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Polycom Realpresence

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Polycom Realpresence

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  4. 4. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 4 Top Requirements for All-in-One Video Solutions Reliable Easy to Use Platform Integration Straightforward Ordering Easy Installation / No Construction Cost-Effective Simple Maintenance Low Bandwidth Requirements
  5. 5. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 5 For enterprise customers that need an easy to deploy all-in-one video collaboration solution, Polycom RealPresence Medialign features a modern, innovative design with an unmatched user experience. Introducing Polycom RealPresence Medialign Placeholder Image
  6. 6. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 6 Why Polycom RealPresence Medialign? All-in-one Powerful Video Collaboration Unmatched User Experience Broadest Environment Integration
  7. 7. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 7 All-in-One Everything you need to easily deploy video communications Straightforward Ordering No Tools Installation Slim, Modern Design Simple Maintenance
  8. 8. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 8 Powerful Video Collaboration Reliable Low Bandwidth 1080p HD People / Content Collaborate visually with higher quality video 50% less
  9. 9. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 9 Unmatched User Experience Every detail has been addressed for easy and effective collaboration Hands-Free Camera Operation Virtual Whiteboard Automatically Remove Distracting Noises Touch Interface Control
  10. 10. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 10 Broad Environment Integration Industry’s broadest support for open, standards-based interoperability
  11. 11. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 11 Only with RealPresence Medialign Audio innovations Hands-free camera Medialign Differentiators Powerful Video User Experience No tools installation HD at low bandwidth Accessible components Touch screen option Cisco Microsoft Broadsoft Broad Integration All-in-one
  12. 12. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 12 Use Cases Enterprise Training & Education Government All industries benefit from RealPresence Medialign
  13. 13. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 13 Standard Configuration and Packages RealPresence Medialign Packages Single 55” Single 70” Dual 55” Dual 70” Single or Dual 55” or 70” HD LED Displays *Touch Displays Available EagleEye Producer or EagleEye Director* RealPresence Group 500 High-Fidelity Speakers Tabletop mic All CablesRealPresence Touch
  14. 14. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 14 Why RealPresence Medialign? Reliable Easy to Use Platform Integration Straightforward Ordering Easy Installation / No Construction Cost-Effective Simple Maintenance Low Bandwidth Requirements
  15. 15. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 15 POLYCOM + YOU Unleashing the power of human collaboration
  16. 16. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 16 Appendix
  17. 17. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 17 Polycom Group Collaboration Solution Benefits: Broadest Interoperability SVC Support Multi-screen layouts, improved latency, and network resiliency for group collaboration Fully Standards-Based Connect to millions of existing video solutions Unique Native Integration with Skype for Business / Lync Better experiences, simplified workflow, click-to-join from calendar TIP Support Direct connection to non-standard Cisco environments
  18. 18. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 18 Native Skype for Business Integration • Native integration with Skype for Business / Lync 2013 integration − Native video, audio, and content – even control Skype for Business content from Group Series • Seamless extension of the Skype for Business experience to conference rooms − Gallery View across multiple displays, single click to dial into Lync meetings, presence/status • Robust support for both SfB and standards-based video increases flexibility
  19. 19. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 19 Polycom EagleEye Producer For any-sized organization that wants to greatly improve the video collaboration experience, EagleEye Producer is an intelligent camera peripheral that leverages the latest technology in facial recognition to provide an innovative, TV- production quality experience. Unlike typical face-tracking technologies, EagleEye producer continually monitors room activity, automatically frames meeting participants, and provides powerful analytical data that can be used for real estate planning, and optimized resources.
  20. 20. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 20 Audio Innovations: Polycom SoundStructure • Greatly enhances the audio in larger rooms • Advanced audio processing and capacity for many Polycom or 3rd party mics • Digital integration with RealPresence Group Series • Easily configurable for any application or room layout • High quality audio-only conferences, analog or VoIP
  21. 21. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 21 • High impact engagement and focus − Close-up views of every speaker – regardless of their position in the room − Nothing special for users to wear or do − Patent-pending innovation to accurately locate active speakers by voice triangulation and face- finding techniques − Training becomes more engaging, user adoption increases and delivers faster ROI Polycom EagleEye Director
  22. 22. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 22 Best-In-Class Experiences Highest Performance Collaboration System in the Market Today Up to 1080p60 People • Boosts both image clarity and motion smoothness • A new level of realism, making video more enjoyable to use Up to 1080p60 Content • Detailed full-motion video clips, CAD drawings, medical images • More productive meetings with no compromises
  23. 23. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 23 Polycom Group Collaboration Solution Benefits: Strongest Investment Protection H.264 High Profile Up to 50% bandwidth savings Simple UI Lowers IT Costs Easier for users, fewer IT support calls Leverage Previous Investments EagleEye Director, Polycom Touch Control, HDX accessories, SoundStructure, and cameras
  24. 24. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 24 Simplified Control with RealPresence Touch • 10” touch interface with a simple user experience that is consistent across the entire Polycom portfolio
  25. 25. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 25 Polycom Group Collaboration Experience Benefits: More personalized experiences, boosting meeting productivity EagleEye Director • High impact engagement and focus • Close-up views of every speaker – regardless of their position in the room EagleEye Producer • Automatically frames the camera view, changing the view as people come an go, for a better experience for all participants
  26. 26. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 26 Polycom SmartPairing™ Innovation • RealPresence Mobile enhances the room experience, bringing mobile and room environments together • Simple for users to instantly connect • Move mobile calls to conference rooms, share and annotate content, and control the room
  27. 27. © Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. 27 Polycom Group Collaboration Experience Benefits: Interactive and flexible content for no compromises collaboration 1080p60 Content • Share detailed full-motion video clips, CAD drawings, medical images with stunning realism Polycom VisualBoard • Content annotation from a touch monitor… • …or your own mobile device

Notas do Editor

  • Work takes place everywhere from being on the go to large community gatherings and there are video collaboration opportunities within each of these workspaces. The most common workspace with video is in the office for medium to large conference rooms. These are generally rooms that have been deemed “Videoconference rooms”. These rooms are setup with displays in the front of the room and a camera attached with a conference room table facing the display for anywhere to 5-20 participants in the room. Focusing on these medium to large meeting rooms, there are different options for video collaboration solutions.

    source: Knoll Workplace Research, Activity Spaces
  • When purchasing for these rooms there are two options. Traditionally, there is the custom build where an organization desires to design a system for each specific room. This is a great option if you want to choose certain components and build a system for a room with unique requirements. It can get complicated because each room can have different equipment so training and maintenance is not streamlined.

    The new option that many organizations are turning towards are all-in-one solutions. These solutions are similar to buying a laptop – where everything is included and no construction is needed. It provides a consistent look with a standard set of components. Generally, there are not options to customize the solution and is considered a “one size fits all” solution. This helps streamline training and maintenance as well as increases user adoption with a consistent user experience.

    Depending on your needs, each of these solutions are available. Today, we want to talk about all-in-one solutions simplifying your organization’s deployment.
  • When looking for all-in-one video solutions, organizations have many considerations: They need video collaboration to be reliable, easy to use, integrate into their current platform, straightforward ordering process, cost-effective, simple to maintain, high quality at low bandwidth and easy to install without the need for construction.

    Additional points for each requirement
    Reliable– increased quality of video makes it feel like people are in the same room, not thousands of miles apart
    Easy to use – systems must be simple to use or user adoption will drop.
    Platform Integration – organizations can’t change their infrastructure quickly so video must be able to work in any environment
    Straightforward ordering – everything must be included for easy deployment and the ordering process must be simple
    Cost effective– with decreasing budgets, organizations seek a low total cost of ownership solution
    Simple maintenance – if the system malfunctions, they need to be able to service it in the field instead of sending the entire system in for repair to minimize downtime
    Low bandwidth requirements – organizations need low bandwidth from video in order to maintain their network status
    Easy installation – organizations do not want to spend money on construction or remediating current rooms. The solution must be very simple to install as not all locations may have the technical knowledge to support
  • Let me introduce you to Polycom’s RealPresence Medialign. It’s an easy to deploy, all-in-one video collaboration solution with a modern innovative design with an unmatched user experience. Let’s dig a little deeper into what Medialign can offer.
  • Polycom’s RealPresence Medialign is all in one powerful video collaboration solution with an unmatched user experience that integrates into the broadest array of environments. We can explore each of these a bit further. (go to next slide)

    All-in-one - simple one-sku ordering and no tool installation provides easy global deployment. With accessible components in the slim, modern housing, maintenance in the field is a breeze.
    Powerful video collaboration – Our Group Series 500 provides powerful HD video collaboration capabilities at lower bandwidth. With innovations like SmartPairing, native Skype for Business/Lync integration and VisualBoard technology, the power surpasses all other systems on the market.
    Unmatched user experience –RealPresence Medialign is already upgraded with features that enhance the user experience. Hands-free camera operation with EagleEye Producer (EagleEye Director on dual 70”), RealPresence Touch which replaces confusing remote controls with a simple touch screen interface and audio innovations like NoiseBlock which automatically remove distracting non-human noises like keyboard typing and paper shuffling so meetings can remain on track.
    Broadest environment integration – RealPresence Medialign easily integrates into the broadest array of environments such as Cisco, Broadsoft and Microsoft with the Microsoft package. This allows you to bring best in class video collaboration into your current network.
  • Medialign offers everything you need to easily deploy video communications. With one sku ordering, no tools installation and accessible components for simple maintenance, it is the best all-in-one video collaboration solution on the market. The slim design easily fits into any room environment.
    Straightforward ordering – one sku includes everything you need to for a complete video collaboration solution
    No tools installation – easiest installation can be deployed to any location without construction or the need for technical knowledge
    Simple Maintenance – Access components in the field for easier service
    Slim modern design – fits into any room environment and adds contemporary influence to your workspace

  • Medialign offers powerful, reliable video collaboration with up to 50% less bandwidth requirements.
    Reliable – Polycom’s 25 year history of working in voice, video and content sharing gives you peace of mind that your videoconference system will work like you expect.
    Lower bandwidth – HD video quality at up to 50% lower bandwidth requirements so it won’t clog your network
    • (Polycom 1080p60 from 1740 Kbps, 1080p30 from 1024 Kbps, 720p60 from 832 Kbps, 720p30 from 512 Kbps)
    ● (Cisco 1080p60 from 2560 kbps, 1080p30 from 1472 kbps, 720p60 from 1152 kbps, 720p30 from 768 kbps)
    HD 1080p – 1080p license provides 1080p people and content resolution to share video clips, CAD animations, medical diagrams, or anything else you can dream up in high resolution
  • Medialign has addressed every detail for the user so collaboration is more effective and user adoption increases.

    Hands Free camera operation – Medialign has already been upgraded to include hands-free camera operation as a standard feature with EagleEye Producer or EagleEye Director (dual 70” only)
    Virtual whiteboarding – VisualBoard technology is embedded inside the Group Series 500 for use with a touch display package and easy virtual whiteboarding. For the standard (non-touch) package, you can purchase UC Board to turn your display into whiteboard for a richer collaborative experience.
    Touch interface – RealPresence Touch replaces remote controls to make starting and managing your calls as simple as possible
    Audio innovations – Polycom strives to enrich the meeting experience by constantly seeking out new innovations for the user experience. NoiseBlock automatically eliminates distracting non-human noises such as typing or shuffling papers. Acoustic Fence creates an invisible bubble around your meeting space to ensure background noise is not heard during your meeting.
  • With the industry’s broadest support for open, standards-based interoperability you can seamlessly integrate Medialign into your current operating environment, extending the benefits of your UC investment.
  • RealPresence Medialign is unlike anything on the market currently.

    All-in-one: Installation is the simplest on the market where you can install without tools or technical knowledge in under 90 minutes No other system allows you to install your video collaboration without tools. With easy component access in the field, your cost will be lower for maintenance in the field rather than returning the entire unit for any service needs.
    Powerful Video: With HD quality video at lower bandwidths than competing all-in-one products, you are ensured to have better quality video without clogging your network.
    Broad integration: build on your UC investment. Integrates into environments like Cisco, BroadSoft and Microsoft.
    Unmatched user experience: standard features including hands-free camera operation which enable users to be framed accurately without dealing with a remote control. Our enhanced audio innovations such as Polycom NoiseBlock technology ensure distracting noises are eliminated so people stay focused in the meeting. With the available touch screen options, your organization can bring interactive collaboration further with virtual whiteboarding to easily share ideas and thoughts.

    No other all-in-one video collaboration solution offers these features (red circles)
  • Who is benefiting from the use of all-in-one video collaboration centers?
    Enterprise organizations are finding the flexibility of adding these simple to install yet powerful video collaboration systems is ideal for their communications strategy.
    Training and education – The 70” displays are ideal for training rooms so everyone can still see everything while interacting with other participants
    Government – many contracts will not allow construction so these are perfect systems for government institutions.

    Ideal for organizations that need:
    Deployment to multiple locations as installation is the simplest on the market.
    Powerful video collaboration without construction because Medialign is a standalone system that doesn’t require construction or room remediation to install.
    Turnkey solution – everything is included in one convenient sku and can easily integrate into the broadest array of environments
    Consistent look and experience – ability to use the same sku but with different number of displays for different rooms gives your organization consistency
    Simple setup – no tools or technical knowledge needed to install/setup
    Increased user adoption – standard features minimize distractions and user interaction with technology so they are more likely to use
  • Each Medialign is standard with the same features but can be upgraded to include touch screen capabilities. There are single and dual 55” and 70” display packages.
    So, what is included in the Medialign package?
    Start with either a single or dual, 55” or 70” HD LED displays to fit your specific room requirements.
    EagleEye Producer with EagleEye IV camera are included on all units except the dual 70” packages which includes EagleEye Director with EagleEye III cameras. Both offer hands free camera operation to maximize the room view by accurately framing participants and minimizing user frustration with technology.
    RealPresence Group 500 powers your video conferencing system for reliable, powerful video and content sharing.
    High-fidelity audio speakers and a Polycom tabletop microphone ensures every word is delivered and heard crystal clear.
    Polycom’s innovative RealPresence Touch is included for simplified system control as well as all cables and connections you need to get up and running quickly.
    The 1080p and Lync interoperability licenses are also included to enhance your video collaboration experience.
    A CX 8000 codec version is expected to be available later
  • Again, here are the requirements you are looking for in all-in-one video solutions. RealPresence Medialign meets all of your needs for an ideal all-in-one video collaboration solution.
  • The Workplace of the Future is not a place or a thing; it’s a shift that results from the convergence of technologies, people and processes into one seamless digital experience that blends our personal and professional lives.
    The technology is available right now to take a step toward developing a true Workplace of the Future.
    You have the ability to create that new mode of working in your own organization – right now – and reap the benefits that come with it.
    And Polycom can help.
  • H.264 SVC support for simple point-to-point calling
    H.264 SVC calls to AVMCU, with gallery view participants seen across multiple displays so everyone is seen clearly
    Single group video solution for Lync 2013 or standards-based video for increased flexibility
  • Effective face detection up to 7m / 22.9 feet
    Horizontal FOV >80 degrees
    1,800.00 US MSRP target

  • The EagleEye Director is one-of-a-kind.
  • 1080p60 video:
    Amazing detail and clarity will supercharge your group collaboration, boosting productivity and helping your teams make decisions faster and get more done
    Combining the sharpness of 1080p resolution with the real-life motion of 60 frames per second results in next-generation video quality that looks as real as being there

    1080p60 content:
    Full-motion, HD content for detailed sharing of video clips, animations, CAD drawings, or virtually any type of content you can imagine
    Combining full-motion 1080p people and content together results in more effective collaboration with no compromises
  • High Profile: only for AVC, not SVC
    However, SVC delivers a 300% increase in bridge capacity, so it has its own strong TCO story

  • SmartPairing
    Ultrasonic Pairing technology brings room and mobile video together
    Users can bring their own tablet devices into Group Series rooms. The tablets automatically sense the Group Series system, giving the users the option to connect to the system with a single button press
    This “pairing” technology is patent-pending and unique to Polycom – no competitors can do this
    Pairing is the core technology, but it enables many different types of applications
    Room control is the first step, with Ultrasonic Pairing enabling future applications that use mobile devices to enhance the room experience. For today, once connected, RealPresence Mobile can be used to dial and control calls
    Available on RealPresence Mobile 2.0 for iPad initially, additional devices in the future
    Works with new Group Series, and HDX 3.1