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Annual report Bonisteel 2015

Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report

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Annual report Bonisteel 2015

  1. 1. 2015 Bonisteel Library Annual Report Igniting a lifelong passion for the arts Bonisteel Library 9900 Diamond Park Rd. Interlochen, MI 49643 T 231.276.7420 library-help@interlochen.org http://library.interlochen.org Interlochen Center for the Arts
  2. 2. Introduction The focus of this first year has been to explore informally the library experience of the user from the lens of the institution’s core purpose: to ignite lifelong passion for the arts. As a new director, with a new technical librarian and a new archivist on staff it has helped keep our perspectives fresh, but it has also been crucial to have insights from the experience and expertise of our archivist-historian, music librarians and support staff. We are trying to understand our users experience as they enter and interact in the physical space and the online space. Our inquiry involves some of the following: • Why do our users come to the library? • How do our users find a comfortable and productive space to work in the li- brary; find and access the online library page and catalog, and find a book, informa- tion, or equipment? • What are they using when they are in the physical and online space? • Ultimately, do our users leave satisfied with the services of our library from their uses and experience with the facility and technology, the breadth of the collection, and attention from staff? • Using the language of the institution’s core values—are our library users inspired, nurtured, transformed, en- lightened and leave with en- during skills? As we have been making these inquiries we also recognize we are not alone. We have a fabulous support system throughout the institution and are trying to interact and work in the best way with the backing and collaboration of the institution’s administration, educa- tion, technology, marketing, fi- nance, human resources, mainte- nance, advancement, presenta- tions, and program departments. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 1
  3. 3. General Description Bonisteel Library is a vibrant hub for the Interlochen community consisting of The Se- abury Academic Library, The Frederick and Elizabeth Ludwig Fennell Music Library and The Archives of the Interlochen Center for the Arts (ARTICA). Accessible and knowledgable staff, a beautiful and welcoming facility, modern technology, and diverse collections provide high quality services that support and promote the academic and artistic needs of our learning community. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 2
  4. 4. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 3 The Seabury Academic Library is located on the upper level of the Bonisteel Library. The library's dynamic collection supports the arts and academic disciplines with a vast and diverse variety of materials including online databases such as eBrary, Jstor, ArtStor, Literature Resource Center, Theatre in Video, and American Film Scripts. The library also provides meeting and study spaces and a variety of AV equipment that can be checked out.
  5. 5. The Frederick and Elizabeth Ludwig Fennell Music Library is located on the lower level of the Bonisteel Library. The Music Library has over 100,000 items in its collection of scores, music periodicals, performance materials and sound recordings. Online data- bases for streaming audio, such as Naxos and Clas- sical Music Library, are available through the library website. The library also provides three group listen- ing rooms and a listening center with individual sta- tions. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 4
  6. 6. The Archives of the Interlochen Center for the Arts (ARTICA) is located on the lower  level of the Bonisteel Library, and houses the institutional documents and photographic his tory of ICA, as well as the Greenleaf Collection of Musical Instruments. The document portion consists of over 300 linear feet of records. The photographic portion of the collec- tion contains tens of thousands of large and medium format photo negatives, color slides and prints, hand-tinted glass negatives, and 8 x 10 black and white prints. The Greenleaf Collection contains over 200 brass and woodwind instruments from the 18th-20th centu- ries, as well as a number of ethnic instruments from around the world. The audio and film portions of ARTICA are housed at Interlochen Public Radio, and consist of over 10,000 hours of audio record- ings on open reel tape, DAT, cassette, audio CD and vinyl transcription discs. In addition there are hundreds of reels of motion picture film in 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8 formats, along with VHS, Beta- cam and Digital Beta tapes. Most portions of the collection are open to researchers by appointment. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 5
  7. 7. Highlights • New Technical Librarian hired (Sela Constan-Wahl) • New Archivist hired (Leo Gillis) • Engaging collaboration with academic/camp studios and classes to help users strengthen infor- mation literacy skills, e.g. research skills • Seabury Grant of $15,700 received (see chart on page 8 for accounting) • Inventory of all Academic Library materials completed • Tumblr site initiated to highlight books, music, scores, archives, resources, databases, programs, tech tips, our learning community's accomplishments, and whatever else might seem relevant. (Traffic has increased by 3X since March) • New databases subscribed from Alexander Street Press that include Classical Music Library; Contemporary World Music; Popular Music Library; Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries; Gar- land Encyclopedia for World Music; Classical Music Reference Library;African American Music Reference that enhance that enhance listening options and presented to our community. • New databases purchased from Gale that include The Times Digital Archive, 1785-2008; Sources in U.S. History Online: The Civil War, 1861-1865, Slavery in America, 17th C. – late 19th C., The American Revolution, 1765-1783; Smithsonian Collections Online: World's Fairs and Ex- positions - Visions of Tomorrow (1834-1940); Smithsonian Collections Online: Air & Space (1986- 2010) and Smithsonian Magazine; 19th Century U.S. Newspapers, 1800-1899; Liberty Maga- zine, 1924-1950 that enhance our humanities classes and presented to our community. • Lighting throughout the library has been greatly improved for users to better see books on the shelves and for reading • Variety of continuous displays inform and showcase the collection and support the curriculum in both physical and online spaces • eBrary database promoted during full staff meeting and student research sessions which also included various topic/themed bookshelves—usage increased by 237% • New Equipment added (new copier in the Music library, Epson v800 scanner for photo archives, iPads, Yeti microphones, webcam, zoom recorders) for better user experiences and creativity. • 5-year program review presented • PD provided for library staff and presented during Professional Development Day for full staff • Libguides initiated to provide an overall better user experience for instruction and leaning guides • Archivist’s Toolkit software installed for archival description • New protocol set up for scanning negatives that is up to archival standards, (including scanning at higher resolutions, using Photoshop for processing, and making access copies) • Rough inventory of audio tape recording finished. • Two Archives rooms organized to create more space for both processing and housing of materi- als. • New job description for photo-archivist written. • Coordinating theme of light for next year’s academy theme. For more details see first and second semester highlights Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 6
  8. 8. By the Numbers THE BUDGET Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 7
  9. 9. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 8
  10. 10. More By the Numbers COLLECTION AND CIRCULATION Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 9 June 2014 - June 2015 Total Additions: 3308 TOTAL MUSIC: 11,883** Academy Camp Camp Academy TOTAL ACADEMIC: 13,337 June 2014 - June 2015 Total # of Items in the Bonitsteel Collection CHECKED OUT: 25,220 Total of # Items in the Bonitsteel Collection: 262,473 Total Titles: 236,267 (30 June 2015) **Excludes large ensemble music loans to academy and camp
  11. 11. Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 11 MeLCat is an online catalog and delivery service that allows our patrons to borrow materials — books, movies, CDs and more — from all over the state and have them delivered to our school library, as well as our library lends to other librar- ies. 400+libraries are involved. Music Ensembles for 2014-5 Academy Year: Prepared parts for: • 30 orchestral works (includes 5 chamber works with eighth blackbird and all new parts, with cuts, for Sleeping Beauty) • 47 band works • 51 academy choir works Music Ensembles for 2014 Camp Prepared parts for: • 23 HS band works • 29 HS orchestral works • 21 HS choral works • 15 HS Opera scenes • 42 HS jazz works • 21 INT band works • 26 INT orchestral works • 32 INT choral works • 9 INT jazz works • 13 JR band works • 22 JR orchestral works • 9 JR choral works Loaned parts to: • 290 HS instrumentalists • 76 HS jazz • 84 HS vocalists • 308 INT instrumentalists • 31 INT jazz • 93 INT vocalists • 189 JR instrumentalists • 53 JR vocalists All of this is done in just over 7 weeks by 7 interns.
  12. 12. Goals As presented in our five year program review, here are some key points: • Improve the Technical Infrastructure & Content Management • Provide a better ILS ( integrated library system), also known as a library management system (LMS) to create a better online presence • Increase and improve access and discovery opportunities • Create a user-friendly homepage access • Integrate discovery services • Increase and improve collaboration and learning • Practice effective curation strategies and techniques • Increase and improve the library’s visibility and usability as the place for innovation, serv- ice, and leadership • Meet with core courses and embed instruction! • Provide online tutorials/courses (not just stand-alones—embedded in courses/ context) Immediate goals for next year: Because of the confines of our contract (June 2016), we will be using our current configuration of our ILS: SIRSI-Dynix (library operating system) through that date. 1. We expect to have in place once we reach June 2016 an improvement on our • discovery services • homepage for library • decision on the ILS   (library operating system) Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 11
  13. 13. 2. In addition, we will have LibGuides up and running with pages created in collaboration with the faculty.  3. We will have created a point person (librarian) for each of the new in-coming students for a better orientation and information literacy experience for all new students. 4. Write a mission statement for the library 5. Hire for Academic Librarian position (30 hrs) Bonisteel Library 2015 Annual Report 11 Library Staff Beth Gourley, Library Director Eleanor Lange, Head of the Fennell Music Library Sela Constan-Wahl, Technical Services Librarian Jacey Kepich, Assistant Music Librarian & Coordinator of Access Services Jan Doerfer, Academic & Music Library Assistant Jenny Munten, Music Library Assistant Leo Gillis, Archivist Byron Hanson, Archivist-Historian Terri McCarthy, Photo Archivist Bonisteel Library 9900 Diamond Park Rd. Interlochen, MI 49643 T 231.276.7420 library-help@interlochen.org http://library.interlochen.org 12