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Belle Tire Car Care Tips Coolant

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The water pump circulates vital fluid, coolant/antifreeze, through the engines radiator and coolant system and protects it from overheating and potentially expensive damage. By understanding the warning signs of coolant system problems and practicing proper maintenance, you will extend the life of your vehicle. Details at: http://www.belletire.com

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Belle Tire Car Care Tips Coolant

  1. 1. Coolant Car Care Tips
  2. 2. Prevent Overheating & Expensive Engine Damage Think of your vehicle’s coolant system as the heart of your vehicle. Neglect it and, well, you’ve got real trouble. Your coolant system pumps vital coolant to the radiator and cooling system to prevent overheating and expensive engine damage.
  3. 3. Watch Out for These Warning Signs! And just like with your heart, there are warning signs when things aren’t right – coolant drips or puddles under the car, temperature gauge is higher than normal, steam from under the hood, antifreeze in the floor of the passenger compartment and of course, a warning light on the dash. It could be a clog, corrosion, leaking hoses or worse.
  4. 4. System Maintenance: At Least Once A Year! So it’s important to check your fluid level regularly, and add coolant if necessary. And once a year, bring your car in for a professional coolant system maintenance check that includes hoses, belts, radiator and water pump.
  5. 5. http://www.belletire.com Belle Tire!