplifies into a major problem. Thecustomer said that he was disappointed and still angry because of the experience and theissues can be resolved quickly if the president deals with the customers concernsimmediately.ReferencesBlanchard, D., (2007), Supply chain management: Best practices. Pp 33-54
  5. 5. General Mills Operation 5European public administration network, (2008), Customer satisfaction management,(Online) Available fromhttp://www.eupan.eu/files/repository/document/customer_satisfaction/EU_Primer_English__FINAL_LR.pdf Viewed on 23 May 2011