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Termite Infestation, Their Treatment and Prevention Methods

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Termite attacks can cause a lot of damage to the property. So, it is very essential to treat and prevent their attacks. Go through this slideshare to know about the visible signs of termite attacks, and their treatment and prevention methods.

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Termite Infestation, Their Treatment and Prevention Methods

  1. 1. Termite Infestation, Their Treatment and Prevention Methods
  2. 2. Where do termites live? • Humid, still and dark places • The interior surface of timber • Between walls
  3. 3. ● Mud tubes on the interior or exterior walls of the house, on support piers, sill plates or floor joists. ● An unpleasant odour which is similar to that of mildew or mould ● Temporary swarm ● Wood that produces a hollow sound on being tapped. ● Shedded wings of termites. ● Tiny holes on the surface of walls The visible signs of termite attacks include
  4. 4. Treatment Methods • Barrier treatments • Termite baits • Liquid soil-applied treatments • Wood treatments • Building materials impregnated with termicides
  5. 5. Preventive Methods • Secure all sources of water properly. Check for leaky taps and pipes. • Don't allow water to stand anywhere in and around the house. • The storage places of firewood or lumber should be away from homes. • Trees and shrubs should not be planted in close proximity of the foundation
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