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Question two

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Question two

  1. 1. Question 2How did you represent social groups?
  2. 2. In my product, I have chosen to represent theteenage rocker/skater stereotype.
  3. 3. Id like to think of the stereotype as someone likemyself.
  4. 4. Although I mainly listen to rock and alterative music.
  5. 5. I also like other types of music, like electronic, danceand dubstep.
  6. 6. The skater/rocker stereotypeare normally representedwearing flannel shirts, skinnyor baggy jeans, Hoodies, skatebranded t-shirts, and wearvans, DC or etnies shoes.Hairstyle is usually messyfringed hair, or long and wavy.
  7. 7. The rocker/skater stereotype are considered musical,with them matching styles of most modern rockartists.In their spare time the stereotype is presumed to besat in sketeparks , or biking around the streets onBMX or skateboard. Hobbies include playing somesort of rock instrument, listening to music, or skating.
  8. 8. Front coverIn my product I have represented this bythe college styled logo to represent theteenage side.My model wearing holding aguitar, wearing black jeans, and a black T-shirt. Suggests he listens to rockmusic, he plays the guitar and likes rockstyle clothing.The red, black, white, and yellow colorscheme suggests rock music with mostpopular bands and rock magazines usingthese colors. Also to note is most flannelshirts are normally red, and white. Andallot of popular shoes are either plainblack or black and white.
  9. 9. ContentsIn my contents I have used thered, white, black, and yellow colorscheme again.In my competition the prize is aguitar which is perfect for mystereotype, with them liking rockmusic, and like to play a rockorientated instrument.Also in the subscription box if yousubscribe you will receive a freeflannel shirt, so this will encouragethe reader to subscribe.
  10. 10. Double page spreadAgain I have used thered, black, white, and yellow colorschemeMy models are wearingappropriate clothing again in mymain image. Joe on the left iswearing a shirt while Liam on theright is wearing jeans and a greyshirt.The font is again rock orientatedwith the on the rise being chunkyand bold like the music its relatedto.