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Build, Buy, or Borrow: The Gig Economy Impact on Talent

The gig economy is a relatively new topic for some business leaders, but it is actually a great tool for leveraging the talent available outside the organization for getting things accomplished. In this short presentation, delivered Ignite style, we cover some of the key aspects of the trend and why it matters.

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Build, Buy, or Borrow: The Gig Economy Impact on Talent

  1. 1. Build, Buy, or Borrow Rethinking today’s evolving talent decisions
  2. 2. The Future is Here
  3. 3. •Upwork •Wonolo •Taskrabbit •Toptal •Shiftgig
  4. 4. • Airbnb for work: Regus, spacebase Source: JPMorgan Chase
  5. 5. Growth of W-9's vs W-2's W2 W9*Illustration purposes only
  6. 6. Disengagement, 287% Fake Disengagement Statistics
  7. 7. Flexibility | Variety | Passion
  9. 9. Carnegie Mellon vs. Uber
  10. 10. Carnegie Mellon vs. Uber
  11. 11. Token Cheesy Stock Photo  Performance  Training  Onboarding
  12. 12. Build, Buy, or Borrow Key Takeaways: • The gig mentality is penetrating the workforce • Unexpected sources can deliver amazing talent • Talent is more than what you can just build or buy