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Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference m-commerce Panel

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Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference m-commerce Panel

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Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference m-commerce Panel

  1. Mobile eCommerce Panel China S U The Rise of Mobile Superpower Silicon Valley China Wireless ConferenceComputer History of Museum, Mountain View September 24, 2011
  2. Praveen AlavilliDeveloper EvangelisteBay / PayPalJames Smith Zvika AshkenaziCTO Co-Founder & CEOHeyzap MobileAppLoaderJoseph Wei Henry OhMobile & NFC Director of BusinessEvangelist Development Animoca Co-Founder of HK Startup Association
  3. Follow Us #SVCW #mCommerce or list rat ane nelist de P Pa MoBess Ho Praveen Alavilli Henry Oh@bess @ppalavilli @sfmoca list nelist list Pan e Pa PaneJames Smith Joseph Wei Zvika Ashkenazi@loopj @JosephWei @mobileapploader
  4. What is Mobile eCommerce?“Mobile Commerce is any transaction involving the transfer of ownership orrights to use goods and Services by using mobile or electronic device” from Wiki
  5. What are considered as mCommerce? Mobile ticketing Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards Content purchase and delivery Location-based services Mobile Banking, brokerage Mobile purchase and auctions from Wiki
  6. History of mCommerce In 1997 first two mobile phone enable Cocoa Cola vending machines were installed in Finland. Payment is made by SMS text message. Feature Phone Era
  7. History of mCommerceThe first mobile phone-based bankingservice is launched by Merita Bank ofFinland in 1997. It was using SMS.In 1998 first digital content sale, commercialringtones, was launched in Finland.
  8. Feature Phone Era
  9. In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced iPhone Smart Phone Era
  10. Smart Phone Era
  11. Smart Phone Era
  12. History of mCommerceIn 2005 TOM partnered with Union MobilePlay, the sole authorized mobile paymentgateway in China, to develop bank card,debit card and credit card mobile payment.Customer pay via mobile phone bill evenplane tickets.In 2007 China Unicom and SmartpayJieyin launched “China Unicom MobileWallet” on utility bill, insurance, lotteryticket.China’s m-commerce reached RMB 1.3Billion (US $163 Million) in 2006. Forecastto reach RMB 7.6 Billion (US $953 Million)by 2010. from Circleid.com
  13. Big News #1
  14. 1st Apple Store in Hong Kong5th Store in China100th Apple Store in the worldIFC Mall in Central DistrictMost expensive Apple Store in historyGrand Opening date - Sep 24, 2011
  15. Store will hire 300 staffExpected daily traffic of 40,000 customers4 times volume of avg US Apple Store
  16. How big is China for Apple? In 2010 Apple received $630 Million revenue in China In 2011 Apple received $3.8 Billion in a quarter - 6 times more with only 4 stores 13% of Apple revenue comes from China China Mobile 830 Million subscribers (US + European population) from mobilecommercetrends Tim Cook Apple CEO
  17. mCommerceChina becomes the 2nd largest MobileMarket after US30 Million of smart phone users in China10 Million Android users in China from mobilecommercetrends
  18. Big News #2
  19. NFC Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices overNexus S about a 10 centimeter (around 4 inches) distance.
  20. NFCGoogle Apple ISISAndroid iPhone 3 US WirelessUse NFC Chip
  21. NFCUse NFC Sticker
  22. PayPass Tap N Go
  23. Big News #3
  24. NFC 1st NFC Smartphone launched in China late 2011 Bank card network China UnionPayHTC Stunning
  25. mCommerceYihaodian, owned by WalMart, is testingdigital “shopping walls” in 70 undergroundstations in Shanghai. Used 500 billboards inBeijing.Consumers buy products by scanning codesfeatured on digital “display shelves” withproducts delivered in 24 hours.Plans include permanent shopping wallinstalled in largest cities and virtualsupermarkets in local communities. from Circleid.com
  26. mCommerceJiepang, similar to Foursquare, is partneringwith 3,000 stores in six cities to roll out NFCpayment to give offers after customers“check in”. from Circleid.com
  27. Missing any News?
  28. from MobilePaymentsToday.com’sThe Most Important Mobile Payment
  29. In Apr 2011 eBay acquired location-baseddiscovery mobile app WHERE Inc - patentfor geo fencing to send or receive notificationeBay acquired local-shopping search engineMilo in Dec 2010eBay acquired barcode-scanning appRedLaser in June 2010
  30. InterestingUnexpected Trends
  31. from Milo’s Mobile Warming: Hot Trends in m-commerce
  32. from Milo’s Mobile Warming: Hot Trends in m-commerce
  33. from Milo’s Mobile Warming: Hot Trends in m-commerce
  34. from Milo’s Mobile Warming: Hot Trends in m-commerce
  35. Mobile ShoppersHeavy Shoppers Light Shoppers phone = life phone = mini computer Shopping, SharingCheck news, Download In 2009 m-Commerce is $1.2 Billion In 2015 m-Commerce is predicted to hit $119 Billion from Microsoft Tag Team
  36. mCommerce Local Payment Remote PaymentLocal Payment and bank Non-bank account-based account-based remote remote payment is payment in early stage mainstream. SIM card-based and non-SIM card-based NFC are in trial stage. from Circleid.com
  37. ?Market Share 2011 Apple Android 52% 48%
  38. Follow Us #SVCW #mCommerce or de rat list Mo Pane Bess Ho Praveen Alavilli @bess @ppalavilli list list list list Pane Pane Pane PaneJames Smith Henry Oh Joseph Wei Zvika Ashkenazi@loopj @sfmoca @JosephWei @mobileapploader