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Aftermix And Video

Presentation given by Brian Deitte at 360Flex.

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Aftermix And Video

  1. 1. Aftermix and Video in Flex Brian Deitte
  2. 2. Who Am I? Developer for Aftermix at Brightcove Previously worked on Flex compiler team http://www.deitte.com
  3. 3. Aftermix demo and discussion Video deep-dive Questions What’s In This Talk?
  4. 4. Aftermix Demo For more than a demo: http:// snipurl.com/aftermix
  5. 5. Aftermix Editor
  6. 6. Aftermix Manager
  7. 7. Aftermix Runner <asset> <id>20040</id> <mixIn>0</mixIn> <sourceIn>40</sourceIn> <duration>30</duration> <display group=&quot;3&quot; track=&quot;2“ properties=&quot;x=0:y=0:width=160:height=120&quot; /> <defaultUrl> http://localhost:8080/media/10026/10026_20040_1dafebb9d02c.flv </defaultUrl> </asset>
  8. 8. Video in Flex, Flash, and Aftermix Not covering FLV creation, encoding, or code Find Dave Hassoun’s speech for the above
  9. 9. Progressive vs Streaming Progressive: HTTP download Stream: RTMP stream
  10. 10. VideoDisplay vs NetConnection vs Other Solutions Most of the time VideoDisplay works. Watch out for fast context switching, size, and streaming.
  11. 11. Content Distribution Network (CDN) Most simply, a lot of servers around the world. Limelight, Akamai are examples.
  12. 12. … Or Use a Video Service Provider Many choices for dealing with video player, CDN, etc.
  13. 13. Keyframes (Keyframes in video, not Flash Authoring.) Keyframes is one part of video compression.
  14. 14. Keyframes from ActionScript No standard API Often accessed through metadata Not usually needed
  15. 15. Looking at Keyframes RichFlv, for inspecting videos: http://www.richapps.de/?p=82
  16. 16. Questions? [email_address] http://www.deitte.com http://snipurl.com/aftermix