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Utterz Pod

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Basic intro to using Utterz in teaching and learning. Presentation for Maricopa Tech Conference 2008 (http://maricopatech.org/) a 2-year college.

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Utterz Pod

  1. 1. Using UTTERZ in Teaching & Learning
  2. 2. Utterz in a nutshell Post audio, video, pics, and text from mobile to your blog or social network
  3. 3. Call UTTERZ from cell phone. Or create one online from your account.
  4. 4. Your UTTERZ will show up under your profile
  5. 5. Tag your UTTERZ with key words Search for TAG words here
  6. 6. Then create an Utterz widget on your blog and stream current UTTERZ tagged with a specific word – like “MaricopaTech”
  7. 7. Add PICS to your UTTERZ
  8. 8. Add VIDEO to your UTTERZ
  9. 9. Share your UTTERZ in an email, on a blog, or in a social network
  10. 10. Or embed the UTTERZ and choose your player.
  11. 11. Add other UTTERZ friends to your ‘circle’ and stay current with their UTTERZ.
  12. 12. Utter your first “MOO” and be ‘herd’