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MDID Special Interest Group, VRA 2015

  1. The Visual Resources Association gratefully acknowledges support for the MDID Special Interest Group Meeting from
  3. MDID TEAM: NEW FACES Jon Short • 2 years in Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) • Infrastructure + LMS, transitioning to MDID Leighton Shank • Hired to CIT in September 2014 • Focus on MDID application development
  4. MDID TEAM: OLD FACES Grace Barth • Visual Resources Librarian, @ JMU since 2009 Andreas Knab • Former JMU employee and owner of vrcHost • Has been with MDID since the beginning Peter Hanley • MDID developer • Instructional Support Center Manager at Temple University
  5. PROJECTS IN THE PAST YEAR AT JMU 4-VA mini-grant to build MDID + Omeka connector Article in Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 3, no. 2 • “Innovating art history: The story of an open source project that transformed teaching with images in higher education”, Grace Barth and Kevin Hegg
  6. MOST WANTED FEATURES • Advanced search • Metadata field management • Mobile support • Configurable “browse” options • Easier duplication of presentations
  7. MORE MOST WANTED FEATURES • Search facets by term • Packaged presentations with MediaViewer • Thumbnail refresh when image is replaced/removed • User-added tags • Shared collections easier to use
  8. PLANNED MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS + CLEAN UP • Make it easy to install • Upgrade underlying technology • Make it extensible • Clean user interface • Mobile-friendly
  9. WHAT’S IN IT FOR END USERS • Clean interface • Mobile compatibility • Flashcard app? • Intuitive to use
  10. WHAT’S IN IT FOR CURATORS • Easier in-browser cataloging • Simplified administrative tasks • Add features via plug-ins • Installation that doesn’t require IT
  11. WHAT’S IN IT FOR DEVELOPERS • Better development documentation • Allow customization • De-coupled dependencies • Foster community development • API-driven core
  12. Custom Plugin: Ensemble Viewer  Developed for Colgate University  Integrates content from Ensemble Video platform into MDID  When special metadata fields are available for a record, viewer is added to the page
  13. User Authentication  Added support for new protocols  Central Authentication Service (CAS)  Shibboleth  New restriction possibilities  Only allow logins for members of specific Shibboleth groups
  14. Work/Image Records  Using Dublin Core to connect images to works  Relation.IsPartOf
  15. Work/Image Records  Example  Record 1 (Work) ○ Identifier “ABC001”  Record 2 (Image) ○ Identifier “ABC002” ○ Relation.IsPartOf “ABC001”  Work record still has an image file attached – “Primary Image”
  16. “Explore Works” interface  Experimental new user interface  Very early stages  “Responsive”  Support for desktops, tablets, mobile devices, etc.  Installable as an add-on to MDID3
  17. “Explore Works” interface  Development supported by Archivision  Planned rollout stages 1. Separate demo installation at vrcHost 2. Archivision clients ○ Test with known content 3. All vrcHost hosted installations ○ Test with known environment 4. Contribution back to Open Source
  18. Miscellaneous  New restriction to control to which collections users can add personal images
  19. Still in the works  Documentation project  Copying metadata between records  Getty Vocabulary integration
  21. THE END  THANK YOU! Jon: Leighton: Grace: Andreas: Peter:
  22. The Visual Resources Association gratefully acknowledges support for the MDID Special Interest Group Meeting from