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Metaplastic Breast Cancer

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This presentation is about the 100 women who have died from Metaplastic Breast Cancer in the past two years. They are women from our Facebook group. This describes the aggressive types of MBC - Squamous, Matrix, Chondria, Spindle, Matrix and Carcinsarcoma.

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Metaplastic Breast Cancer

  1. 1. Metaplastic Breast Cancer MBC Statistics from the www.metaplasticbreastcancer.net And https://www.facebook.com/groups/metaplasticbc/ Please also see www.benaroberts.com
  2. 2. • Bena Roberts was diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer in 2009, following a mystery purple rash which covered her body for the previous nine months. • She had Stage 2b, Grade 3 Metaplastic Breast Cancer with Squamous, Ductual and Lobular components. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and there was a shadow on her lungs. • She participated in a clinical trial and took the chemo FEC-D followed by 7 weeks radiation and then a course of Bis-Phosphonate therapy. • After therapy Bena created a blog under her own name and started campaigning to highlight the extremely rare metaplastic breast cancer. Her and her team of administrators run and manage four facebook sites and two websites related to Metaplastic Breast Cancer. • This information has been collected with permission from the • Women who have died from Metaplastic Breast Cancer.
  3. 3. Metaplastic Breast Cancer (MBC) is a very rare and aggressive breast cancer.
  4. 4. Since 2009 there have been approximately 100 known deaths of women with Metaplastic Breast Cancer on our Facebook Cancer Forum and support group
  5. 5. The main types are: Squamous, Spindle, Matrix, Large Cell and Carcinsarcoma.
  6. 6. Death from Types of Metaplastic Breast Cancer Squamous Matrix, Chondria, Carcinsarcoma ER+ PR+ Spindle
  7. 7. Some forms of Metaplastic Breast Cancer are more aggressive than others. The majority of deaths on our cancer support site have been Matrix, Chrondroid or Carcinsarcoma. This often means that cartilage is also found in the tumour. Aggressive treatment has meant that at least 6 Stage 4 MBC women are in remission. MBC needs to be treated quickly. When treated the success rate of chemo or surgery is high. We have 250 women with MBC who are alive and well in our support group and 20 that have Stage 4 MBC.
  8. 8. Metaplastic Breast Cancer Deaths Stopped Chemo Died suddenly Didn't have chemo Died in treatment
  9. 9. The standard therapy for Metaplastic Breast Cancer is FEC-D in Germany. In the UK its FEC and in the US it is A/C. However when the cancer spreads or turns to METS then a stronger Platinum based cancer is needed. These are Cisplatin, Carboplatin and Oxaliplatin. They are very strong and where they tend to work on Metaplastic Breast Cancer, the side effects can be harrowing. Hence, the largest number of deaths on our Metaplastic Breast Cancer site are from women who simply stop the chemo.
  10. 10. Died Suddenly – Unfortunately sometimes the strain of having Chemo and cancer can have a sudden fatal impact.
  11. 11. For the very few who didn’t have chemo or reacted too late to Metaplastic Breast Cancer they died within approximately 10 months.
  12. 12. Died in Treatment Many of our ladies with very rare cancer are on the PARP or the DAT Trial. Unfortunately, however good these trials are – they don’t always work. Out of the women who died in treatment the majority 8/10 had chemotherapy before removal of the tumour. This is why we advocate surgical removal of any tumour prior To chemotherapy. However, we support any personal choice.
  13. 13. Is this bad news? No! Unfortunately some women do die of metaplastic breast cancer but many more survive. The secret is to get treatment fast, to have the cancer removed immediately and do follow a regime of chemotherapy. There are three women in our group that had surgery and radiation and are alive and well. .
  14. 14. For more information please contact Benabroberts@gmail.com
  15. 15. Bena Roberts has been responsible for tracking and communicating with any Stage 4 Metaplastic Breast cancer patient since 2009. She has documented and charted reasons for death and which treatments were given to girls that died. The following information is based on these findings from the death of 100 unique, bright and lovely women who all had this aggressive and rare type of cancer. I hope this information will help students and medics to fight Metaplastic Breast Cancer