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Open Source at scale: the Apache Software Foundation

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What is the Apache Software Foundation, how it works and why we need it.

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Open Source at scale: the Apache Software Foundation

  1. 1. Open Source at scale: the Apache Software Foundation Bertrand Delacrétaz @bdelacretaz, grep.codeconsult.ch Apache Software Foundation Member and Director. Principal Scientist, CQ/AEM R&D group, Adobe Basel. November 2013 slides revision 2013-11-16 Reading list: delicious.com/bdelacretaz/asfbasics The Apache Software Foundation http://www.apache.org/
  2. 2. disclaimer Very often, the ASF does not have an official view on things - we are a group of individuals with varying opinions. So, this is my own personal view. (but in general I am fairly well informed about the ASF ;-) The Apache Software Foundation http://www.apache.org/
  3. 3. what is the ASF? The Apache Software Foundation http://www.apache.org/
  4. 4. The Apache Software Foundation http://www.apache.org/ 501(c)(3) charity, volunteer organization "we Apache License 2.0(business-friendly) b uild the ~200 projects, >3'000 committers, Inte rne ~400 members, 9 directors t" No technical roadmap at the Foundation level (a.k.a "board, shut up!") Yearly budget around $750k No offices, (almost) no meetings The purpose of the Corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity..., including the creation and maintenance of "open source" software distributed by the Corporation to thehttp://apache.org charge. public at no sponsors:
  5. 5. how does the ASF work?
  6. 6. in see BasicPrinciples 50 yo ye u Create and release source code. ars ! Open, sustainable, resilient. Asynchronous open collaboration. Build consensus, voting if needed. New projects enter via Incubator. Individuals, not companies. The Apach Everybody has a voice, meritocracy. Simple, low-key. Commercial-friendly license, no exceptions! Community over Code! ftware Foundat
  7. 7. The Apache Different cultures, timezones, mother tongues, ... Recipe for failure? are Foundation www.apache.org/ smiley: dhester on morguefile.com / map: http://people.apache.org/map.html
  8. 8. open everybody gets the same information picture: taysm on morguefile.com
  9. 9. meritocratic nobody knows you’re a dog picture: xandert on morguefile.com
  10. 10. sustainable conflict resolution rules self-service archives exposure promotes quality picture: ostephy on morguefile.com
  11. 11. The Apache are Foundation “centralized asynchronous open collaboration bus” discussions, decisions, votes: mailing lists & archives code: g / w w w . a p atasks:h e . code repository c o rshared/ issue tracker smiley: dhester on morguefile.com
  12. 12. Roles The Apach http://www.apache.org/foundation/how-it-works.html Users Use Apache software tware Foundati Contributors Suggest concrete improvements Don’t be shy! p://www.apache.org PMC vote Committers Have write access to source code PMC vote PMC members Run our projects “Project Management Committee” And also: ASF members Officers Board of (9) Directors
  13. 13. Success stories! Apache Tomcat (TM) And many others...
  14. 14. why do we need the ASF?
  15. 15. A neutral place where individuals create open source software collaboratively, based on well-honed operating principles and best practices. “the Switzerland of Open Source”
  16. 16. it’s about feedback pictures: taliesin, kevinrosseel xfoto on morguefile, ed e t fs! fas p loo ck ba
  17. 17. The same can work inside your organization
  18. 18. Open source success stories! from the ASF and others Semi-chaotic, multicultural, multi-timezone distributed teams that are very successful.
  19. 19. obstacles a.k.a "excuses"
  20. 20. it's our own stuff photo by allclasswork on morguefile.com
  21. 21. my code is not finished photo by beglib on morguefile.com
  22. 22. mistakes in public... photo by xenia on morguefile.com
  23. 23. obstacles don't let them stop you
  24. 24. In summary... This works! You can join! Try it at home! BertrandDelacrétaz November2013 Readinglist: https://delicious.com/bdelacretaz/asfbasics