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Take Control of Your Site w/ WordPress

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Take Control of Your Site w/ WordPress

  2. 2. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign WHAT IS WORDPRESS? WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It's often customized into a Content Management System (CMS). It has many features including a plug- in architecture and a template system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia At this point over 25% of ALL websites are powered by WordPress. 2
  3. 3. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF WORDPRESS Wordpress.COM – Set up a site for free and start blogging! Limited theme choices Restricted plug-in use Non-commercial only Limited traffic allowed Yourdomain.wordpress.com No worries about hosting or updates 3
  4. 4. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF WORDPRESS Wordpress.ORG – Install the software on your hosting server – many hosts have a quick way to do this through the control panel Famous less than 5 minute install (after DB has been configured) Almost unlimited design and functionality options Keep it updated! Recommend using a pro to get things designed and setup. Coding knowledge is necessary. 4
  5. 5. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF WORDPRESS Wordpress.ORG + Wordpress.COM Use the same software Creation and editing are done in the “dashboard” – (backdoor) 5
  6. 6. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign THINGS TO BE AWARE OF If you already have a site that is NOT WordPress If you only need to make a few small changes in a year, creating a new site in WordPress may not be worth it Most sites can be re-created with WordPress, but it’s not a simple copy & paste You will be starting over… Sites are like computers – over 5 years is really old 6
  7. 7. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign THINGS TO BE AWARE OF When using a pro…. Be clear on what you want in a site Design and functionality Be sure TRAINING is included You should know how to add/edit content Be sure that you have your login info for the site as well as your hosting and domain 7
  8. 8. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign LET’S LOGIN & PLAY 8
  9. 9. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign POSTS AND PAGES Posts – for the “blog” All posts show up in a list and work as a group Default is Latest First Usually has comments, but doesn’t have to Can be assigned categories and be categories can be added to menu 9
  10. 10. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign POSTS AND PAGES Pages - for most of the regular “static” pages of the site, i.e. Home, Contact, About They generally do not have dates or comments or categories attached to them They work independently Pages & Posts can be edited and changed at any time from the Dashboard 10
  11. 11. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign  Images need to be edited/optimized before being uploaded to site!  Average size off camera = 6000px  Average width of site = 1000px  Large images = SLOW load  All images live in the media library  Use readable titles  Add alt tags!  Can be added to pages or posts easily  Slideshows require all images to be the same size 11 IMAGES
  12. 12. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign  Completely within your control  Page has to be created first  Can change title for menu  Can use custom links or categories  Can create children (drop downs) 12 MENUS
  13. 13. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign Themes control the Look, Feel and Functionality of a WordPress site. Layout (templates): Distinct looks for Home, pages, portfolio, blog etc. Side bar on left or right or both? Widgets available? Designed to be Responsive? What does YOUR content need? Style: Purple & white or green & brown? What font? What size, color of font? or 13 THEMES BUTTON Button
  14. 14. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign Ready-made themes Wordpress.org/themes – free Many vendors, usually $20-$80 Look at structure, templates, keep your content in mind Don’t be sucked in by splashy design Carefully investigate the documentation and support before purchase Words to look for: templates, widgets, responsive, support No coding needed, but still a learning curve Built for masses, many options Custom built themes Hire a pro or learn to code (HTML, CSS, PHP) Built just for what you need 14 THEMES
  15. 15. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign 15 THEME STRUCTURE All of these files connect to the mySQL database. That’s where the content lives. Widgets are containers that mostly live in the sidebar, but can be in the footer or header too! Style.css controls the look of everything. widget widget (Where the “Loop” happens)
  16. 16. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign Plugins add functionality to the site. Backups Slideshows Forms Social media connections Shopping carts Custom fields and content areas SEO Wordpress.org/plugins 41,550 in the repository Many more “premium” ($) ones available Research and play required 16 PLUGINS
  17. 17. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign 17 THAT’S A WORDPRESS SITE?  Vogue.com  Newyorker.com  Lafeber.com  chicagotribunemediagroup.com  hydeparkday.org  https://wordpress.org/showcase/ many more examples!
  18. 18. BeckyDavisDesign.com @beckyddesign becky@beckydavisdesign.com beckydavisdesign.com http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-WordPress-Meetup/ come and learn more! Thanks! 18 CONTACT