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meet Jessica

  1. meet Jessica
  2. <ul><li>A.K.A…. </li></ul>
  3. Dr. Enterprise2.0
  4. Jessica works here………..
  5. and here………..
  6. Jessica’s Project team collaborate with colleagues here ……….. Sandwich Groton New London La Jolla St. Louis China (Wuxi) Thane (India) RTC
  7. so Jessica has to find ways of utilizing global services, in different time zones and with people she has not met……
  8. her boss subscribes to it via an RSS feed her team subscribe to it via an RSS feed 130 colleagues across Pfizer subscribe to it via an RSS feed they all feel like they know the project & the team well Jessica’s team has a TrpV1 project blog Jessica’s blog Add New Comment Jessica’s blog Add New Comment
  9. The TrpV1 project blog provides a discussion forum for the global team It’s also a way for others within the company to keep up to date and contribute to project discussions Joe Jessica
  10. In addition, Jessica receives RSS from all these sources PF-0219061-01 TA Newsletter
  11. Jessica’s team use OneNote online as a project eNoteBook ……. the team use the eNotebook share information and collaborate the team can collate all their information into one space irrespective of the source the team use their eNotebook as a record of all project activities
  12. Jessica and team like tools like OneNote because they are lightweight, easy to use and quick… No training needed for new team members – simply hook up and go
  13. Jessica uses SharePoint to manage her project……. she assigns tasks & deadlines to team members online team members communicate & check off tasks online Jessica monitors progress and workload online TRPv1
  14. Jessica uses Pfizerpedia….. a lot the wiki is accessible and editable by everyone at the company
  15. to create and communicate … and she encourages the TrpV1 team to use Pfizerpedia …..
  16. that’s less work for Jessica ….. … .and empowerment of her colleagues collaborative documentation…
  17. Jessica stores and tags all of her bookmarks on tags.pfizer.com … .everyone can see them….and she can see everyone else’s
  18. tags highlight her interests and areas of expertise she can see who else is interested in related things by exploring tags
  19. Jessica’s boss & project team use the same Social Bookmarking application…… … ..they subscribe to each others tag feeds via RSS
  20. Jessica also participates in the GPCR community of practice, which has a blog …… …… through this she is connected with Joe who supplied her with the antibodies the project needed
  21. Jessica maintains her profile in Pfizerpedia
  22. … .so does her boss and most of her team Another profile
  23. … .in fact, that’s how she’s built up her contacts . Using Social Networking methods to find colleagues and opportunities .
  24. … .if people don’t know what you can do…..why would they ask you to do it? Jessica says…….. advertise yourself!
  25. you see…. ..social networking is not just for kids!
  26. from her tags , her blog , her Pfizerpedia entries and profile……… people often contact Jessica from different groups and sites……..
  27. … just to say Hi….or to say, hey, I work on a similar project, how can we collaborate…? it’s about collaboration
  28. 18 months ago Jessica’s network looked like this ….. … . and was built with these tools….
  29. today Jessica’s network looks like this ….. Now she uses these tools…
  30. .. ask Jessica what does Enterprise2.0 mean to Pfizer………..?
  31. ..she’d say she hates buzz words………
  32. ..but it’s most definitely Social Computing within the firewall…….
  33. ..easy to use software bottom up , not top down, less feature bloat , more getting things done scrappy
  34. blogs wiki’s podcasts social networking online collaboration tagging social bookmarking
  35. ..they all have a social element
  36. Enterprise2.0 ….. initiated by those passionate about web2.0 and implemented by people like Jessica ….
  37. Simon Revell Scott Gavin Jason Marshall Ben Gardner For further information contact Paul Driscoll Mark Lord Steven Herring