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Common Causes Of Increasing Car Emission

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We always love to use our personal vehicle wherever we go to have a cozy journey throughout the road. But did you know as per studies, the contribution to global warming of personal vehicle is more than public vehicles? Yes, it’s true. Our car emits around 24 pounds of emission for every gallon of gas, which is enough to trigger an incessant global warming if you start to count the countless vehicles on the road along with yours. Go through the slide to know the causes of increase in emission & how can you control it.

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Common Causes Of Increasing Car Emission

  1. 1. As per studies ,the contribution to global warming of personal vehicle is more than public vehicles
  2. 2. Around 19 pounds of emission generated directly from car’s tailpipe
  3. 3. Engine Damage Faulty Catalytic Converter Defective Air Injection System Lean Fuel Mixture
  4. 4. Faulty Catalytic Converter
  5. 5. Catalytic convertor is designed to emit less harmful emission to environment
  6. 6. Engine Damage
  7. 7. The engine damage happens due to carbon build-up….
  8. 8. Defective Air Injection System
  9. 9. Lean Fuel Mixture
  10. 10. Ways of controlling emission…..
  11. 11. Use of fuel-efficient vehicles….
  12. 12. Use of cleaner fuel
  13. 13. The use of cleaner fuels like biofuel can turn down the emission by 80% compared to gasoline
  14. 14. Some other solutions …
  15. 15.  Make sure to tune up the vehicle if it is running rough, as they burn more oil and produces more emission…..
  16. 16.
  17. 17.  If it’s time for buying a new vehicle, you should consider the better options available in market like ,hybrids….
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