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Recruiting and Selection Essentials

This session focuses on a key problem many businesses face: recruiting and selecting the right talent to drive their goals and overall strategy. During this session I provided a 101 and 201 level overview of recruiting methods, tools, and technology. In addition, we looked at selection and how to do it well.
This is a session in the NASHRM/Huntsville Chamber of Commerce HR Series.

Session two focuses on employee retention: https://www.slideshare.net/beneubanks/how-to-retain-your-workforce-nashrmhuntsville-chamber-hr-series

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Recruiting and Selection Essentials

  1. 1. HR Series Recruiting and Selection
  2. 2. About Ben Eubanks
  3. 3. Agenda Recruiting Recruiting A little more recruiting Selection More recruiting (if time permits)
  4. 4. Status Check
  5. 5. The REAL Agenda Recruiting 101 Recruiting 201 Selection Q&A ?
  6. 6. Recruiting 101
  7. 7. The Legal World
  8. 8. Needs Analysis As with pretty much everything in HR, recruiting starts with a needs analysis (the job req). ● Requirements ● Budget
  9. 9. Internal/External Methods Posting Pros (Chipotle) Cons Referrals Web Social Job Fairs Agencies And more…
  10. 10. Applicant Tracking Systems Workflow Posting Collaboration Collection/parsing
  11. 11. Effectiveness/Efficiency Cost per hire Time to fill Turnover/tenure Yield ratios EEO/AAP goals ATS, other tools Brand
  12. 12. Discussion Question Which is more important, time to fill or cost per hire? Is there a “right” number for time to fill? How might you measure your employer brand?
  13. 13. Recruiting 201
  14. 14. Social Recruiting Source: Brandon Hall Group
  15. 15. Googling Candidates ● SHRM research: – 77% of orgs using social recruiting – 20% of orgs using for screening (truth?) ● What about you? ● The unspoken problem
  16. 16. Boolean Sourcing ● Boolean search is not social media, but you search social data ● Type “ben eubanks” site:linkedin.com and you can see my profile, even if we’re not connected ● Now try it for one of your hard to fill openings ● CVfox.com will also do this
  17. 17. Recruiting Like a… Recruiting Firm
  18. 18. Job Posting Optimization • First result=50% clickthrough • Research other postings • Accounting vs. Accountant (193 vs 27) • Location is key • Write like job seekers think, not like you do
  19. 19. Referrals Still Work
  20. 20. More Technology! • Video interviewing • Recruiter marketplaces • Social referrals • Search the open web • BooleanBlackBelt
  21. 21. Branding Can you answer this question every candidate wants to know (preferably before they even ask)? Why would I want to work for you?
  22. 22. Sourcing Strategies • Where do your stars come from? • What about specific roles? Where do you find those? • Have a unique job? Find someone doing it and quiz them on buzzwords, industry terms, etc. to include in a job posting.
  23. 23. Discussion Questions Mario is a senior UH-60M instructor pilot and far exceeds the performance of other staff pilots in his peer group. His manager comes to you asking for “another Mario.” This is your first time recruiting for one of these positions. How do you proceed?
  24. 24. Balancing Culture and Quals
  25. 25. Pro Tip: Measure and Revise • Do you know what source drives more candidates? • Which source provides the best quality candidates? • How are you recruiting differently today than you did last year?
  26. 26. Re-recruit your employees daily
  27. 27. Selection
  28. 28. Interviews • Canned questions • Specific questions • Behavioral interviews • Structured vs. Unstructured • Interviewers: who? • How many interviews?
  29. 29. The Future: We’re There
  30. 30. The “Achiever Pattern” ● A track record of promotions ● Being assigned the more challenging tasks compared to the person’s peer group ● Volunteering for projects no one else wants, and/or those that accelerate the person's growth ● Being rewarded in some unique way, e.g., bigger bonus, earlier raise, special recognition, assigned to high potential group, or awarded prize or fellowship Credit: Lou Adler
  31. 31. Testing/Assessments
  32. 32. The Sensitive Stuff ● Background checks, medical exams, drug testing, etc. ● Required? ● State laws
  33. 33. Discussion time Are interviews the best way to select candidates? Interviewing at the Lampo Group A) 1 B) 5 C) 12
  34. 34. Additional Resources Recruitingblogs.com ERE TimSackett.com HRCapitalist.com ATS Vendor Blogs
  35. 35. Wrapping Up
  36. 36. Let’s Connect! ● Twitter: @beneubanks ● LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/beneubanks ● Email: ben@upstarthr.com ● Free eBooks on HR departments of one, engagement, onboarding, retention, and more: upstarthr.com/freebies